A rose by any other name

Author's note: Some of the verses may not be complete from the play... they were too long so I shortened them. ^_^

Ryanna: 18, Trunks: 18, Kankton: 17 almost 18, Pan: 17, almost 18, Goten: 18

Chapter 12: Afraid of love?

The night went by slowly. Every movement that those two made didn't go unnoticed by one another. Ryanna breathed deeply as Trunks finally released himself within her and collapsed to her side. She turned on her side and wrapped her arms around him. "Oh my Kami! That was amazing Trunks." Trunks smiled to himself while trying to catch his breath. He held onto Ryanna tightly. This was the kind of relationship he wanted with a girl; No strings attached, and full of passion and love, not to mention a bit of flirt on the side.

Ryanna breathed in Trunks' scent. His body smelled like what a man should smell like. There was no after shave smell, nor was there any strong cologne. It was just the smell of Trunks: his heavenly smell. Trunks stroked Ryanna's hair and kissed her head. "Would you ever believe we would end up like this?" Ryanna shook her head. "No I didn't. I thought I'd be alone forever. I adore this feeling." Trunks smiled. "I know." After a few moments of silence Trunks decided to break it. "Ryanna?" "Hmm... What?" "I love you." Ryanna's eyes shot open and she sat up. No... he did not just say that word.


Damien took his left hand and traced his daughter's cheek "I'm glad that you're safe. I love you Ry-" He didn't get to finish. His hand became limp and dropped from Ryanna's cheek. Ryanna shook him. "Daddy?" She shook him again, harder this time. "Daddy! Please wake up!"

~End of flashback~

Ryanna shook her head and held it. "Ryanna what's wrong. "No, you did not just say that!" Trunks looked at her weird. Ryanna opened her eyes, the night her father had died flashing through her mind over and over again. 'I love you,' those three little words had destroyed her life, and killed someone so precious to her. Every time she heard those words someone got hurt. She will not have it happen again. "No Trunks, I can have you get hurt!" She flipped up the covers and started getting dressed. "What do you mean by that?" Trunks got up and put his pants on. He grabbed Ryanna's arm just as she was about to head out the door.

"What do you mean you don't want me to get hurt? How will I get hurt." Ryanna shook her head and tried to get out of Trunks' grip. "I'm fucking cursed Trunks. Every time someone tells me they love me I tell them that I love them back. Then the next thing I know they're either hurt or dead!" Trunks gawked at her. "Ryanna that's ridiculous! Don't you love me?" "That's just it Trunks, I do love you! I love you so much but you're gonna get hurt if I don't get away from you!"

Ryanna tugged her arm away and made a mad dash for the front door. She could hear Trunks' screaming for her to come back. She didn't listen to him. She grabbed her coat and headed outside where rain began pouring down from the sky. Trunks shook his head. "No I won't loose her that easily!" Trunks grabbed the nearest shirt and jacket and headed outside to follow her. He saw her body making a routed run down the street. Ryanna turned the corner then stopped. Raindrops plopped down onto her head causing her hair and clothes to get soaked. However, she neither knew nor cared. Her fingers and legs were numb and tears sprang from her cheeks.

A high pitched whistle caught Ryanna's attention and she looked into the alleyway where several college guys gazed at her perverting like. "Well, well, well looky what we have here boys. We got ourselves a damsel in distress." Ryanna shook and tried to walk the other way but two other guys were on her side. One of them licked his lips at her. "She sure is purdy, Jessie. Can we play with her?" Ryanna scowled and backed up into the wall. She was surrounded. "Why not, Gibbs, let's have some fun." The leader pushed Ryanna up to the wall and licked his lips. "How about it, doll? Wanna play?" "GET THE FUCK OFF ME YOU BASTARD!" Ryanna struggled. The leader tutted her. "That's no way to act."

One of the boys pulled out a gun. Ryanna was scared stiff. If they were unarmed she could take them easily. Guns however were something she was not prepared for. She did what any other girl in her case would do. She screamed. "HELP!" The leader slapped her causing her to fall to the ground. "Shut up bitch!" "No!" The leader turned only to get punched in the face. "You shut up!" Ryanna looked up to see, "Trunks?" "Let's get him boys!" The gang jumped him. Trunks pounded his fist into each one of their faces. The leader got up and looked to Ryanna. He smirked and grabbed her by the wrist and held the gun to her head.

"Trunks!" Trunks turned around and growled when he saw Ryanna looking dead scared with a gun to her head. "Help me, Trunks." "Not so fast pretty boy. One false move and this tart is gonna get a large piece of lead in her head." The bulky one laughed. "Hey that rhymes Jessie." "Shut up Gibbs!" Ryanna looked at Trunks who looked at her helplessly. Ryanna took a breath then bit into the leader's hand. He screamed and let her go. "Ah! You bitch!" He pointed the gun at Ryanna. Trunks panicked and shielded Ryanna with his back. "Trunks!" Three gunshots hit him in the back of his left shoulder. Trunks let out a small scream but kept Ryanna in his arms.

