Just a Little
Hmmmm a sort-of poetry/angst-type thing.I guess. ^-^x I'm never too good at
this genre thing...lol Errrrr...anyway, just read it and tell me what you
think. ^-^;; Okay? It's about....Sango!
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I'm adopting him... If that's all right with everyone else. ^-^x
Dedication: To Nicholle, a very nice young woman I knew for a few years. I
remember, the first thing I said to you on the bus was "Cold?" and you
replied "Just a little" . ^-^x


"Do you think this extermination will be hard?"
Kohaku asks me nervously.
"Just a little," I answer, calmly.

"Is there much to worry about, now that everyone's gone?"
Kirara asks me in her own way, wide eyes looking at me expectantly.
"Just a little," I tell her reassuringly, patting her head.

"Do you need any help, child?"
Kaede asks me gently, offering her hand.
"Just a little," I say, grasping it firmly.

"How much further till we get there?"
Shippo asks me, pulling lightly at my hair.
"Just a little more," I inform him, smiling at his impatience.

"Feh, you human girls are so weak!"
Inuyasha mumbled, helping Kagome and I along.
"Just a little," I grin good-naturedly.

"Does it make you jealous when I flirt with the village girls?"
Miroku asked curiously, a smile on his face.
"Just a little," I admit, eyes downcast, a blush staining my cheeks.

"Is he breaking your heart, Sango?"
Kagome asks, her arms around me.
"J-just a little," I whimper, my eyes filled with tears. "Just a little..."


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