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Andy walked in silence as Briar and Lucio chatted about something. He was too deep in thought to join in the conversation.

They were on their way to Andy's real family. As gob smacking as the idea was, it was true. Andy didn't feel confusion or anger by it, but comfortable and calm. This felt right, and he knew it was.

He would find a way to get Prue out of Isis's grasp. There was a way and he was going to do it. Prue was relying on, and so was he. This would only be her only chance.


He looked up and saw a man in his early twenties with two women, one to each side. One he knew was Grams but he didn't know who the other was. She looked like Prue, and like her sisters. It was her who had called his name, somehow she knew who he was. She must be Prue's biological mother.

"How did you get here?" he eyed the man. He didn't look harmful, with blonde hair and light blue eyes. But never judge a book by its cover.

"I'm a whitelighter, I can orb." The man said rather flatly.

"Where's the other three?" Andy couldn't see Prue's sisters.

Prue's mother skeptically looked at Penny. A look he didn't miss but couldn't interpret the meaning. "We need to discuss something first before they come."

That could only be trouble. Things weren't looking good from Andy's eyes. Lucio and Briar were still talking, but not so carelessly with strangers among them.


"We need to get to Prue," Piper sighed. "Can't you try orbing again Paige?"

"I have, and nothing happens."

"Try harder!" Phoebe and Paige sheepishly looked at their oldest sister.

"Piper I can't orb to her, what's the point of trying something that's useless?"

A thought came to Piper. She was Prue's twin, and twins always had a special bond. Perhaps she could reach Prue by that? It was a shred of hope, seeing as Leo wasn't coming back it seemed.

"Right, hold my hand, now try orbing again Paige, I have a plan," with the three holding each other's hands Paige tried orbing and when she expected nothing to happen Piper thought of Prue, needing to get to her and miraculously it worked.

When they looked around, they found themselves looking at the inside of a huge hall with at least a hundred people inside. They were on the balcony, out of direct eye sight from the people below.

"Where are we?" Phoebe whispered as they hid behind a pillar.

Scanning the area below Piper tried to look for someone remotely looking like Prue.

"She's down there," Paige said.

"Where?" Piper still couldn't see her.

"The one in the white dress." There was clapping and cheering from the people in the hall and everyone started moving.

"They're leaving," Phoebe said, stating the obvious.

"We should just stay here until they are all gone completely," Piper looked down the balcony, no one else was up there and at the end there was a stair case leading down to the ground. "We'll go down there in a minute."

"Who've we got 'ere?" A voice behind them commented.

Piper could have sworn no one else had been on the balcony. So where had this person come from?


"Now Prue you need to get changed, all that blood is scaring people," Isis led Prue away from the hall and up to a nearby bedroom.

Once inside he pulled out a plain shirt and pants from a drawer. They were traveling garb, but they would do. He put them in her hands and she knew what he wanted.

"I'll be back," he shut the door behind him leaving her alone in the room.

Prue slipped the white material off and her muscles screamed as she moved. But she pulled the shirt on before the pants anyway. She was hungry, when was the last time she had eaten? The bed looked more appealing. But Isis hadn't told her to sleep.

She found herself lying on the bed despite what she was thinking, and was glad of it. It wasn't long before fatigue took over her.

Her dreams were visited by something unknown and unexpected.


"Andy, are you even listening?" Grams asked.

He looked at Leo. "They're here."

"I know, but they shouldn't have been able to," Leo scratched his head. He had felt Piper, Phoebe and Paige enter the world that was Emory Tara.

"What are you two talking about?" Grams was getting impatient, as usual when people were keeping secrets.

"Do you know exactly were they are?" Leo nodded. "We had better get to them before they get into trouble."

Before anything else had been said all four of them were transported from where they were and to a hallway, standing outside a wooden chestnut door.

Piper and the other two appeared as well, looking disgruntled.

"What the...? We were just about to get taken by this really really big man and then we're here," Phoebe said.

"What's going on?" Patty feared for what was happening involving her daughters.

Andy opened the door and inside there was a bed in the middle of the room. Lying on top of it was Prue, and to his relief not in the dress covered in blood.

"Prue?" He walked over to the bed and as he came closer it was apparent that she was asleep. He smiled at seeing her so peaceful.

Someone standing behind all of them cleared their throat loudly. "I expected to see you again Andy."

Andy turned from Prue to watch the person walking through Prue's family, the voice was familiar and now seeing who it was memories flashed before him. He was speechless.

"Who are you?" Phoebe huddled closed to Piper in the doorway bewildered by the current situation.

