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Earth - 1 month later

Jenny sat on the steps of an apartment building. Behind her, she could hear the voices of her three roommates and their two friends. She sighed as she remembered very little of the past month. Amy and Libby had told them that they had gone to the high school about a week after they had disappeared again, only to find Jenny, Brenna, Amanda, and Melissa, unconscious on the pavement.

The two women had brought them to the apartment Brenna and Libby shared. While their first instinct was the hospital, there would have been too many unwanted questions. For two weeks, the four had remained in a very odd state. They would suddenly wake up, go to the bathroom, or eat the fruit and drink the water Libby and Amy left in the room, and then they would return to a sleep in which, nothing could wake them. At first in frightened their friends, but they began to become curious as to why.

Jenny sighed. Two weeks later they had finally woken up and recalled every moment of the horrible truth. They had died. After an explanation that left Libby and Amy slightly puzzled, Libby asked where Katlin and Nicole were.

"I suppose they stayed in Tortall," Jenny had told them. The others nodded and that was all of the talking they did that day. Life slowly returned to a steady flow. Jenny and Amanda moved in with Libby and Brenna. Melissa would stay the summer, as she had enrolled in a nearby college. Amy visited when ever her family allowed her to escape until she would have to go back to college at the end of the summer.

Jenny got a job working for the newspaper, while Brenna did what she had always wanted. She began work on opening her anime store. Amanda found a job that would have her traveling all over the globe, but she wouldn't say what. And Libby worked part time at a medical clinic turn earn the money and experience for med school.

So according to Jenny, everything was running really smoothly. She missed Damien, Dara, and Aurora desperately, even though she had never even met her daughter. And she missed Nicole and Katlin. But she knew why they chose to stay and she sent them her blessings.

"Jenny? What are you doing?" Melissa asked, coming out onto the steps. She sat down beside Jenny.


"About Tortall."

Jenny nodded.

"We all are." Melissa hugged her around the shoulder. "You know, Amanda's been awfully quiet about how she died. She won't tell anyone. Must have been something horribly embarrassing. Like she blew herself up."

"I did no such thing." Amanda said, coming out and sitting with them. "I-I accidently fed my life force into someone else in hopes to bring them back to life." She said, turning a bit pink.

"Who?" Jenny asked, curious. Who else had died that Amanda would do so. Tolin?"

Amanda shook her head and looked around. Coast was clear. "Don't tell her, I don't want her to be even more upset, but Tasuki's dead."

"And her daughter is an orphan?" Melissa asked, getting a nod from the other two.

"Well, that answers the question as to why Nicole stayed. She couldn't leave Duo to raise both her daughter and her niece." Jenny said. She looked up at the sky as if she could see into another world as her friends went silent. Suddenly, footsteps brought her out of her trance. She turned to see who had arrived.

"A-adam?" she breathed. Melissa and Amanda snicker and walked off leaving the two alone. "How did you find me?"

He stood at the bottom of the stairs, a small smile on his face. She leapt off them and into his arms. He was exactly what she needed at that moment. Someone who would love her forever. But as she lay there in his arms, not even waiting for an answer. She felt slightly guilty. "Adam… how could you love me? How could you take me back? I left you for him."

Adam just ran his hand along the back of her head. "I can love you because you're an amazing person. And I can take you back because I love you." He kissed her lips. "I know it might be too soon, but…" He got down on one knee. "Jenny will you marry me?"

She blinked back several tears that had made it to her eyes. She placed her hands over her mouth, unsure how to respond.

"If you don't say yes, I will personally kill you."

"I second that motion."

"I third it."

"All in favor say 'yay'"


Jenny and Adam looked back to the stoop where Brenna stood with Amanda, Amy, Libby, and Melissa, all who had their arms crossed over their chests, grins on their faces. Jenny turned back to him.

"I'm gonna say yes. But not for their sakes. For my own. I love you, Adam." Their faces lit with grins and he pulled her into his arms, kissing her deeply.

"WOOT! Jenny's getting re-married!" Brenna said grinning. She and the other's leapt off the step to congratulate the couple.

A week later

"So he died?" Melissa sat with Amanda in her room in the apartment, her legs crossed Indian style on the bed. Amanda nodded. "How?"

