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Reflections of the Past

Part 28

Duo stood in front of the little hut that housed Gee at the moment, unsure of whether to go in or not. He knew that Gee would never hurt him, after all, he had ample chance in the past. Besides, all Gee ever did was try to protect him from his master in the arts of sorcery.

"Duo, what are you doing here?" One of the warriors guarding the door asked with a concerned expression. "You're not supposed to be here."

"And by order of whom?" Duo felt his hackles rising. He could only think of one person who would try to restrict his movements like this. One anal retentive, over protective mate by the name of Heero Yuy.

The two warriors looked at each other uncomfortably before making way for Duo to pass. "Call us if you need anything."

By that Duo guessed call them if Gee tried anything. Huffing with displeasure, Duo swept into the rather comfortable room. His teacher was sitting in a corner, reading something, an old text of sorts. Gee looked up when Duo entered and smiled broadly at his student.

"Duo," his smile turned into a wide grin, noting the long hair and now smaller waist of the violet eyed Shifter. "You are back and the entire tribe is in an uproar about your birthing the Ancient." His smile turned wistful. "You were destined for great things."

The younger Healer sat down opposite Gee, sulking slightly. "Please, I'm nothing more than a brood mare for that little twit. She used me." He crossed his arms in front of him. He suddenly turned serious. "Why Gee?" As hard as he tried he couldn't keep the soft accusation from his voice.

Gee grimaced. "I was too ambitious I guess. She could have given me the world and I wanted to help everyone."

"Why Solo?" Duo looked at the dirt beneath his feet, unable to look at his teacher. "You turned him against me."

"It wasn't meant to be like that. Dorothy wanted you so badly, well, your power that Solo started to feel threatened. Finally, he just snapped. It is my fault," Gee admitted. "I couldn't give you up, you had so much potential." He was pleading with his student. "You were destined for so much more than Solo would ever be."

Duo was suddenly as tired as hell and not wanting to speak of this anymore. "We are leaving," he announced.

Gee nodded. "This is no longer your home. You should return to where your heart truly lies."

"Yes," Duo stared at Gee before throwing himself into his teacher's arms. "I hate you."

"I know," Gee smiled, stroking Duo's back. "I'll miss you, too."

Moments later Duo left the little hut and continued on his way. He wondered what would happen to Gee, but he knew Zechs would never do something drastic. Although Gee had been partially involved in all the problems that have cropped up over the years, he had proven himself worthy when he had tried to stop Dorothy and shown everyone that he was a dark sorcerer himself. Now, Duo had something more to worry about, his eldest son. Leia had told him the possibility of Odin being the thing that nearly killed Heero. Although Leia had assured Duo that Odin wasn't the destructive ambition-crazed thing that Dorothy turned out to be, Duo was still concerned as Odin was Heero's heir. He wanted for Odin to be what he wanted to be, but he wasn't sure if Heero minded. He knew his mate had some plans for the firstborn that so easily claimed his love with a sleepy blink of his eyes. He hoped Leia was right when she told him to let things be.

Daddy, help me Came Leia's panicked cry ringing from within his mind. Duo whipped around, trying to detect where the call for help originated from. Help came another call and Duo took off toward the Healer's communal dwelling, his heart pounding with fear.

His mind could only imagine the worst. Was Leia hurt, sick or worse? He didn't want to think that there could be anything worse than that but he knew that there were a lot of things far worse than being injured or ill. His feet ran over the dirt without even thinking, his lower body pulling slightly for the twins were born scant five days before but Duo ignored all of his own pains as he rounded the corner to just… gape at the scene. The entire group of hardened, experienced Healers of all ages ranging from the acolytes to one that looked to be in his middle years surrounded his daughter, cooing at her and making faces to amuse her. Leia, on the other hand, was screaming her lungs out, showing her displeasure at being pampered as such. Leia and him had come to an agreement just the day before that from this day on, she could limit all telepathic communications and act as a child would. She would learn her first word when she was of an age a normal child would begin speech and not flaunt any of her more flamboyant abilities.

That was why the telepathic message a while had frightened Duo so badly but to see Leia at the mercy of coddling Shifters, most of them grown and normally extremely serious.

"Having fun?" Duo smiled, leaning against the entrance.

