The ship shook violently as another volley of shots from the enemy ship hit them. Consoles around the bridge exploded, and Captain Jonathon Archer squinted to see through the smoke that floated up in the stagnant air.

His hand slammed down onto his chair's armrest, activating the communication unit placed upon. "Report!" he yelled out, directing his call to Engineering.

"Power's fluctuatin' on decks ten an' twelve, sir!" Archer could hear the harried voice of Chief Engineer Charles Tucker come through. "Aft hull plating is gone, and the portside's just barely hangin' on."

Damn! thought Archer. "What about the weapons systems? Can you redirect some power to them?"

The other end was quiet a moment, then Tucker's voice came through once more. "I can give just enough power for one last volley from the phasers, but that's it."

"That's good enough. Archer out." He hit the control to end the conversation with his right hand, then turned his attention over to Malcolm Reed. "You heard him, Malcolm. Target the remaining torpedo and whatever phaser power we have left onto the Terisian's port nacelle. Punch through their shields with the phasers first, and on my mark, launch the torpedo.

The British armoury officer nodded, then quickly went to work.

"Travis, move us so that our portside is facing them. I don't work them firing onto our unguarded side."

"Aye, Captain."

"Malcolm, what about those phasers?"

A look of extreme concentration was evident on the younger man's face. "Preparing to fire... now!"

All remaining eyes on the bridge focused onto the image in front of them, hoping, praying, that their weapons would find their mark. The bright red rays shot through the vacuum of space, colliding against the enemy ship's shields and...

"Yes!" exclaimed Archer exuberantly, watching as their phasers tore a hole through the Terisian's defences. "Now, Malcolm!"

The blue dot that was their last torpedo was launched from their ship and traveled towards the other vessel, finally hitting its' mark and creating a huge explosion of fire and heat on the Terisian's port nacelle.

Everyone around him let out cheers of success and triumph. All watched as the Terisian's ship started to careen out of control and spin off into space, as several other explosions dotted the hull of the ship.

The victory yells of the Enterprise crew continued for a few more moments until Archer noticed a green projectile approaching his ship, coming from the dying Terisian vessel.

"Malcolm, what is tha-" he started quickly.

"Torpedo!" screamed out the security officer, seconds before the enemy weapon slammed into Enterprise's portside shields, and hitting their port nacelle glancingly.

The ship rocked under their feet, knocking most of them to the ground. The lights flicked off, then back on again, and sparks flew from various spots around the bridge.

Crewmembers moaned and groaned from their spots on the floor, and some didn't even move at all.

Archer pulled himself up into his seat, and wiped away the blood that had clotted on his forehead. He once again pressed the comm. unit, and demanded reports from various areas of ships. Most sections were fine, but Engineering was not answering.

Finally, after several repeated hails, a tired and weary voice responded. "Ensign O'Malley here, Captain. There is a lot of damage down here, two dead, ten injured. The port nacelle's been stabilized for now, and the aft one is running on half power."

As Archer took all of this in, he realized that he had not heard from Trip yet. He said so to Ensign O'Malley.

"Captain, there was too much damage caused to the port nacelle with that last torpedo. Commander Tucker, he..." The young ensign's voice faltered as she tried to get all of the information out. "He's hurt real bad, Captain. The doctor's not quite sure if he's gonna make it. I'm sorry."

"Understood." Archer managed to croak out, before he terminated the conversation. He got up quickly, and seeing that everyone was being attended to, made his way down to sickbay to check on the casualties the latest fight in the Delphic Expanse had cost them.

*Okay, I kinda stole the idea for Trip's injuries from the upcoming episode, Simlitude, but I DO have a different plotline. Hopefully, you liked this, and I anticipate the next part being up soon,