Have you ever had one of those days when idea after idea pops into your head. Well I have and I decided to listen to one of those ideas.

I have a few things to say before I start this story: (I apologize ahead of time for this long introduction, however please read this, it will hopefully solve any confusion that might arise during the actual story.

1) This story is based off Tamora Pierce's stories and takes place in Tortall, HOWEVER it takes place during the reign of King Jonathan I, understand: Jonathan the first, not fourth. In other words, the king in this story is Jonathan IV's great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather, or somewhere around there. This story takes place in the year 104 I.E. (Immortal Era), meaning 104 years before the sealing of the immortals into the Divine Realms. Some of the fiefs from the actual book series do exist, such as Queenscove, Naxen, Trebond, Goldenlake and Tirragen. This is because they are written in the book of gold. Other fiefs such as Mindelan and Masbolle do not exist, for they are written in the book of silver or not in any book at all. Got that? Good! There will also be new fiefs that you have never heard of, so don't be surprised when these places are talked about commonly and you don't know where they are. I will do my best to pinpoint them for you using the map published in Alanna: The First Adventure. Also, since this is set over 100 years before Alanna: The First Adventure, female Knights are common.

2) Because this story takes place well before the reign of Jonathan IV's grandfather Jasson "the Old King", Tortall is much smaller than it is in Alanna: The First Adventure. Here are the boarders (look at the map in the before mentioned book): Start at Trebond, follow the Great Road North east to the foot of the mountains (just short of the city of the gods), next run along the foot of the mountain range southward, going around Goldenlake (not the Golden Lake, the actual fief), into the hills, connecting to Tirragen (again the fief, not the lake), next head in a relatively straight line to Corus, lastly follow the foot of the hills in an arc shape, going around Olau to connect with Trebond. If you were able to follow that you will notice that Tortall is very small!!!!!! I stress the fact that the country is now tiny.

3) It is not likely that you will see any familiar characters, considering the fact that they haven't been born yet! I urge you not to look for them because you might hurt yourself trying and you can't sue me because I gave you this warning and I don't have any money. Names however may be familiar, such as Gareth of Naxen, but these will be the ancestors of the characters presented in Tamora Pierces works.

4) This IS a sucked-in story. I repeat, people will be sucked in from the real world (me and three of my friends). If you absolutely despise those types of stories, you probably won't like this. If you don't think they're that bad, please read and let me know what you think. If you love them, I hope you enjoy this. Even the Tortall parts start in the year 104 I.E., the real world takes place on June 4, 2004, 5-7 days before my high school graduation.

5) This part of my note isn't important unless you go to my school and know who I am or you are interested in being a character. If you don't, please skip this section, if you do, please read. Only myself and three others have been brought into this story. I am leaving two spaces open for two more people. The first person that I go to school with who asks gets one of the spaces, and the second space goes to the first person to get a majority of the questions at the bottom of this chapter correct. The second space will be filled before I post the second chapter of this story, so if you are reading this chapter and there is already a second chapter posted that means you shouldn't answer the questions because the space has been filled. Now, the last items I need to mention are the names of the four people who are going to be in the story: Jenny, Brenna, Nicole and Katlin. If one of you does not want to be part of this (even though it will make me sad) I will comply with your wishes and replace you with someone else or maybe someone fictional, before the story gets too complicated. Also if I make mistakes on your appearance or personality please correct me.

All right, I apologize for all of that, but it really was necessary. Please forgive me if I cause you any pain. Now onto the first chapter. ^-^

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the names of the fiefs in this story or anything else from Tamora Pierce's books. Most of the characters, however, are my own.


"Four days and counting," Brenna said as she left her high school late one afternoon with her fellow seniors, Nicole and Jenny, in toe. A tenth grader quietly stood by Brenna's car with a sad puppy dog face as the three girls made their way outside. Brenna rolled her brown eyes while the two other seniors behind her giggled. She knew what Katlin wanted.

"Oh, Vixey," Katlin cooed using her older friend's nickname as the trio of seniors drew closer. "Could I maybe... please... um... get a ride home?" The tenth grader had her short, light brown hair tied back so it wouldn't get in her green eyes.

Brenna looked at her watch; it was already three o'clock, what in the world was Katlin still doing at school. She glared at the pitiful senior, as she thought about what to do, and played with her pencil that she pulled out of her long, curly brown hair.

"Run, and run fast. Don't stop until you reach a safe distance, say Mt. Everest," Nicole advised the sophomore, pulling a strand of straight, medium length brown hair out of her brown eyes, and rubbing one when her contact began to burn. Despite the fact that Nicole and Jenny were two years older than her, Katlin was taller than both of them. She was nearly as tall as Brenna. Jenny just laughed. She wore her own purplish-reddish-black-brown hair cropped above her ears; she never worried about it getting into her face and her brown eyes.

