You're Breaking. My Heart.
Heh, I'm back again! *jumps up and down and runs in circles* Another
Inuyasha one-shot, because I'm psycho and am in the mood to write some
more! ^-^x Another Sango/Miroku fic. Uhhmmm a really short poem. ^-^x
Disclaimer: What do you think? _ Of course not! *glomps Miroku* Mine!
Lol, *hugs Kohaku* I think I'm going to adopt him. ^-^x He's so cute! ^.^
Every time.
Your hands roam
My heart cracks
A little more

Every time.
You ask someone else
A tearing sound
Is heard inside

Every time
I try to show you
How I feel,
You walk away

Every time
You push me away
My heart sinks
Deep in my chest

And every time
You look at another
I wonder if you know that
You're heart.


Two words :: This sucks.
Lol, I *really* don't like this one- but I'm posting it anyway, because I'm
a psycho. Lol, *runs in circles*