I sit on the precipice, ready to hurl myself back into the chaos of reviews, feedback, critiques, self-doubt and pure wonder.  I know that Grand Prix was next on the list, but Heir to the Empire kept butting forward and writing itself, demanding to be shared with all.

I honestly don't know if you will like this.  It is my first AU DBZ, and it is a big 'un (as I prepare this foreword, I have 12,000+ words, and I have just finished character establishment).  I have taken extreme and (I'm sure to some unnecessarily) outrageous directions with this fiction. 

In short, I wanted to try my hand at world-building; at creating a place and society in my mind that I could then describe to the readers.  And what better world is there than Vegeta-sei?  I have fleshed out the Saiyan world, and have made some social changes to liven things up.  It is the same planet that we love to enslave Bulma on, but I have fleshed it out, so to speak.

This is also a Trunks story, not a Bulma/Vegeta story.  If you want to get the background for this story, read any of the AUs where Bulma ends up as a slave on Vegeta-sei, then stop before you get to the happy ending.   Aren't I evil?

Some notes before I start:

I do not own the world of DBZ, I have just horribly mangled it for my own devilish delight.  All of the characters normally protected by the DBZ copyright are not mine, and I make no claim to them. Lord Vegeta will always refer to the eldest Vegeta, the father of the OU Prince Vegeta.  Later, he might answer to Grandfather, if he's in a good mood. King Vegeta is our current lovable prince in the original universe.  He is also not as nice as he is in DBZ, though it would be fairer to call him confused. Prince Vegeta is the current heir, a full-blooded Saiyan. Cyrane is pronounced SIGH-rain or KI-rain, depending on the dialect of the speaker. Avia is pronounced ah-VEE-ah or ah-vee-AH, again depending on dialect. Kakkarot will not play a major part.  Yes, I know, he is the first SS and I will honor that in other stories, but not this one. Avia, Cyrane and this version of Prince Vegeta are my characters, and I ask that you ask before copying them.  I place no claim to Prince Vegeta's name, however, just his description and personality.  The Montessi are also my own, as is the hare-brained logic behind them, but I give them to the DBZ world freely.

Rated: R for violence, language and sexual content.  This is not a lemon, nor will it ever be; while things might get a touch hot, it will always be to further a scene.  Also, there will be discussions and allusions to sex and sexual situations, including rape, incest, and other material that will not be suitable or enjoyed by all audiences.  Please do not flame me if you get upset at content in my work; I will not acknowledge emails and reviews claiming that I can not do it because "that's not right!"  Right and wrong are highly overrated and completely subjective, and I will not decrease the scope of my story because someone else is squeamish.  If you find something in here truly objectionable, please bear with me.  I will try to make all right in the end.

And lastly, some of you will not like the liberties that I have taken; some of you will, but overall I hope that you enjoy the story itself.  As always, I welcome rational critiques and reviews, but remember, if you flame, I get to make fun of you.  Thanks as always for reading.

Pryzm the Kess