[This story contains MAJOR SPOILERS for episode 10.03 (and some for 10.04), so don't read this if you haven't seen season 10 yet. Thanks to Jana for her valuable suggestions.

Anyone who saw the opening scene of 10.03 should recognize where the title of this story comes from. It was a scene that was just crying out for a follow-up.]






Joey and Rachel had broken up and agreed to be just friends. At least it was a mutual decision, with no one's heart left crushed and wounded. Joey just wished it hadn't taken so much physical force to come to that conclusion; he was rather sore afterward.

They told their other friends the following day, and Monica remarked that maybe it was just another one of Rachel's passing crushes on guys like Joshua, Danny, Paul, Tag. And maybe for Joey it was just his latest attempt to win over an unattainable woman; he'd tried to get serious with Ursula, Kate, Kathy, Janine, Erin, and Charlie, but he had lost them all, sometimes without any real reason.

Reminded of all this, Ross hugged Joey and spoke with guilt, "I'm sorry, man. Especially about taking away Charlie from you; I didn't mean to, but it just sort of happened that way. And I'm ashamed that we got into competition over that girl Kristen too, and Mona..."

Joey shrugged and said, "Nah, don't worry about it, Ross. You couldn't help it. I mean, me and Chandler liked the same girls sometimes too."

Chandler nodded and put his arm around Joey too. "Yeah, like that Dutch girl, and Ginger, and Kathy. And I can't tell you how many times I've had a dream about one of your hot dates, Joe."

Monica cleared her throat warningly, so Chandler said quickly, "The point is, we all seem to have similar tastes in women, and we just have to remember to stay friends no matter what."

"Yeah, friends forever." They hugged each other, then parted after a moment.

Ross joked, "Man, can you think how complicated it would have gotten if we all had been after the same woman? Like maybe Janice?"

Joey shuddered in horror. "No way! That would never happen."

Ross shrugged and chuckled teasingly. "I don't know, Chandler got pretty serious about her once, and I liked her that one time before she dumped me. Plus, Janice did say that she might come back and go for three out of three!"

"All right, that's it!" Joey tackled Ross and got him into a headlock.

Chandler laughed and they all got into a mock fight, until Monica told them to stop being so childish and rowdy. So they all decided to take Joey out to a strip club to cheer him up.


Joey eventually got back to dating, with some help from Ross and Chandler. The guys had noticed Joey's pattern of getting attached to smart, sophisticated girls, so they had searched among their colleagues for women to set Joey up with. Maybe none of these women were *the one* yet, but they had depth, and Joey could use all the practice he could get at pursuing real relationships instead of one-night stands. He wanted to be ready when his true match came along.

One night while Rachel was at Ross's apartment, helping him babysit both Emma and Ben, Joey sat at home reading his script for the next *Days of Our Lives* taping.

Chandler dropped by and asked, "You doing anything tonight, Joe?"

"Just going over my lines. You wanna help me rehearse?"

"Sure. I got nothing to do, since Monica's working late at Javu's again."

Joey got up from his recliner and moved over to the yellow couch. "Hey, get us some beers while you're over there."

"Okay." Chandler stopped and grabbed a couple of beers out of the fridge, then he joined Joey on the couch.

After they opened their beers, Joey handed him the script and pointed out the scene he was working on.

"So who am I playing?" Chandler asked as he took a sip of beer.

"Uh, Olivia, actually. She's thanking Drake for rescuing her sister and helping her divorce her evil husband Connor."

Chandler rolled his eyes. "Boy, the drama never ends on *Days of Our Lives*, does it?"

Joey found Chandler's sarcasm quite different from how Rachel, as a devoted soap fan, always took the lines way too seriously and got deeply invested in the plot. He frowned and asked, "You don't wanna do it?"

"No, I'll do it." Chandler figured that it could be fun, just like in the old days when he rehearsed with Joey regularly.

So they read through the script, and Chandler put on his best melodramatic voice. "Oh Drake! You saved me. How can I ever thank you?" He was on the verge of laughing out loud.

Despite Chandler's hammy imitation of a woman, Joey put down his beer and played his role with complete seriousness and professionalism. "It's the least I could do, for the woman I love."