"Nathan Rahl," the tall man clasped his hands behind his back. "Andy's father." He had the same brown hair and eyes as his son.

"How would you get here?"

"I live here," his gaze fell to Prue.

Andy turned his back to everyone behind him. He blocked out everything and soon he only heard Prue's soft breathing. He sat on the bed looking down at her wondering what was going on inside her head.

His thoughts were interrupted by someone else's. At first he wondered who it was then he realized it was Prue's presence, she was trying to tell him something.

Behind him, chaos erupted as Isis entered the room. But Andy wasn't aware of it, it didn't matter anymore. Everything had seemed to lose all meaning except him and Prue. That was all that was important now.

Prue sat up, blank white eyes looking ahead then to Andy. She slowly crossed her legs and beckoned Andy to come over to her and be closer.

Words were not needed between the two, their minds working together, telepathically and spiritually. Something red hot flared angrily towards the couple but was deflected by a shield going around the bed.

Andy sat cross legged in front of Prue, their knees touching and her hands found his and his closed around hers. It was terrifying looking into white eyes but underneath Andy saw who she was, no one not even Isis could change that.

Something was pushed against his hip and Andy realized it was his sword. Parting one of his hands from Prue's he pulled the baldric over his head and rested it to his side wanting no interference.

Once he and Prue were reconnected a slight warm breeze flew around them, a comforting touch. Together their eyes closed expecting nothing, yet anticipating everything. There was no time, no sound, no cold, no darkness. The light around them glowed a balmy gold, bathing the two in a sheer brilliance. It felt so soothing and calming.

The atmosphere changed and Andy found himself in the edge of a forest full of lush thick tall trees reaching to the sky. A river churned quietly and across the water he could see Prue standing like he was. The feel of need and longing swept over him but instead of wading into the stream he watched as Prue dove into it, completely submerged and out of sight.

Prue felt freedom and broke the control Isis had only just recently put there. Her life was hers as she swam through the icy depths. The past days had felt like a whole lift time and not just a number of hours. None of it mattered anymore though. She no longer needed to worry, or be concerned about what lay ahead. What would happen would happen.

Something gold flashed in her view for a split second. Falling to the river bed she searched eagerly for the mysterious object, it was here somewhere.

Just as she reached for it, underneath a grey rock a strong hand caught it first. Then she felt herself being drawn up to the surface of the water and once she was there she was looking at Andy, the item held in his out stretched hand.

It was for her. Accepting the gift she slipped the ring on her second to last finger on her right hand. Something triggered back into her memory. Hadn't she received a similar present?

Andy put his hand over her wrist and locked his eyes on hers. Then she remembered the bracelet, given by Isis, to seduce her into evil. It wasn't a gift, it was a trick and curse.

But a sense of strength and companionship tingled as the bracelet loosened and slipped easily into Andy's hand. He discarded it into the river, letting it be swept away into the care of Mother Nature.

At that instant the bands of white in Prue's eyes broke as well and returned to the normal blue they had once been. Andy smiled and his arm drew her closer to him and they embraced.

This was the best feeling, an unnamed feeling, an unfelt feeling yet they both enjoyed its touch. Nothing could beat it and never would.

Time traveled by without a single notice or care. Here time had no essence.


A week later.

Piper stood in front of the council of Elders with Phoebe to her left and Paige to her right. She controlled her tears, keeping them at bay as she heard her younger siblings sob in dismay.

In front, her mother stood with Leo off to her side. She was in her own pain of sadness and grief. They all were.

Nathan Rahl stood with his wife, Andy's parents, near to Patty. His arms circled his betrothed as she cried into his shoulder.

Piper stood feeling what everyone was feeling but refused to let it control her. This was not the place. Leo looked over his back to her offering no weak smile or kind words, but a silent understanding of what she was going through.

"You are dismissed," the Elder said. They never had emotion with their voices, part of their job. To be biased was to deny what they were meant to do. It didn't matter anyway, why would they care anyway?

Or maybe they should.

Even they had lost in this situation everyone had, Piper and her sisters, Patty and Penny, the Rahl's and Leo and plenty of others whose lives had been touched by the two.

They had lost Prue and Andy.

Finally tears flooded down Piper's face as she thought of the sister she would never see again, the witch and Charmed One she would never fight evil with, the best friend she would have consoled in. She had lost another close friend, Andy, he would treat her like she was his sister he was that kind of person. She could tell.

This wasn't fair, Prue and Andy were so young, how could they be gone?

'I will not give up," Piper swore the oath to herself, and to the missing two people. The two who would have achieved so much had they a second chance.

They were irretrievable now.


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