"Drop the gun kid!" A policeman held a gun out to the gang. All the members froze and put their hands in the air. One of the officers approached Trunks and Ryanna. "Sir, this boy has been shot. We need a medic!" "What about the girl?" "She's a little bruised but other words all right." Ryanna didn't pay attention to the conversation. She leaned Trunks backward and held him in her lap. "Trunks?" Trunks winced but opened his eyes. Ryanna began to tear up as she held out her hand now covered in his blood.

"Ryanna... are you okay?" "Yes, but why did you do that?" Trunks grinned slightly and breathed in. "Well that's a stupid question." He swallowed. "I protected the one I loved." Ryanna shook her head. "This is all my fault. I did it again. You're hurt because of me." Tears came falling down Ryanna's face. Trunks wiped them away and shook his head slightly. "No Ryanna. You didn't do anything. I chose to be the one who got shot instead of seeing you get shot." He held her hand. "I made a promise remember. I wasn't gonna let you go then and I definitely wasn't gonna stop now." A few more tears fell from Ryanna's eyes. "You did, didn't you?" She squeezed his hand.

Trunks wheezed and panted. Ryanna looked at him worried. "Ryanna, I kept my promise. Now I want you to promise me something." Ryanna nodded. "What is it?" Trunks kissed her. "Don't be afraid to love. Promise me you won't be afraid of love." "I promise Trunks. I love you." She kissed him again. Trunks' hand then went limp against Ryanna's just as the medic car appeared. "Trunks?" Trunks didn't move. Ryanna shook him. "No not again! Trunks NO! Please don't leave me!" Ryanna cried. The medics confirmed him dead. Ryanna held onto him tightly and refused to let go. Not too much later reporters and neighbors came into the alley to see Ryanna holding a dead Trunks.

After a few days it was all over the place on how he died in her hands. Ryanna couldn't stand the publicity. All the people at school called her the curse, besides Pan that is. Pan pitied Ryanna after she saw what it had done to her. Ryanna, barely, talked to anybody anymore, not even her. Chary became distraught over the whole thing saying she was a bad guardian. Ryanna talked her out of it but Chary still felt bad. "Look out everyone, don't touch her or you'll end up dead!" Julie scoffed as Ryanna walked down the hall. Everyone moved to the side as Ryanna walked. She didn't care though. Why would she want to be friends with people who are scared of her?

After school it had finally got to her. On her way home she passed by the cemetery. Opening the gate she walked over a few overly decorated graves. She held in her hand a white rose and a knife. Her feet seemed to be numb and she walked down the path as if she had walked down it everyday. Finally Ryanna stopped at a black tombstone with gold lettering: Here lies Trunks Vegeta Briefs, 760 A.D- 778 A.D. Loving Son, Brother, and Boyfriend. A tear escaped Ryanna's eyes as she placed a kiss on the rose. She placed it down and gave a sad smile.

O churl! drunk all, and left no friendly drop
To help me after? I will kiss thy lips;
Haply some poison yet doth hang on them,
To make die with a restorative.

Ryanna took the knife from her pocket and let it shine in the tiny bit of sunlight and placed a kiss on it. Goten walked pass the cemetery with a frown on his face. Something caught his eye however. He saw Ryanna's figure with something shiny in her hands. "Ryanna?" Ryanna placed the dagger at her heart. "Yea, noise? then I'll be brief. O happy dagger!" Goten panicked. "Ryanna no!" "This is thy sheath;" With all his leg strength he ran to her but... "There rust, and let me die" She stabbed herself. Goten yelled as Ryanna's body fell limp to the ground over Trunks' grave. "NO!" Pan and Kankton who had followed Goten saw what happened. "NO!" Ryanna's eyes went blank and all the sound went a mute... all she heard was... "NO!"

Ryanna shot up in bed covered in sweat. She looked to her side to see Trunks still asleep with his hair matted to the pillow. "A dream?" Trunks' eyes fluttered open and he looked at Ryanna's troubled face. "Ryanna are you okay?" Ryanna nodded. "Yes, I'm fine." She laid down. "It was just a nightmare." Trunks hugged her by the middle and kissed her forehead. "It's okay Riley. I'm here." Ryanna smiled and turned into Trunks' embrace. Just as she was about to fall asleep she remembered her dream. Trunks' words were 'don't be afraid to love.' Was he giving her a sign? "Trunks?" "Hmm... what is it?" Ryanna sighed and cuddled into Trunks. "I love you." Trunks smiled and smoothed out her hair. "I love you too."

The End.

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