Quatre looked up at his friend, sharing a chagrined look with the others present. Duo was sure he was not supposed to catch all of them in this rather embarrassing situation. "Hi, Leia was just crying…" The blond head bent and noted that the baby was no longer wailing but grinning toothlessly up at him. "That's odd."

"Alright," Duo smiled, pushing himself away from the wall. "Enjoy."

Duo Maxwell, what do you mean 'Enjoy'? They are torturing me! Leia screamed. Get back here She screamed toward Duo's retreating back. You are supposed to be protecting me you asshole! You are supposed to respect me!

Considering where you emerged from me, I sincerely doubt it Duo jeered back and left his daughter to the tender mercies of his former tribe Healers. He winced at the profanities that came from his little angel. If Leia was right and got her sense of humour and speech from Layton, Heero and him would be in for a very rough ride in the future.

"You look disconcerted," Heero's voice directly behind Duo caused him to jump.

"Don't do that!" Duo grouched, holding his hand over his heart dramatically.

Heero caught his mate closely to him, resting their foreheads together. He noticed Duo had been quite antsy for the past few days, knowing it had something to do with his teacher's incarceration. He had ordered the warriors to bar his mate entry into the hut that now kept Gee, in hopes that it wouldn't upset his mate too much. He had been having increasing feeling of protectiveness toward him family, especially his mate, now that he had almost lost him for all eternity.

"You went to see Gee," Heero accused.

Duo pushed away from him. "He's my teacher, of course I have the right to see him."

"His actions almost caused your death!" Heero challenged stubbornly.

"His actions gave you a family, Heero Yuy," Duo turned away from his mate, stalking away.

Heero stared after Duo for a while before rushing after his mate, catching him by the wrist. "Duo, stop. Look, you're right, I'm sorry." Maybe he did have something to thank Gee for. He doubted he would have ever met Duo if all of this hadn't come to pass. "I was worried for you." He pulled Duo close to him, their bodies pressed as close as it was humanly possible to each other.

Duo sighed heavily, understanding Heero's worry. He knew how paranoid his mate was of anything that involved him. "Let's just go home, Heero. I want to go home." He rested his head on Heero's shoulder, realising with a jolt that they had left home for nearly more than a year. He missed it so much it hurt.

"We will, love, anything for you," Heero kissed his mate's brow.

It would a few days later when the Western party would leave for home, leaving behind a very unhappy Wufei. He shared a tearful good bye with everyone, especially Heero, Trowa, Quatre and Duo. They had extracted a promise Zechs for Wufei to visit them somewhere in the near future.

"I feel so bad, Heero," Duo confessed, carrying Layton carefully, Leia having been ensconced in the arms of another Healer. His daughter was still cursing him and Duo felt safer to let someone carry her for a while. He really didn't want to turn into a vegetable just yet. "If we hadn't come back…" He sighed.

Heero took hold of Duo's hand, rubbing it gently with his thumb. "It probably would have turned out the same, Duo."

Duo nodded, but remained silent before sighing heavily. "Yeah, I guess you are right."

"Let go home, love," Heero held out a hand, offering it to Duo before his form blurred into that of a panther, preparing to carry the twins back home.

Duo gifted his mate with a tremulous smile before Shifting into his chosen form as well, the little twins, barely more than a month old Shifting along with him. Heero was right, it was time to go home. It was time to leave the past behind and look ahead to the wonderful future that was installed for all of them. Whether their lives were governed by fates or choices, whatever they did seemed to be a reflection of their past. This trip home attested to that.

But for now, the glorious future awaited them.

The group made their way slowly back into the depth of the Forest, little dark furred, violet-eyed Leia firmly between the jaws of Quatre and clustered around a group of Healers. Duo kept a close eye on his rather unpredictable daughter and wondered how in hell he was going to explain what had happened to the rest of the tribe. How he was going explain Leia? And Odin, their new sorcerer. What about Layton? That little one's potential was still very much a secret to them all, and by the pattern that was emerging, he seriously doubt Layton would be anywhere near normal. Well, things will sort themselves out sooner or later.

Suddenly, Leia broke her silence and uttered something that caused anyone who could communicate with her to burst out into laughter and Duo to groan.

See, I told you I would look good in a tail

Yes, life was going to get only more interesting.

Heaven help them all, since the Ancient was otherwise occupied…

…with her tail apparently.


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