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"Taichi…" Her heart pulsed faster with the echo of his name in her mind. There was some good in the world… both worlds. She had been blind for so long. All the darkness in her life had kept her from fully realizing the greatest gift.

To give and receive love… the ability of the human soul to survive through so much and still be capable of loving and being loved in return.

A smile came to Sora's lips as a form appeared before her. She had truly come to love this person over the course of her short time in this world. The world of her mother was still new to her and the problems they faced were probably similar to the ones of her world, however in both realities there existed reasons to survive.

'I will not let this world end. Not because I am feeling insecure and unloved. There are so many people that I love. And they love me too.' She told herself as all her fear left her mind.

"Sora!" Taichi continued to gasp. Even through the pain, he reached for her. He no longer was cold and blind. He could see her there in the bright light that shone through the darkness.

"Taichi, I can almost see you… is it really you?" She responded. He was so relieved to actually hear her voice calling his name. He knew she was something special from the moment they had met. Her foreign looks and attitude all were a fresh breath of air for his torn world. Sora could breathe that life back into them.


"NO!" The red haired man snarled as he saw what was progressing. His plan of ending Taichi and the world if need be was crumbling as he watched the two reach out for one another. With all his visions of the darkness of mankind, Koushiro had hoped to convince the girl to give up.

"Why? Why isn't my plan working? This can't be happening, I will not let it happen." He vowed as he summoned all his powers behind him and projected his image into the darkness that was behind the two. As the two lovers continued to call out to one another neither noticed the darkness regroup behind Sora.

Taichi focused on Sora's brilliant crimson eyes as he neared her. He could almost feel his arms enveloping her slender frame when he felt a darkness reassert itself. It was colder than when he was inside the other body, or even when he first arrived.

Sora had not taken her eyes off Taichi since she could finally make out his features. The mismanaged chocolate hair, his large deep eyes, his face… she longed to be held by him and fell safe and loved. She knew he was her reason for living. She would not give up as long as their love would survive.

His face had an expression of longing on it. She understood how deeply he felt for her as they neared each other. However, before they finally could embrace, his expression changed. A look of worry and horror replaced the smile and longing. Sora did not have time to react as Taichi's form quickly shoved her off to the side.

He had dived in not really thinking this over too well. Then again, even if he had thought about things, the outcome still would not have changed. The spiky red headed figure that was consumed by hate and darkness had rushed towards the one he loved.

There was no other choice but to take her place and the brunt of the desperate man's attack. The rush of power surged through Tai's body instead of it's intended target. Tai hardly felt the pain that followed the strike. All he could think about was keeping that man away from harming Sora anymore. He was the reason for Sora's excessive pain. And Tai was determined to not let him any closer to her.


Sora felt Tai's arms push her away. Her shock filled eyes were wide with surprise as she finally stopped herself from tumbling into the darkness. Turning to look at him and question his actions, the words stopped on her lips as she saw the two figures locked in a duel.

"Taichi…" Sora called to him seeing the blood drip from his already bruised and scarred skin. She was at a loss to what was going on, however on thing was certain. The one she loved was in trouble. And she was damned if she was just going to sit by and watch the two kill each other.


"You! You ruined everything!" Koushiro screamed as he pounced on Taichi again. The energy from his attacks was not only taking their toll on Taichi, but the shorter man as well.

"You know you can't possibly stop me." The man continued to yell as he pummeled the other man. "I'm going to destroy you and this world if it's the last thing I do."

"No, you won't. You won't because Sora is stronger than you!" Taichi screamed out in a mixture of anger and pain. He was becoming increasingly dizzy and his vision was blurring. "Sora will stop you."

"Oh, you think so?" The figure questioned as he let up on the attacks, seeing his opponent was barely able to stay conscious.

"I know…" Came Taichi's wheezing reply. "She'll save the world, not destroy it. No matter what you do to me or anyone, she will save us because she's the purest soul I've ever seen…" He coughed trying to take in air.

"And you think that's all there's to it? I can manipulate that heart of hers. I have done it before with simple visions, she is weak. Just like you. And that's why you die here!" He taunted as he pulled back and made ready another attack with his mysterious powers.

