Chapter7 –Together again

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Raven was holding her staff and Beast Boy was holding her. They were fending off her strongest emotions. After an intense 60 seconds, they had finally defeated it. The shining light blasted it away. The monster was now just a golden version of Raven. It floated up to Beast Boy and took his hand. It took Raven's hand also and put their hands together. They smiled as they watched it fly away and turn into a shower of golden stars.

Raven's staff had gone back into her heart. Beast Boy looked at her and Raven looked back at him. "Looks like we won." Said Beast Boy, smiling. Raven threw her arms around him with tears. "Yeah.....we did...and it was because you loved me..."

Raven and Beast Boy got back to the dance. They saw Cyborg draggin Star and Robin. "I'm telling you, they need our HELP!!!" yelled Cyborg, grunting. "No! They want to be left alone!!!" yelled Robin. "NO THEY-Hey! Raven! BB!" yelled Cyborg seeing them. He let go of Robin and Starfire who went flying to the back of the hall. "Hey guys!" said Raven. "Uhhh, I'm not gonna ask what happened. Are y'all cool and everything??" asked Cyborg. "No. We're great." Said Raven, kissing Beast Boy. "AWWWWW! You two are cuter than two Glardranax eating a coonda-pie!" said Starfire. "What's a Glardanthrax?" asked Robin, leadiung her to the dance floor. Cyborg walked to the dance floor also. Beast Boy and Raven stood there and stared at each other. "C'mon, let's dance." Said Beast Boy. And they did...for the rest of the night...