"He found out that Brenna was killed and he charged off to get revenge in the Carthaki camp."

"And they killed him?"

"Yeah, but not before he killed every last one of them. I mean, I really tried with all my heart to save him."

"To save who?" A third voice entered their conversation. Brenna was leaning against Amanda's door frame.

"N-no one," both girls said quickly.


Amanda shook her head. "As far as I know, Tolin's fine."

"Then to save who?" Brenna said again. Amanda looked down at her feet, from her seat in the center of the bed.

"Amanda! Tell me." Brenna's voice quivered. She had a strange feeling she wouldn't like the answer she got, but she had to know.

"Brenna, Tasuki's dead."

"WHAT!" Brenna screamed, causing Jenny, Libby, and Amy, who were in the kitchen discussing wedding arrangements to come running in. "No. No, no no no no. Please… Amanda, tell me you're kidding. Tell me."

"I wish I could. I really do. Brenna, I died trying to bring him back to life. Brenna, I tried. I followed him. But I was too late." Amanda might as well have been talking to the air. Brenna was staring off into space, tears rolling down her cheeks. She slumped against the wall, sobbing gently. Jenny and Libby knelt beside her, trying to soothe her tears, but not really knowing what to say. Amy, Amanda, and Melissa, looked on silently.

Two months later



"Come on, you're bored."


"But they're really cute! Come on, Bren, let's dance with the ushers."

"You can go ahead." Brenna told Libby. She refused to dance with anyone at Jenny's wedding. She had scarcely left the house since Amanda had told her about Tasuki. And she hadn't smiled in two months. Libby sighed. It was a hopeless cause. She shook her head and drifted off to flirt with the best man.

"Mind if I join you?" Jenny asked her, sitting down beside Brenna, without waiting for an answer. She probably would only have gotten a nod or a shake of her head anyway, since Brenna wasn't very verbal anymore.

"It's killing you, again. You know that?"

Brenna just looked at her, tears threatening in her eyes.

"He loved you, but he wouldn't have wanted you to go on like this. He avenged your death."

"But he faced that danger because he didn't care if he died. We always said that death would be ok, if the two of us went to the realms of the dead together. But we didn't. He got eternity there, and I got to come back here. Where's the justice?"

Jenny shook her head. "He still wouldn't want you to be this sad." Jenny flung her arms around Brenna shoulders and hugged her, drifting off towards her husband.

"And how would she know that he wouldn't. It's not fair that I should be here. And I'm sad yeah. But I'm mad too. I mean, he knowingly orphaned our daughter." Brenna mumbled to herself, her arms folded over her chest as she stared at the ground. A young man's shoes came into her sight.

"I'm sure he didn't knowingly do so. He probably wasn't thinking."

Brenna scowled. "Well, you've got some nerve, coming over here and breaking into other people's conver-"

He stepped closer, clutched her chin in his hand and raised her face until she was looking into his eyes. Then he pressed his warm lips against hers, tasting the salt of her constant tears that were left lingering on them. Stunned, she pushed him away.

"Why you little perve…" Her voice trailed off, as she left her sentence dangling in mid air. She grappled for words.

"Speechless?" He asked her, as he wiped the tear from her eye. Brenna threw her arms around him, clinging to him, as if he were an apparition that might disappear at any moment.

"T-t-tasuki. I-I don't believe it. I don't." She sobbed into his clothing, none of it tortallan. He was dressed like someone born and raised on earth, but she had no doubt he was her love.

He stroked her head slowly. "Believe it sweets. Believe it. Because I'm here. And I promise to never leave you again."

"I know. I know." She replied, tears in both of their eyes now. She smiled up at him and pressed his lips against his, closing her eyes, and collapsing into his embrace.

Tortall- 16 months after the funeral (2 months, earth time)

"YOU WANT US TO DO WHAT?" Nicole screamed, drawing her blade until the point rested against his throat.

"AND WHAT IN THE WORLD MADE YOU THINK WE'D AGREE?" Katlin joined her, aiming her crossbow at his masculine parts.


Katlin lowered her crossbow and sighed. "Yes. Tangora wronged us deeply." Nicole nodded and clutched the locket she had made from pictures she had in her wallet when she had gone back to earth. She looked at Katlin.


Katlin opened her mouth to respond.

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