Title: Loving Flavour

Author: K-chan

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Warnings: fluff, uhm... weird lines of thoughts? O_o well, and yaoi (you know, male/male relationship *rolls eyes*)

Note: Just don't take this one seriously. I just had this idea and had to write it down immediately. Oh, and I had no beta reader for this! Have fun!


It was a normal Saturday evening in Domino City, as Yuugi, Jonouchi and Ryou sat comfortably on the large couch of the Kaiba mansion. They were chatting about school and things in general. But after a while Jonouchi, being his noisy self, had to ask the one question.

"Hey Yuugi, what does Yami taste like?"

The smallest of the group choked at his drink and coughed violently, turning an intense shade of red. When he finally could breathe again, he had two pairs of eyes looking at him curiously.

"Uhm, well...", Yugi began to murmer, "It's a kind of exotic taste... Sweet, but also... I don't know, it's just somehow tingling..."

Shily he looked up to a grinning Jonouchi, then his gaze wandered to Ryou. The white-haired boy smiled. His eyes getting shiny he told his friends,

"You see, it's just like Bakura himself. Hot and spicy!"

He giggled, blushing just the slightest bit. The blond next to him laughed and punched Ryou playfully.

"As for Seto... uhm, how can I describe that..." Jonouchi thought for a moment. "Do you know these ice-candies? Seto tastes exactly like that!"

The other boys nodded understanding. Suddenly all three of them turned around at the sound of a familiar voice.

"I do taste like _what_?"

It was Seto Kaiba standing in all his glory, one eyebrow arched in question. Following him where Yami and Bakura. Yuugi was the first one to move as he jumped up with a beam and ran into the arms of his lover.

With a smile the taller of them asked, "What were you three talking about?"

Jonouchi, Ryou and Yuugi exchanged glances and laughed violently. When Ryou had come down he explained,

"Oh, we experimented a bit with the various kinds of drinks which were in the kitchen . Finally each of us had a cocktail he really liked. And the names we gave them were", at this he held up his glass, "Bakura!"

Jonouchi grinned madly, purring out, "Seto!"

Yuugi beamed with red cheeks, "And Yami!"

Collective laughter was heard from the Kaiba mansion. Yami, Bakura and Seto curiously tested the cocktails or were forced to do so.

Our beloved bishounen were happy and the only thing we could wish them is that they won't get such a bad hangover the next day.

~The End~




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