~: Author's note :~

Thanks to those five people who reviewed this fic, thankie thankie thankie! I wouldn't mind if I got more feedback, you know… This is ALMOST the best fic I've written… *sigh* But it's ok. When I published this fic in Finnish last spring I got quite a lot reviews, so I know this isn't total crap.

I meant this fic to be one-shot, so I'd dare say that there isn't going to be any sequels. If I get an inspiration, there might be one, but that's only if my motivation comes back. Hmm, but I've been writing other fics that contain Evil!Harry (such as Innocently Yours)… I love Harry like this.

But. I thank the reviewers one more time, I got SO positive feedback that I warmed me nicely.

*lots of hugs to everyone*