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It had turned out that there had indeed been one witness to the battle between Harry and Voldemort - a Muggle who had been out walking his dog. His family had tried to have him committed when he told them of a crazy story, where a teenage boy fought against a monster with oddly colored light. Luckily, a Squib that lived down the streetheard of the story and had contacted his cousin, Molly Weasley. He may have been just a Squib accountant, but William James Prewitt knew when magic of that magnitude was real.

The Weasleys had then contacted Dumbledore, who had been trying to reconstruct the entire thing from Harry's sketchy memory.

When Harry had been deemed fit, both the Order and Ministry had descended upon Hogwarts to find out just what happened. They were disappointed to find out that Harry had no memory of anything that happened after gathering his magic. Even then, most of them had questions about how he had done so, since it wasn't anything that anyone had heard of since the days of the Founders of the school.

Fudge, in particular, had been adamant about finding outwhat exactly had happened.

Madam Pomfrey had called in a couple of Healers from St. Mungo's for a second opinion, and they all agreed that it was very likely Harry would never remember. Traumatic experiences often left scars on the mind, and the battle had been very traumatic for all involved. It was especially so for Harry, who had also had the trauma of watching Siri be engulfed by the Killing Curse.

Which had brought all manner of questions as to how Siri had survived.

The official statement that went out was that, because Harry and Siri were together, Harry had wrapped several protecting wards around Siri to keep him safe. Being very powerful, it was enough to keep the Killing Curse from actually killing him, putting him into a type of stasis, instead. The Order knew differently, but weren't about to say anything other than among themselves.

The Muggle, one Weston G. Martin, had recounted a story that Fudge had reluctantly agree was the truth, even if Veritaserum couldn't be used on a non-magical person. The Minister had also been very reticent to accept the healers' opinions on Harry's memory loss, but that was nothing new.

Mr. Martin had described a greenish haze that had covered the field when he first saw it. He had commented on the fact that, after the haze was gone, he had realizedthe fieldwas covered in dark-robe-covered bodies. The man had said that he could feel the evilness oozing off of them even now, as if they had been plugged into some sort of socket. None of the Ministry members had gotten this reference, but Arthur Weasley had gotten a big kick out of it, while those familiar with Muggle technology had laughed at the comparison.

In the middle of the field, Mr. Martin had seen Harry and Voldemort, whom he had described as being exactly like a biblical painting of the devil. He told of the shields each had conjured, Harry's actually drawing the haze that had covered the field. Then, as if choreographed, each had drawn the shield into a ball held between their hands in front of their chests. Voldemort's ball had been loose - very loose compared to Harry's.

"That boy's ball of light was packed like an ice ball," Mr. Martin had proclaimed. "That boy then split it in two and the light wrapped around his hands. That scary guy looked frightened when he raised his hands, and it looked to me as if he held two torches - green flames coming from them like the old kind of torches that they used in King Arthur's time.

"Then he swiped one as the old demon thing and it almost knock the black light from his hands. It didn't quite fall, so the scary guy - what was his name, anyway? - he swipes back and managed to catch the boy's hand.

"The boy almost falls over before regaining his balance and pulls the black light from the Scary Guy's hands. That makes the old guy freak out, I don't know how else to describe it." Mr. Martin had shrugged at that. "Anyway, the boy just takes that black light and pushes at it with both hands, squeezing it smaller and smaller. The demon guy tries to take it back before it gone, but only manages to kick the boy a couple of times and punch himself in the face when his hand slips off the boy's arm. The boy - Harry, was it? - keeps on squeezing that black light until nothing's between his hands but air. That's when the scary guy just seems to fold into himself and disappears in a poof of green fire, the same color as the light. Then he just disappeared himself, but this was with a loud bang."

"What're you thinking about?" a voice asked him, startling him from his musings.

He turned to find Sirius studying him closely. Harry smiled in reassurance, moving forward in the window seat as Sirius moved to sit behind him. He snuggled into the other man's arms, content in the warmth that radiated from him.

"About the last battle," he finally answered.

Siri chuckled, and Harry could feel it rumble against his back. "I like remembering Fudge's expression when that Muggle told the Wizengamot that Voldemort imploded - that nice mix of disgust and disbelief."

"Mm. I liked when he told how old Voldie punched himself." Harry laughed as Sirius broke out into a big case of the chuckles. "Only the old idiots who still backed Fudge didn't laugh at that."

"Amazing, isn't it" Sirius asked, "That all it took was the love you have for me to destroy the bastard?"

Harry twisted enough to look into Siri's eyes. "Not really. No."

Sirius scrunched his brows together. "What?"

He reached a hand back and caressed a cheek that was already getting prickly this early in the evening. "It's not amazing that that is what it took. It's amazing that we love and not what that love managed to do."

Harry shifted a little when Sirius didn't answer.

"Too sappy?" he asked.

Siri shook his head. "No," he said in a choked voice. He hugged Harry tighter to him, almost squeezing the breath out of him. "Just perfect."

Harry turned all the way around and sat with his legs hanging over Sirius' thighs. "I love you."

Sirius grinned. "I know." The grin turned impish. "Is this the part where I'm supposed to say 'I love you' back?"

Green eyes narrowed and blue eyes flashed back. Then both set of eyes closed and they leaned towards one another and brushed lips.

"You aren't going to kiss, are you?" a disgusted - and boyish - voice said from the doorway.

Both men turned to find two redheaded children, with intelligent brown eyes, standing in the doorway.

The girl sniffed as she held onto her younger brother's hand. "Dad said we should have you tell a story so that he can get Mum off to St. Mungo's, finally."

Harry shared a smile with Sirius. Hermione was competing with her mother-in-law in how many babies she could pop out in as little time as possible. Number five was on its way, which was why Harry and Sirius had come to the Burrow to help Molly and Hermione's mothercare for the four already here. His friends had married two months out of school, and nine months after that, Rosemary had appeared, followed by William - who were the twostanding in the doorway - then Marissa, who was still having problems with potty training, and Forest, who was only thirteen months old and was currently enjoying being held by one grandmother right after another.

"Uncle Harry?" William asked as he climbed in between Harry and Sirius on the window seat in the den that overlooked the pond in back of the Burrow.

"What is it, Will?"

Rosemary snorted. "Mum'll kill you if you call William that, Uncle Harry."

"No she won't," Harry said as he carefully pulled back from Sirius and sat on the window seat in the manner it was created for, pulling the little girl onto his lap.

Sirius tickled the little boy, "little boys shouldn't have such long names," he said as William tried to pull away from the marauding fingers. He eventually stopped when the little boy was breathless.

"Uncle Harry?" William asked in a winded voice. "Will you tell us about your wedding again?"

Harry and Sirius shared a look, trying not to burst out into laughter. Their wedding had been a three-ring circus right from the initial announcement that they were going to wed. Consequently, both children loved the story because it had everything from ranting mother-in-laws (their very own Grandma Molly) to werewolves trying to chase snarky potions masters and bed them, to the Minister... well, former Minister trying to stop the wedding altogether.

"Let's save that story for another day, okay, Will?" Harry said as a commotion stirred on the lawn.

All four looked out the window in time to see Percy Weasley get dumped into the pond by his very pregnant wife, Penelope. On the banks, Fred and George were laughing uproariously, before being chased by Penelope and getting dumped into the cool water themselves.

"For now we need to go rescue your other uncles."



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