Miss Discovery!

By: Chibi-Suiko


Ash: 15

Misty: 16

Brock: 19

Imuru: 17

Evette/Jasmine: 20

Mr. Gerou: 31

Rein: 16


A/N: I've decided to post this after a week, just like I used to before my move, before I lose the chance again when my mom gets home from the hospital and tells me to unhook the computer and get it out of my room. I hope that you all enjoy.


Last time on Miss Discovery!: Ash and Imuru, though occupied biting off each others heads, teamed up and initiated their plan to save Misty. It's worked for the most part but Imuru has been left behind on his own to face his ex-agent while Ash and Misty escape. Now at a deadlock, Imuru and Gerou are about to throw everything they have into their ensuing battle while Rein sits unaware just beyond the walls. What will her reaction be when she finds out that her ex, who she's still in 'love' with, is in such life-threatening danger? And how does it all turn out?


Epilogue: Finale


They were just reaching the second floor when they heard the echoes of three gun shots and a yell into the darkness. It was like stone had set in their heels and left them unable to go any further. Both thought it had been Imuru who had yelled. The gun had to have been Gerou's... There was no other way around it other than...

"No... No, he's not dead... He's not dead, Ash; right?" Ash, however happy he was that Misty was safe, didn't know what to say for once. But he knew that it was up to him to raise her very thin, and thinning still, hopes.

"I-I'm sure that he's--He's gotta... He's fine Misty. But we can't go back up there yet... We need help before we waltz back in there. Because, without it, we're more than dead." Ash took her hand again and led her as best he could out the door.

Had he been told four hours earlier that he would be losing his host, rival, and possibly newest friend at the hands of Misty's kidnapper, he would probably have laughed it off as nothing. But now, however much he attempted to doubt, to believe that he was wrong about what had hit who in that room upstairs, he found himself more pressed than Misty was... To return to the past and change what had taken place.


Imuru and Gerou were at a leverage, a stalemate. Gerou's eyes were popping and he kept staring almost dumbly out of the door through which Ash and Misty had just disappeared. Imuru was holding the pokeball Ash had given him in his hand and waiting for his ex-agent to make a move.

When Gerou made a move to pull out his 25 caliber pistol, Imuru shouted, "Pidgeot, now!" There was a mess of wind as, with a swoop, the giant bird made an entrance through the same way he had before.

His claws extended, he swiped at Gerou and pecked at him with his beak. The man screamed and flailed out but it seemed useless as the bird just moved to another unguarded part of his body. Finally, Gerou grasped a pokeball in his hand and threw it, producing his Sandslash.

"Use Slash attack; now!" He commanded and the small ground-type took aim and lashed out, grazing Pidgeot's neck and making him screech. The bird reared back and then struck again with his Wing Attack but its opponent veered to the right and evaded it.

"Pidgeot, use Sand Attack, then Fly!" Imuru called out and his partner chirped a reply then went with it. Flapping its wings and rising into the air, the two prospectors watched as the grounded mouse-like creature blindly attempted to protect itself.

When Pidgeot turned diagonal and dived like an arrow, Sandslash was unaware and received the blunt of the attack. The only problem, as was seen ten seconds later as the dust cleared, was that the assault was barely effective when trying to crack through such a superb defense.

The Sand Attack had worn off and so the battle ensued further. Neither Imuru nor Gerou had made a move save for their shouting to their Pokemon. It was as though they'd made a silent agreement not to take the battle fist-to-fist.

That was, until Gerou decided to become even more dirty and reached for his first choice weapon, holding it carefully so that the newly visible sun outside wouldn't produce a glare while he attempted to wound the boy good enough to take him captive. As soon as he was finished here, he would reobtain the Waterflower girl and hurry to catch his ride and hand the children over to his boss. It was a simple plan of instruction, like boiling noodles.

He fingered the gun and watched to make sure that Imuru hadn't caught sight of his movements. When he saw his Pokemon take a fall, he shouted out to it to ensure to the rest that he was still paying attention, somewhat, though he was busy making preparations for the final rally.

His other gun, the tranquilizer, was in his right hand, securely held so that it wouldn't disappear. After all, the liquid drug was illegal and highly dangerous when used improperly. He was sure to be fined for holding it in his position, not that he planned on telling the authorities. And those children wouldn't have known any better anyway so he was pretty much in the clear...

...That was, if he were made victorious.

