*** (Spidersense: Hi again! Well, I've been taking a break from doing fics for a while, but now I'm doing a new one! This is a totally new fic that doesn't connect with any of my other WONDERFUL ones! (TEENTITAN: They weren't that good. And would you just get on with the story! You're giving me a migraine. (Spidersense: Fine then. Here's the story! ***

Raven sat on the couch with a black book in her hands, once again. She once again blocked herself from everyone else in terms of fun. The other Titans were outside the tower playing soccer. Raven turned and looked out the window and saw Robin hit the ball with great strength using his chest and he quickly passed it to Starfire. Raven sighed again, wishing that she could once let go of her feelings, but she knew that that was out of the question.

Starfire gleamed with a huge grin saying, "I have the ball! What fun! Do I win?" Robin fell down anime style and yelled, "Kick the ball into the goal!" Starfire nodded and licked her finger to feel the wind. Meanwhile, Cyborg and Beast Boy were charging after her. Beast Boy was now a cheetah. As the two were about to get the ball, Starfire lightly tapped the ball into the air. She then flew into it with her head, landing it straight into the goal. "YEAH! GO STAR!!!" Robin was cheering quite loudly. Beast Boy and Cyborg fell on the ground crying. "How did that get past me?" asked Cyborg.

The team went inside to take a break. That last goal was the first of Robin and Starfire's team. Beast Boy and Cyborg already scored 17. "Great game guys," said Cyborg, "You really put up a fight." Robin knew he was being sarcastic, but Starfire just said, "Thank you! You were not bad either." Beast Boy just shrugged off that understatement and grabbed a bottle of water. He saw that Raven was still alone, reading her book and went to sit next to her.

He sat down next to her, but she just kept reading her book. Beast Boy scratched his head and changed into a cute bear cub with gleaming eyes. She still didn't react. This was frustrating Beast Boy, so he turned back into a human and said, "Watcha readin'?" Raven had an anger vein and said, "Nothing you could comprehend." Beast Boy got an even bigger anger vein and said, "Well so much for being friendly, Raven. Have a nice life." He got up and walked away in anger. Raven felt really guilty so she said, "Wait, Beast Boy, don't go. I'm sorry." He turned around and slowly smiled. He sat back down. "This is a spell book from Azarath." Beast Boy said, "Haven't you been reading that for a while? Why aren't you done yet? Is it that long." Raven just looked at him and turned to a page far back in the beginning. "I'll read. Nomaturne dectosphruixs nomeenne duovuo nette lustk." Beast Boy's eyes bobbled and he asked, "Um, what does that mean?" Raven responded with a grin, "Chapter 4: Time and Space." Beast Boy fell down anime style and said, "I see."

Raven chuckled a low, low chuckle. Beast Boy heard that and said, "Was that a laugh?" Raven said, "Uhh, no." Beast Boy grinned greatly and said, "Yes it was! RAVEN CAN LAUGH!!!" Raven sweat dropped and whined, "No it wasn't! Stop! SHUT UP!" By now, Raven was trying to cover his mouth while he was still teasing her and trying to keep her off. "You think I'm funny! You think I'm funny!" yelled Beast Boy. "No I don't! Stop it! I-I-er..not really!" Beast Boy grinned more. "Admit it! You think I'm FUNNY!" The two were laughing and wrestling on the couch by now.

As if on cue, Robin walked in and saw the two. Raven immediately stopped, picked up her book, fixed her hair, and left. "I'll be in my room." Robin's jaw was still very low. Beast Boy picked up his bottle and said, "You saw nothing."