Title:  Love, Friendship, and Science Fiction

Disclaimer:  Don't own, ain't getting paid

Pairing:  Ryan/Seth

Rating:  PG-13 (Not smut –maybe next time –thinking about a second chapter – but this one is just some insecure inner Seth thoughts)

Summary: Seth compares his relationship and feelings for Ryan to Star Wars.

Credit:  Mad props to George Lucas and the creators of the O.C.  And KKCP for the beta.

A/N:   This is short –drabble-esque. I didn't mean to write it, came out quite by accident.  It is an old fic set after The Outsider that I'm just now posting. 

I guess I knew on some level that he was going to eventually get tired of me.  I mean, I'm a smart guy, I know the score; I realize that no cool/badass/rebel like Ryan is ever going to really like me.  We only know each other by accident.  He was only playing nice with me because he was in my sandbox.  So of course once it became his sandbox – he could lose the zero and make friends with whoever he wanted.  So yeah, I guess I knew it was coming.  But that doesn't mean I was happy about it.  I wanted to be the Luke Skywalker to his Han Solo.  Buddies.  Two dudes taking on the world. 

Okay- so maybe I wanted to be the Chewbacca to his Han.  Even Luke was too cool to be me.  He had plenty of alone time in Dagobah with Yoda. And it never drove him into fits of jealous stupidity.  He handled it just fine.  So maybe I wasn't the hero to Ryan's anti-hero.  I am perfectly willing to be the sidekick.  I never wanted to leave his side.  He was the first person to accept me in a long time.  Ryan was the only guy who had ever not made fun of me for being a geek.   He didn't pick on me for not being like everybody else.  And the funny thing is he didn't seem to be doing it to impress my parents.  He walked into my life and just sat down beside me and it was like we had known each other forever.  He was my best friend.  And I didn't question why – or how – or if it made any sense. 

So Ryan getting a job, and meeting "Gun Boy" (as I now non-lovingly refer to him) was a wake up call.  It was a reminder of how different we are.  He is the guy who has seen it all.  And I'm the boy who knows nothing.  I got myself in a big old mess, not to mention Ryan and Luke, trying to deny that.  I told him at the hospital that we had to stick together from now on.  I tried to make it sound like it was for his own good.  But I know my motivation is selfish.  I don't want to lose him. 

The George Lucas Star Wars canon (or one of the many series of books – I can never remember) says that Han saved Chewie from slavery and that in return Chewie made an oath to repay the favor.  But I think that maybe Chewie just fell in love.  Han was the coolest thing around.  And he respected the creature that no one else could even understand.  Marissa may get to be Leia, but I can live with that. 

As long as I get a hug and a few back scratches every now and then.