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Her life was like a living hell. Now more than ever… Sora's mother had been the only one who could keep him at bay. And now she was gone… leaving her all alone and at the mercy of the abusive person she called her stepfather.

After waking up from a concussion brought on by her caretaker several days after the funeral, the auburn haired girl made a decision. Looking into the mirror she saw the scars on her fair skin and the puffy burses that she had suffered at the hands of the man who beat both her mother and herself. She decided that she had had enough.

'I can do this…' She told herself as she grabbed her backpack that contained several necessary items and quietly slipped out into the darkness of the night.

Her crimson orbs watered as she knelt at her mother's grave. Lighting struck with an intensive streak across the sky as she said a final farewell to her mother.

"I'm never coming back mama…" She told her mother touching the photo sitting there. "I can fend for myself, now we'll both be free of him… you said you weren't strong enough to do it alone, but I can…I will." With that said she stood and simply walked away.

As she walked in silence the night sky that was once clear and full of stars became dark and overcast. It was extremely scary, being out this late and going off into the unknown alone, didn't help any either. Pulling her jacket tighter, she quickened her pace as the rain began to drop down onto the streets at a fast rate.

Seeing the edge of the city and the wooded area ahead, she remembered the location of an old shrine not too far. It was a relic of the long forgotten past of the area. Abandoned long ago for an unknown reason, she figured she could take shelter there until the rain stopped or let up a bit.

Nearly running full out, Sora made it to the shrine in no time. Climbing under the old fence and up the front steps, she made her way into the dilapidated building soaking wet.

Setting her backpack down, she wrung out her wet long auburn hair. Shedding her jacket, she hung it on a broken statue to dry. Going deeper into the shrines main room, she called out to see if anyone was there. Lighting a candle she got a better look of the darkened place that once must have been the center of an old religion.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" She called into the darkness. "I guess no one's here and by the amount of the cobwebs, no one has been for a while… so no one should mind if I stay a while…right?"

Lighting more candles she found in the entryway near old statues of long forgotten deities, Sora began to try and get warmth back into the cold and hallow building. Lighting a fire in a small fire pit in one of the open rooms Sora began to warm up quickly.

Deciding to explore her temporary home after resting and drying her cloths, the crimson-eyed girl pulled on her jacket and set out to search the old shrine.

Taking a candle for light, she walked through the hallways and past empty rooms. Coming to a dead end in a eerily shadowy room she noticed that several paintings and ancient wall scrolls still adorned the walls.

Moving closer for a better look she saw the elaborate pictures. They showed a magical world, different from anything she had seen on earth. Several of the people had wings and flew in the sky that was still a vibrant blue. Other were on the land walking among oddly shaped buildings. Everyone in the picture wore strange garbs or dull colors. The scenery also looked foreign to her. On the largest tapestry hung in the center of the wall, two figures stood together surrounded by a glowing aura. One a man, the other a woman. They stood holding hands in the center of the artwork with angel like creatures and strange deities surrounding them. Both looked to be around the same age- similar to her own she guessed.

The man had spiky brown hair and was wearing what looked to be a royal crown of some sort embedded with jewels. The colors used to depict the ruler amazed her. Everything else was dulled in comparison. Sora was amazed at the details that were still so clearly visible. The dust and cobwebs in the other rooms made her think that it had been many decades or more since this temple had any visitors let alone frequent followers.

Moving to the second figure Sora saw something that she didn't expect. The woman looked oddly familiar. The figure wore a beautiful garment that hung from a shapely figure perfectly. She wore a similar crown of jewels on her hear. Lifting the candle closer Sora tried to make out more of her features, but the tapestry was just up too high, and the paint was faded badly.

Moving a stack of old texts from the other side of the room, she climbed up to get a better look. Getting her balance on the old books she squinted to try and see clearer. Even under a veil like cloth, Sora could make out that woman's hair was the same shade of auburn as hers… and the eyes…

'What is this?' She asked herself touching the tapestry. As she did a sudden gush of light swirled around her. Then a similar aura surrounded her.

"What?" She cried as she pulled back away from the mysterious light. Doing so too quickly she lost her balance and felt herself falling off the stack of books. Closing her eyes as she cried out and prepared to hit the ground hard. But then Sora noticed she hadn't hit the ground.

Forcing herself to look she noticed many different colored lights flashing and voices calling to her from somewhere as she fell through a dark void. Somehow it looked and felt like she was falling several stories- after a while she doubted she would ever hit the bottom, but suddenly she was proven wrong.

Hitting her head hard on a cold surface Sora tried to get up. But the more she tried to move the dizzier she became until she could take no more. Slumping back to the floor where she had fallen, she closed her eyes and blacked out…


Ok… what just happened? What was up with that tapestry? The light and where did she fall to? For these answers and Taiora goodness- tune in next time- same sugar induced story, same sugar hyped author ;)

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