Please Help Me Cause I'm Breaking Down


Rating: R

Pairing: Ginny/Draco, Harry/Hermione, Ron/Luna

Inspiration: Opening lyric to Trapt's song 'Still Frame' Please Help Me Cause I'm Breaking Down – Hence the title :D

Ginny suffers through so much in her sixth year, and who's there to help her pick herself up? No one… for now.

Prologue: Tragic Night


Ginny sat hunched over in the bathroom, her tears cascading down her red face. This isn't possible! How can he be… no! He's not! It's a lie! An image flashed over Ginny's eyes.

Her body convulsed once before she threw open the toilet seat and allowed her throat to open to her stomachs contents rising.

"Ginny… Ginny, open up." Hermione softly requested on the other side of the bathroom door.

Ginny waited a minute and looked up at herself in the mirror. Swishing the water around in her mouth, she spat it out and opened the door. She collapsed again in tears when she saw Ron. He pushed Hermione aside, almost roughly, to catch his sister before her knees fell to the ground. Her hands grasped his upper arm tightly.

"Gin, Mum and Dad are waiting in the Great Hall for us…" His voice was choked and rough from holding back tears. Her feet refused to move, as if, if she didn't, he'd be back, he'd come back to her.

Ron sighed and pulled her left arm around his waist and he held her hand so her arm stayed around his waist, while his slipped around hers to drag her with him. By the time they reached the end of the Gryffindor stairs, Ginny was unmoving. She wasn't blinking, she was barely breathing, the only thing moving, was the trail of tears that refused to cease.

Her feet moved on themselves by the time they walked by the dungeons. No students filled the halls, because it was dinner time. Ginny, Ron, Harry, and Hermione should be in the Great Hall eating, or at least on their way there to eat, not on there way to greet Ron and Ginny's mother and father to try and understand what happened.

Ginny knew what happened though… the problem of having prophetic dreams. She had dreamed something awful like this would happen… but she never thought it would actually happen. Not all of her dreams come true… but this… this one did. This painful, disgusting, bloody dream came true.

The Great Hall became eerily quiet as the four entered. All houses, including Slytherin, looked at them with pity and sympathy. No family deserved this pain.

Not everyone knew what happened. Only a few Slytherin's and the Weasley family, whom had told Harry and Hermione. But everyone had a pretty good idea as to what happened.

Ron dragged his sister with Harry's help, up to the platform of Professors where their mother, father, and three brothers, Bill, Fred, and George, sat. Molly grabbed Ron and Harry in a hug, ignoring Ginny. Ginny didn't care. She just stood there, her body wavering slightly as Dumbledore stood with a grief-filled face and stated what happened.

"This morning, the body of Charlie Weasley was found dead. The killer is still missing though we need to know who it is." Gasps and stunned whispers erupted, "So, if anyone has any information on who murdered Charlie, we must be informed…"

Ginny didn't hear the rest of Dumbledore's speech, for the next thing she knew, she was falling backwards off the platform and onto the floor behind her as darkness swept across her eyes.

People screamed as Ginny fell off the back into her black oblivion, and especially as red liquid pooled from and around her head.



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