A rose by any other name

Author's note: Pan and Goten are brother and sister: Ryanna and Kankton are not related!

Ryanna: 18, Trunks: 18, Kankton: 17 almost 18, Pan: 17, almost 18, Goten: 18

Chapter 1: School play?

Who knew of the impacts that acting could have in life? No one can in advance but as future sees the lives of many depend on this source of entertainment. This was a lesson to be learnt by a young woman and the young man she fell in love with. Ryanna or as people would call her Riley, was just a normal teenager. She was somewhat beautiful with her layered chestnut brown hair, and deep emerald eyes. She was the school gothic, wearing mostly black, had a love of the arts and music, and even though she had some friends she was pretty much a loner.

She talked to only one friend in particular on a daily basis. That was her best friend, Pan Son. Pan was a tomboy, so to speak. She also loved the arts, but was not as dedicated to them as Ryanna was. She was the actress, and Ryanna was the observer, the critic so to speak. She would tell you if you didn't put enough emotion into the verse, or if you were saying a part wrong. Pan used it to her advantage sometimes whenever there was a school play brewing about. Sort of like today.

"Romeo and Juliet, you have got to be kidding me!" Pan sighed as she looked at the bulletin board. Ryanna shrugged, "I don't know, I always found that play to be rather climatic and spiritual." Pan rolled her eyes. "Get real, the only reason other people are gonna try out is just so to kiss the leading lady or man. Either that or get to fight with swords." Ryanna chuckled and rolled her eyes at the same time. "I think you should try out Pan. Who knows, maybe you could play Juliet." Pan rolled her eyes again. "Why would I wanna play..." she paused as she was something or more like someone walk towards them.

It was three of the most popular guys in school: Trunks Briefs, Goten Son, and Kankton Richards. "Hey it's your brother." "Yeah and that hotty Kankton Richards" Ryanna let out a snigger, and watched as Pan ogled the Richards boy. Kankton Richards was the youngest of the three in the group. He had short brown hair spiked up and intense green eyes similar to Ryanna's emerald ones. Goten Son, Pan's brother, had onyx eyes and hair. His hair leapt up into a one-sided crypt cut; Ryanna had to admit it looked pretty cute in a disgustingly snot up way.

Now Trunks Briefs, probably the big boss of the group, Mr. Macho himself. He was known to be a fine ass ladies man. Girls ogled him at every corner he turned and they melted as he let out even the hint of a smile. He had piercing blue eyes and lavender hair cut into a boy band style haircut {short}. "Hello there ladies! My, my, aren't we looking beautiful today." Pan smiled while blushing but Ryanna rolled her eyes. Trunks noticed the movement and smirked. "I see you've been admiring the bulletin board. Planning on trying out for the play?" "Well I'm not... but Pan is."

Pan's eyes went wide. Goten grinned. "My sister never told me she was into kissing scenes?" Ryanna smirked. "Oh yes, she said she couldn't wait for tryouts. She begged me over and over to help her and I willingly agreed." Kankton spoke up. "Well then," he winked at Pan. "See yah at tryouts." Pan blushed as the boys signed their name on the singing sheet and left. As soon as they out of ears length Pan screamed." WHY DID YOU TELL THEM THAT?" Ryanna winced but smirked. "I already knew Kankton was gonna try out, and come on, you're one of the best actresses in school." Pan sighed and slapped a hand to her face.

Suddenly she snickered; "okay I'll do it." She turned to the signing sheet. "But on one condition." Ryanna cocked an eyebrow. "You have to go to try outs with me." Ryanna's eyes widened. "OH HELL NO! I'M NOT TRYING OUT FOR THAT PLAY!" "You don't have to try out. Just be there with me just incase. You know, for emotional support." Ryanna thought for a minute and played with the fingerless glove on her hand. "Okay, but I'm only there because you're my best friend and I wanna see you wipe the floor with them!" Pan high-fived Ryanna and walking shoulder to shoulder they walked of to there first class.

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