Hi there! This is Thunderblade (formerly Littlejay16; just fancied a change in name) and I want to thank you for choosing to read my story "Battle of the Sacred Essences". This is the first time I've posted a story here on as an inspiration from a person who shall remain nameless but he knows who he is (thanks again). Anyway, I started this story about a year ago (and I'm still working on it!) but it's basically is a Land Before Time story that includes a complete mish-mash of hints of other movies and video games that I love including Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil and Kingdom Hearts to name a few. If you're put off by my insane logic of cramming so much seemingly irrelevant aspects into a Land Before Time story then do not fret. I've tried to make them as discreet as possible although some elements stick out like a rugby player on a football field! One word of warning is that I hope you have a lot of free time on your hands whilst reading this as I've already surpassed the 150-page mark (as of February 2005, I've hit over 330 pages) and I'm still going strong! I'll add additional chapters every so often so not to bog you down with too much.

August 2006: Now complete, Battle of the Sacred Essences stands at 428 pages long with 84 chapters (including Prologue and Epilogue).

Anyway, here it is! Hope you enjoy reading it as I have enjoyed writing it!


Dawn and dusk, Light and Darkness, Life and Death. All of these are essences of which contrast each other throughout their existence with infinite other examples. One cannot exist without the other yet tied by time; one always has a dominance over the other. But where there is a period of one. the other shall follow thus gaining its dominance over its rival. This is the way it has been since life began. Although, sometimes, the pendulum's swing can be disrupted and the equal balance disturbed to the point where chaos will then take charge throwing the fragile equilibrium into darkness. Although this is how it has become; do not fear. For the equilibrium can be re-established by a sacred being who can be the tiny light of hope in the infinite darkness of turmoil and right the wrongs of the world. As a reward, they are given a sacred artefact and that maybe past down through many ages and civilisations that the world will possess throughout its existence. This may not take place at one moment, but perhaps across many eras. And now that time of chaos shall rule again and the light must shine yet again through the darkness. Or life must face its fateful alternative half as the only other means of a solution.

Bounded by fate, parted by time, the sacred lights must rise again and stand united in their new forms to do battle to restore peace's everlasting harmony.

A battle where two worlds must fight to save one planet!