Taichi was trying to prepare himself for the end. He hoped that it was just his- that he would be the only causality of this fight with destiny. Sora would save his world, he knew she could. He was at peace with the fact that this was the end. He had done everything to save the one he loved- it was funny how he had finally fallen in love. Finally realized the goodness and happiness it could bring, and now he faced the end of the line.

"I love you Sora." He whispered as he closed his eyes, not wanting to see the final attack coming for him.

The evil smirk that was on Koushiro's face as he was about to strike came to an abrupt halt when a beam of the purest light hit him square in the chest. The evil man was sent flaying backwards, away from Taichi.

Neither man knew exactly what was happening as the light that radiated around Sora became more over powering. The darkness and light swirled together as she neared Taichi. With the other man knocked into a momentary stupor, Sora knelt down next to the one she loved. He was badly hurt and still awaiting the next impact.

Tai was very surprised when the blow did not come, but a soft and gentle hand instead.

"Taichi." Her voice rang in his ears like bells. Slowly he opened his eyes and met her deep crimson orbs looking down on him with worry.


"It's alright Taichi. You are safe… I will not let the likes of him defeat my love for you and this life." She said as she kissed his lips quickly. "I'll be back for you after this is all over… please wait for me." She smiled as she blushed a little.

"Anything… anything for you." He murmured as he reached up and ran his fingers through her hair. Holding her neck, he brought her back down for another kiss. He simply was in awe of the power and passion she held inside of her small body. He knew she would not fail. He had faith in her, trusted her completely and most of all the love they had found made them both stronger- she would definitely not fail.

"Be careful." He added as he quickly nuzzled her cheek before she stood and looked over at the man who still clung to the darkness.

"Oh, isn't that nice. A touching embrace." Koushiro laughed angrily at the couple spitting away the blood that ran in this mouth.

"You will not prevail, your hatred for life is not justified in anyway." Sora spoke clearly and with a new found determination. She would deal with this man and then she would be free to live her life here. A new life she was given away from the pain and trials of the other world, a new life with the man she loved.

"You cannot win." She simply stated as she out stretched her arms in front of her body. The swirl of power all around her suddenly began to move. Swirling around her, around the man that lay behind her, and reaching out into the darkness the light began to win over the darkness.

"I will not let you win so easily!" Koushiro screamed as he saw the light spreading. "I cannot lose!"

The man before her began to shake. His movements were no longer on the offensive, yet he still posed a strong threat. Like a caged animal, Koushiro began to move sporadically as the light threatened to encompass him and his darkness. The possibility that he could lose was never in his mind more clearly than it was now.

"No… NO! NO!!!" He shrieked as Sora too began to close in on him. "Stay away! Don't touch me!" He shook violently as Sora's hand touched his cheek.

"It's alright… everything will be fine." She soothed him with her voice. "You can let go of the darkness. It was not your fault. Just let go." The light encouraged him.

"But… but…"

"Shhh, let it go. Release all the bad memories with the darkness… you too have a second chance at life. The bad things that happened, the pain, loneliness and heartache are all in the past if you fight the darkness. I know, I know because I won over my own darkness, you too can break free."

The light engulfed everything as Koushiro fell to the ground sobbing. The light was blindingly bright, and it surged in a warmth that none of the three had ever felt before.


Suddenly Taichi felt a hand at his neck, checking for a pulse.

"Mimi, he's coming around." He heard a voice calling. The blue hair was all that Tai's blurry vision allowed him to see.

"Tai? Taichi can you hear me?" He heard the voice again, this time it was accompanied by a few gentle slaps on the cheek.

"Joe, Matt and his brother are waking up as well." A feminine voice called from a distance.

"Sora?" The word slipped off his lips easily. His throat was dry so his voice was nothing but a whisper.

"Taichi? Can you hear me? It's me, Joe. Are you all right?" The blue haired man continued. "What is it you need?"

Blinking his eyes a few times, Taichi got a better look at his friend, who was looking down to him with worry.

"Joe? Is that you?" Tai said as Joe helped him to sit up slowly. "Oh… my head." Tai winced as he brought his arms to his head.

"Take it easy, you were out cold for a while. I thought you were dead, all of you."

