Title: Prove Me Wrong

Spoilers for The Hand of God

AN: This is just some ideas that popped into my head after watching The Hand of God and becoming very angry at the lack of Shalimar/Brennan interaction this season. When Shalimar falls asleep and finds herself in some random place in nature, she is in her mind or dreaming or whatever. I was going to name this chapter More to Life after a Stacie Orrico song, but I just saw a different story with that name so I decided to find another chapter title. If you hadn't realized this yet, the chapter titles don't really have anything to do at all with the chapter, they are just titles or lyrics from my favorite songs.

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One Last Time

By: Savannah aka Butterfly Cobra


Shalimar's eyes filled with tears before she replied softly, "I love you Brennan."

She didn't give him a chance to reply before she shut her eyes tightly and shook herself awake. When she opened her eyes and realized that she was no longer at the edge of the Grand Canyon, she knew that nothing she had told Brennan had been said out loud.

"Now why can't I tell that to him when he is not a figment of my mind?" She said, mentally hitting herself on the forehead. "Why does it take falling out of a plane and nearly getting myself killed to be able to tell him?"

She sighed as she sat up and glanced around at her surroundings. She had absolutely no idea where she was.


Some time passes.Kristoff has killed Burke and talked with Shalimar. Shalimar is now going to find Brennan, who had been shot by the other feral.


"I'll be there soon, Lex," Shalimar said and took off running.

Lexa, in her very annoying voice, replied, "Shal, it's bad, I don't think he's going to make it."

Shalimar was in no mood to deal with Lexa's usual gloomy outlook on things. "Yes he will," She said confidently, knowing Brennan's strength and will to live.

Shalimar looked into Brennan's eyes. She realized that she was terrified. She knew that she couldn't loose him; he couldn't die. She wouldn't be able to survive if he was no longer in her life. She grabbed his arm and pulled it behind her neck.


Shalimar begged Kristoff to save Brennan and to give it to her. She realized that in turn, she would be the one dying, but better her than Brennan. She asked him once more before turning to take on the other feral.

They both fought fiercely and Shal was knocked down. She closed her eyes to block out the pain.


When she opened her eyes, she knew that she again was in her mind. She sighed in annoyance. She recognized this as her neighbor's tree house. She reached for a picture hanging on the wall. It was of a young version of her and a little boy.

Her neighbor Joe had been only a few months older than she was and she could clearly remember having a huge crush on him when she was nine. He would always invite her to play with all of his friends. She quickly became one of the gang. Just before her 10th birthday, Joe and his family moved.

She could still remember the day he left as if it had been yesterday. She had given him a card that said goodbye and a new baseball glove. She had tried to hug him goodbye, but he had shoved her away. He had told her to get away from him because she was a freak. He told her that he was glad he was moving because then he didn't have to play with her any more or pretend that he liked her.

She had run into her house, crying her heart out. After Joe left, she had climbed up into his tree house and took down the picture of them taken at his birthday party. She had sat in the tree for hours crying and holding the picture.

Shalimar realized that the picture of her and Joe was nearly identical to the one of her and Brennan on her dresser, except, of course, she was now much older.

When she looked down at the picture, it had changed; it was now of her and Brennan. Shalimar started to cry.

"Brennan, please be alright," she whispered and then she gently kissed the picture.


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