"Oh, Drake!" But then Chandler saw the next stage direction and sat back warily.

Joey blushed slightly too, but he cleared his throat and read aloud, "They kiss passionately." Then he resumed his Drake Ramoray voice. "Olivia, now that you're free from that monster's clutches, will you marry me?"

"Of course, Drake! I love you so much."

"And I love you!" Again Joey coughed and read flatly, "They kiss again." Then he turned the page and spoke his next line from the script, "Now nothing can stand in our way."

"Yes, now we can be together, like we should have been all along."

"And now I can hold you in my arms again, and feel your soft lips, and make love to you..." Joey's face, body language, and voice all conveyed a surprisingly intense passion.

Chandler was very impressed. Joey's acting skill had clearly improved over the years, and he was speechless.

Joey glanced back at the script and read, "They kiss again and end scene." Thinking that was enough practice for him, Joey tossed down the script and uttered a casual "Thanks, dude" before drinking his beer again.

"Uh, yeah." Still somewhat stunned, Chandler drank too and tried to think up with some snide joke to make; he could usually find plenty to mock in the ridiculousness of the soap's plot or dialogue, or at least he had the first time that Joey was on *Days*. But perhaps he'd already made enough comment earlier, and he didn't want to belittle Joey's convincing performance.

Joey sat back and wondered why Chandler didn't ask him curiously about the next scene. Rachel would always pester him about the next scene, and he would reply that he didn't know or care what happened next. The first time that he was on *Days*, it was a dream come true, and he'd been crushed when he lost it through his own arrogance and stupidity. Now Joey looked on the role as just a cushy job, hoping that if he didn't get too emotionally attached to it, then he wouldn't end up heartbroken if and when he got written out again; Cecilia Monroe had shown him that all good things end, even if you think you're established.

Chandler pat Joey's knee and said, "That was good. Maybe you'll get a Soapie award this time around."

"Maybe." Joey considered it. "If I get nominated, do you wanna go with me to the show?"

"Me? Really?" Chandler turned to him with surprise.

Joey shrugged. "Yeah I don't know if it would be comfortable me going with Rachel again."

"Oh, you're not over that awkwardness yet?"

"Sort of. Maybe. I don't know, I just think it would be simpler if I go with you. I mean, you have supported my career, Chandler, and this way, I also don't have to choose between Phoebe and Monica again." Besides, after witnessing Monica's awful behavior at his rooftop soap opera party, Joey didn't want her coming anywhere near soap stars again.

Chandler just nodded, remembering the shameless competition over who would go with Joey to his WWI movie premiere. But people always got a little star struck by celebrities and red carpets, didn't they? In any case, Chandler felt flattered to get picked twice, without even making a bid to get invited.

Joey added with a modest laugh, "Plus, maybe you can get me to remember my Gracious Loser face."

Chandler grinned with him, but then he realized that his hand still lingered on Joey's knee, so he withdrew it quickly. Reaching for his beer again, Chandler coughed and was reminded of something. "Hey, um, you never got around to telling me about your six moves, Joe."

Joey looked up from his beer. "I didn't?"

"Nope. Because we stopped on the third one, remember? Because of the," he blushed, "the thigh thing."

"Oh! Right." Joey remembered too and averted his eyes in embarrassment. He had demonstrated his third move by lightly grazing Chandler's thigh with his hand. And if that moment weren't weird enough, Chandler had also commented that he really liked it.

At the time, they broke away from each other and scurried to play foosball and drink beer, trying to be macho and aloof again. God forbid that they should seem gay for a moment.

Joey started to get up and suggest foosball again, but Chandler stopped him. "Wait. Um, I was--I was kind of curious what the rest of your moves were, Joe."

"You were?"

Chandler nodded and put down his beer. "Could you tell me all of them? Maybe I could use them with Mon, you know?"

"Oh!" Joey looked at him and chuckled teasingly. "What, you having trouble in the bedroom again?"

"No!" he answered indignantly. "We're doing just fine. I just thought I'd try something new, you know. Spice things up a little."

"Okay. I guess I can help you out."