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Chapter 1

"Come on, Nan we have the pictures from the wedding!" Bess was plopping down on the couch.

"I'm coming Bess." She walked out of the kitchen wiping her hands on a towel. It had been two weeks since Bess had married. She had been on her honey moon until just a couple of days ago.

"How was the cruise?" She sat down on the couch beside her friend who then proceeded to tell her everything that had happened on the cruise.

"So tell me what is going on between you, Frank and Ned?" Bess finished as she completed telling her everything that had happened while there.

Nancy sighed. "Bess there is nothing has happened." She paused, "Ned is in Washington right now and Frank is in Bayport visiting his father while he ahs the chance."

"Nan I know that there is more to it than that. You have two guys head over heels in love with you." Bess was looking through the pictures that had been taken at the church. (You know the usual, family friends, bride and groom, etc.)

"Hey Nancy what happened here?" Bess pointed at the picture that she was holding.

Nancy couldn't believe that someone had gotten that picture. They were supposed to be paying attention to the bride not her. "Bess who was taking pictures?"

"George's husband why?"

"Nothing." Nancy said while she thought, 'I'm going to kill him.'

"What happened Nan?" Bess had a huge grin on his face.


"Hey Nan. Having fun?" Frank asked from behind her.

"Yeah lots." She was a little sad about something.

"What's wrong?" He pulled her out into the hall where they could actually talk.

"It's just that I'll miss her, IU hasn't had my place to myself like I will after she leaves."

"You'll always have is. We're just a phone call away." He whispered just before he kissed her slowly.

They broke off the kiss and Nancy was greeted by a piece of cake in her face. "Frank what was that for?"

"That was for pushing me off the bed and scaring the living day lights out of me pulling fancy tricks while you were flying my plane." He was pulling away.

"Oh no you don't." Nancy wiped her face with her hand trying to get some of the sweet icing off of her face. She wiped some of it on his face before pulling him toward her and kissing him.

-end flashback-

"Nan?" Bess finally got her friends attention.

"Well Bess he was getting me back for a couple of things that I did to him." Nancy spoke to her friend.

"Well how do you explain this one?"

The picture was the one right after he had smeared cake all over her face. They were kissing. "Bess mind your own business and give me those pictures." Nancy tried to swipe them from her friend's hands.

George walked in to see a shrieking Bess and a very red Nancy.

Avery, George's daughter, thought that they were all playing a game.

George could barely contain her laughter when she saw the scene. "George helps me!" She jumped off the couch away from her red headed friend.

Goerge put down her daughter and took the pictures from Bess. "No wonder she wants these Bess." George was grinning.

"George!" Nancy had about gotten the pictures when someone plucked the pictures from George's hands.

"The pictures came out did they?" George's husband laughed.

"I'm going to get your husband." She threatened her friend.

"I'd like to see you try." George challenged.

"I came up to see what was taking so long. We were supposed to go out to eat." He was getting very uncomfortable. He hated it when they got like this. Whether or not they were teasing each other they sure knew how to do it.

At the dinner table Nancy received the onslaught of questions of what was going on. None of which she knew how to answer. "You guys mind talking about something else now. I don't know of you realize it but having two men in love with you isn't that easy. That was true and she couldn't just not think about need. It turned out that he had been working undercover for the network for four years now. She was over him and his boss, that was nothing new to her though. He had been helping her on cases since she was eighteen and she had told him what to do then. Frank was over her so that made him Ned's boss. There wouldn't be any getting around these two. She had to work with both of them.

Nancy had been working for the Chicago police department for four years now. She was the top detective there and also had more field experience than most of the men that ran the place. She had begun in the last year to do more jobs for the government as time went on. The head detective absolutely hated that. He wanted her working on the cases that they were given. What he didn't realize though was that she was already over him. She just didn't Lord it over him. She wouldn't want to anyways.

"Nancy are you going to be alright by yourself?" Bess asked when they dropped her off at the apartment.

"Yeah, I'm a big girl Bess I can do this." She whispered.

"Okay good night."


Need looked at his desk not wanting to even touch the paper work that lay there before him. He had received a raise and while technically worked the Network he worked for the FBI and CIA offices as well. He was doing things like supervising undercover operations, keeping the agents in line that came back from the assignments or even restless new agents that were raring to go.

"You know this job might pay well but the hours are ridiculous. I used to think that Nancy had crazy hours when she would think of nothing but her case that she was working on." He muttered under his breath.

"You know Nickerson that is why you have a secretary. So she can help you out with all that paperwork." Someone was standing in the doorway of one of the offices that he worked at.

"I sent her her home at five. She wasn't feeling good." Ned answered tartly.

"You need to go home as well."

"I will. I just need to make a dentin this paperwork."

"A dent in that?" The man raised his eyebrows. "Good luck." He left the room.


Frank was dodging bullets right and left. He wished he was in the training grounds and not in the field itself. "You can come out now Hardy." Where is your charming brother."

"He's busy."

"Well I guess you'll have to do." He raised his gun to Frank's face. - - - Okay guys I know that you were waiting for a sequel. It's just not in the particular time period that you wanted. There won't be a wedding for them in this story. Give me an honest review.