"Scotch Tape," Brenna started, using the younger girls own nick name and author name, "I would, but I'm not going home. Me, Jenny and Nicole have to study for finals. If we don't pass, we don't graduate."

"And it'll be a big problem if she doesn't graduate," Jenny told Katlin. "She's already counting down to the last day of school."

"Oh... well... I'll just go find..."

"Why don't you come with us?" Brenna asked Katlin, while looking for permission from the other two seniors. Both nodded vigorously; they were headed for boredom: today they studied math; Pre-Calculus for Jenny, Calculus for Nicole, and Statistics for Brenna. They need someone to make them laugh.

"Are you sure?" Katlin asked, not wanting to be a burden. She could always find someone else to get a ride with or call her brother and make him come get her.

"We're sure," Nicole told her, as she pushed the younger high schooler toward Brenna's car. Then she climbed into the passenger seat of Jenny's car, where the other girl waited with the keys in the ignition.

"We'll meet you at the library," Jenny called out her window to Brenna as she climbed into the driver's seat of her own car and Katlin got in on the other side. Jenny drove out of the school parking lot followed shortly be Brenna.


For the first time in Nicole's life, the library patios were open with no one on them. The girls were able to study out in the sunshine on a beautiful June day, the fourth, 2004 to be exact. While the three older girls studied, Katlin did her own "studying". When they had first entered the library, she had grabbed a stack of magazines from the shelves. Now she sat going through them slowly identifying all the hot guys and all the ok guys, and lastly all the ugly guys, because she was running out of things to do. Finally after two hours of intense math studying (yeah right) the seniors took a break and headed to the top level of the library where the fiction books were located. Brenna and Jenny went to the computers to see if there was anything interesting to look at. Katlin followed Nicole to the shelf where her favorite author's books were located. Planning on re-reading one of Tamora Pierce's books while she was at the library, Nicole knelt down to search the shelves. Most of the books were in, but Nicole couldn't decide where to start. Katlin, who had also read the books, knelt beside her to help choose, and choose one for herself. Nicole ran her finger along the spines of the books. Suddenly her finger stopped on a book called It Should Have Happened Later, with the author name Pierce. Nicole was curious. She knew that there were other Pierces with books, but this book looked as if it had once had a cover similar to that of the books in the "Song of the Lioness" series. Now, all that was left was a tattered cover on the front, with the author's first name ripped off, and a partially whole back cover. Turning the book over to see if the back was legible, Nicole and Katlin could make out only two words: Jonathan and Tortall.

"New book, Nymph?" Katlin asked her friend.

"No, I don't think so. Its too beat up to be new. But I've never heard of it before," Nicole told her with a confused look on her face. "Come on, lets find Vixen. Maybe she has heard of this."

"K," said Katlin following Nicole back over to the computers where Brenna and Jenny were having no luck finding anything to read.

"Brenna," Nicole said quietly so she wouldn't disturb the peace in the room when they drew close to the senior. "Have you ever seen this book?" She handed the torn up piece of literature to her friend, who examined it carefully. Jenny came over to see what the others were looking at. Peering over Brenna's shoulder as the girl turned the book to see the back Jenny noticed one of the only two legible words.

"Tortall? Isn't that the country where those books you guys read take place."

"Yeah, and this guy here," explained Katlin pointing at Jonathan's name, "is the king."

"I've never seen this before," Brenna said with a confused look on her face. "Never heard of it either."

"Why don't we take a longer break from studying and go read some of it? We'll take turn reading out loud on the patio," Jenny suggested. She would do anything for a break, math was not her strong point, and it wasn't Brenna's or Nicole's either.

"I'm with the Smiget," Katlin said happily, glad that her friends were considering doing something interesting, instead of returning to the world of Cakalacus (inside joke) and other such maths.

"Sounds good too me," Brenna said enthusiastically.

"Well I don't know...," Nicole started, always nervous that the minute her grades slipped the college she was planning to go to in the fall would take away her admission.

"Oh, come on. You won't fail," Brenna told her, grabbing her arm and leading everyone back downstairs and onto the patio. Once they were all seated around a table, with Brenna holding the book. They had decided that she could read it aloud first.

"Ready?," Brenna asked the other three. They nodded and Brenna opened the book. A swirl of color leapt from the pages in a form of a cyclone and within moments, the four girls were gone, the book disappeared and their belongings left all over the table.


"Are yous a'right?," chimed a young voice in their ears.

Nicole and Brenna opened their eyes ever so slightly. "Thom?," they both said at the same time when the saw a read-headed, purple-eyed boy standing over them.

"Lady Nira, Lady Brya, you know who I am. Its me Everic," The boy said with a look of worry on his face as the two girls closed their eyes in exhaustion once more.


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