Author's note

                It's a bit pretentious, but I wanted to explain myself on this one. I had a few things I was trying to accomplish when I set out to write this hyper-dramatic bit of fic, and I wanted to make my reasons for JP worship entirely clear. I put these reasons in an email to Sue, when she was done beta reading for me, and I thought I'd tack them on the end here.

1-Talk about why the hell Jean-Paul would be bothered to do what he does. He has, historically never wanted to be a Superhero. What would keep him there? So I looked into his past, found the reasons I could think of, and decided to elaborate, for public consumption. Because I like that. Makes him a sort of... unlikely anti-hero. I can dig it.
2- Show him as a man who stands up for what he believes in. I've always liked his integrity.
3- Show that it is, most likely, his own goddamn fault that he's so miserable all the time. (In the story, both Nightcrawler and Iceman make friendly advances, and both times he stops the conversation where it is .)
4- Talk a little about Aurora, because she is the reason he did anything he did, hero wise, and the source of some serious scarring. I think it's a huge part of his personality, bigger than books and numbers, really. However, she isn't in his life now. So what the hell is he doing?
5- And, at the end of the day, have him accomplish some small goal that reminds him that he's doing the right thing.

                It is, of course, inherently flawed because not only was I about five years old when most of the Alpha Flight establishment of his character was happening, but also because I am not Québécois, remotely Canadian, male, rich, athletic, a twin, a superhero, or particularly scarred myself. But the point is…

                Northstar is pretty much the fucking man. So bow down.

To answer some people who have been kind enough to review:

The M: I appreciate that you're reading, and am glad you've liked it thus far. The dynamic between Jean-Paul and Kurt has not been explored, as far as I've seen, in Uncanny in the least. They seem like natural friends to me, however, because I can see Kurt being one of the few who would not see him as just gay. He doesn't strike me as the type to take such things into consideration. Also, his sincerity, sense of humor, and charm could get to anyone. Even someone as tight-assed as our beloved JP. I'm desperate for him to make a friend, really.

DrasticSpaz: Thank you so much for the encouragement. There is no greater compliment, to me, that to tell me that something is written beautifully. It's very kind of you to say so. Thank you. I'm also glad that you liked Bullet. As I said, he isn't my creation, but I was fascinated by his powers and their repercussions. Seemed like just the sort of kid who might remind Jean-Paul of some important things.

Harry2: I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to look at each chapter so closely. Very cool of you. I appreciate very much that you feel I've managed to make Northstar seem very 3-D with this endeavor—in the end that was the real goal, I think. The big one. And your comment about Rick seeming a bit like a young Nightcrawler was fascinating, I should go and look up the old issues, as I don't remember what he was like then at all. I just know that now, I adore the fuzzy elf for his wit and wisdom. Also appreciated, your commends on Xavier. The man by turns aggravates and relieves me. Your statement, that he ought to get out of the house and see what real life is like, could not be more true. Thank you again for the thoughtful reviews, it means a lot to me.