His friend's words slowly began to take meaning in his mind. 'all of you,' Tai thought.

"Sora!" Tai suddenly became worried, "Where is she? Is she alright?" Looking over towards Mimi, Tai saw Matt and TK beginning to move again. Quickly turning the other way, he spotted two more bodies. One was of the man who caused all this pain and the other was of the woman who had saved them. "Sora. Is she alright?" Tai asked as he stood up. As he did so, a sharp pain coursing through his body rewarded him. Falling down on one knee, Tai hissed through his teeth at the pain.

"I said take it easy- you are badly injured." Joe said moving to Tai's side.

"I don't care- how is she?" Tai said not taking his eyes off Sora's body. With the help of his friend Joe, Tai was able to make it to Sora's side. A sigh of relief was uttered when Taichi saw the movement of Sora's chest. She was breathing.

"She's just sleeping right now." Joe said as he stood up. "She should be fine. But Koushiro did not make it out so lucky. I don't know what is wrong with him. He's alive, but his pupils don't even react to light or anything…" Joe added before he left Taichi alone. He could see that Taichi would not let him properly dress his wounds at the moment and decided to let him be alone with the girl that saved them all.

"If you need anything- just holler. Mimi and I are going to bring some horses for everyone. We should return home soon."

"Thanks Joe, going home sounds great right now." Taichi smiled. "Did you hear that Sora? We're going to go home." He told her as he brushed her hair off her face. Slowly caressing the delicate skin of her face, Tai smiled. "You've been through a great deal in both our worlds… now it's your turn to finally be happy, like you've made me." Taking her hand in his, Taichi gave her a reassuring squeeze and was excited to find she returned the gesture. His eyes went back to her face, and saw her slowly open those eyes he now loved to look into.

"Is it over?" She asked quietly. Her limbs were heavy and she felt weak all over as she tried to move.

"Yes it is." He replied. "You saved us all Sora. You truly are amazing my love."

"I'm glad… I'm glad it's over. And that you're safe."

"Me too." Tai responded quickly leaning down and kissing her lips once again. He never could grow tired of being this close to her. It both scared and thrilled him at the same time. He truly did love her. Never had he thought of love or anything of the sort could happen to him. Her appearing in the garden that day forever changed him.

"So, what do we do now?" She asked after the breath-taking kiss.

"I was thinking we should live happily ever after… what about you?" Tai smiled as he saw Joe, Mimi and some of Taichi's guards approaching the two blonde brothers and helping them up.

"That sounds wonderful." Sora replied hugging Taichi tightly.

"So shall we go home?"

"Yes, please. Take me home with you Tai. I want to be with you forever."

"Done." He smiled and kissed her once again. Slowly standing, Taichi reached down and pulled Sora gently to her feet.

With their hands together, the two walked leisurely out of the once dark filled palace. However, now there was only light as the two triumphantly left the battleground where they had fought. The only one left to continue the battle was Koushiro, who had to defeat the darkness inside by himself. Sora knew he would win, it was only a matter of time and heart. The darkness had eaten away at him for so long, it would take time to mend the damage.


The sun came up the next morning as it had for centuries. Painting an array of glorious colors on the sky as a painter does to a canvas. However, this morning things looked even more brilliant and vibrant.

From the highest balcony of Taichi's palace, two figures emerged together hand in hand. They stood there looking down at the world they had saved.

Taichi wore his royal crown atop his spiky hair. The royal robes of a king adorned him as he smiled happily looking over at the woman by his side.

Sora smiled back at him through the veil that covered most of her face. Her eyes sparkled as Taichi held up their joined hands and a wave of cheers erupted from the crowds below.

"Are you happy Sora?" Taichi asked looking at the beautiful woman, she wore a silken dress, the traditional garb of newlyweds. How it suited her so well. He thought. He had waited forever to see her in it. For her to finally be his.

"I heard that…" She smirked at him. "And just remember you're mine too."

"I wouldn't have it any other way." He smiled back, pulling the veil up and kissing her passionately once again.

As the lovers embraced a bright light once again, engulfed them and overhead the angels and spirits in the sky rejoiced. Love had truly saved both worlds that day. And love would forever keep peace alive.