He cocked the gun and held it up; Imuru was none the wiser as he was still commanding his Pidgeot to sway this way and that, and to defend itself. It would have seemed that the manager had the upper hand, or so he thought, as he aimed the small weapon at the boy and placed his hand securely overtop it so that the recoil would be lightened. His hand over the trigger, he readied to pull when--

"Pidgeot, watch out!" Imuru's voice called as the couple of Pokemon, in a huddle of entangled bodies, impacted with the ex-agent and sent him to the ground. He held out his hand to stop his fall, as was instinct, but had to let go of one of the guns. It was the tranquilizer. The other shot a round across the floor, not making contact with anything but still making it apparent that he had been hoping to.

Imuru's head shot up at the sound and his face darkened as he watched the man try to reach his feet again, still semi-tangled in the Poke-mess. His eyes then met with the sedative-filled revolver on the floor and he dropped and rolled for it while Gerou scrambled towards the same destination.

"N-No--!" Gerou grunted as his handle on the weapon was removed and replaced with Imuru's. The young actor pulled away from the fray and grasped the firearm in his hand, apprehensive about how he was supposed to use it. By this time, Gerou had gotten to his feet.

"Don't move, Gerou! I-I'll shoot if you do!" Imuru shakingly held the weapon in question at arms length and stood as still as possible. Watching the teenager tremble with the handheld artillery, Gerou couldn't help but feel superior, making himself break out into chilling laughter.

He lifted his own gun up and held it forward. Needlessly said, his own arm wasn't trembling one bit, "Please, boy. You know very well that you're too afraid to take me out. I, on the other hand, have the ability to injure or assassinate without fear. Just hand me the tranquilizer, Imuru. You might just end up hurting yourself if you shake too much while holding the trigger. Turn it over to me and give up; it's not worth killing yourself over." He took a step forward but was slightly shocked when Imuru held his arms in a more stiff and resolute sense.

"To the contrary, Gerou. I can take care of myself just fine. And I'm more than willing to risk myself for my friends. If you threaten them..." He broke off and bit his lip, "You can count on the fact that I'll defend them with all that I'm worth." He continued to straighten himself to his full height and took a step forward, "Now step out the door and head downstairs. Authorities are all ready on their way."

"Heh..." Gerou had finally had enough. He stood still and aimed his gun, ready for full impact, "Think again brat. You're no longer worth talking to." The gun shot another single round and soared towards Imuru. He fired back, sending the small butterfly injection into Gerou's arm before he had time to dodge.

It took almost a whole minute and a half before Imuru noticed that he'd been hit. He fell to the floor as he watched the blood seep through his leg more profusely than before when he'd been back at the house. He gurgled as he felt something rich and murky dribble from his lower lip. His sight was blurring as he watched the still conscious manager reach his feet again and attempt to take another shot.

"Imuru! (Imuru!) (Imuru!) (Imuru!)" The echo of a female voice rang out like the rogue calling of Death. The next thing he knew, there was a thud like that of a large body hitting the ground and he, too, felt the beginnings of unconsciousness overtake him.

"Rein..." Was the last word and thought he had the chance to make.


"You guys! You all made it out okay?" Brock asked as he helped Ash grasp Misty's hand. Rein ran up to them as well, looking them over for any evident injuries. It was then, after seeing that they were both well, that her ex wasn't with them.

"Wh-where's Imuru? Please tell me that he's coming out right now!" Rein grabbed onto Ash's tee-shirt in panic and frustration, "Tell me that he's okay and that he's just bringing up the rear or something!" She shouted, turning her gaze on the dark entrance. It seemed even more eerie now after the danger had passed.

Ash and Misty knelt their heads before the red-head turned and began talking to her 'twin' for the very first time, "I-I'm sorry but... He insisted that we escape and he stay behind. He's... Fighting Gerou right now... Or, he was..." Misty said.

Rein growled. This was just too much; WAY too much. She had to take action if no one else was willing, "Brock, you contact Jasmine and tell her we're at the old Victorian Manor on Cherry Rose hill. Be discrete; get the point across that we need help, both for safety and paramedics." She tossed the controller from before into his arms and stepped towards the door, "Now, which floor?" When Ash and Misty both held up five fingers, she scoffed and pulled out a Pokeball, "Too much travel for the small amount of time we have. I'm taking the window route; I'll be seeing you all later." She nodded curtly, opened her catching contraption, letting loose her Pidgeot, and jumped onto it, soaring into the air, "Oh! AND IT WAS NICE MEETING YOU!" She called back to Misty, who couldn't help but blush in embarrassment and chuckle.

"Likewise!" She shouted back, "...Do you really think he's okay Ash..?" She asked fearfully, turning to her raven-haired friend.

"I... I'm not sure. Let's hope so because I don't think that Rein could live with herself knowing that everyone just stood by and watched him get killed..."

"Is there something you two haven't told me?" Brock asked, quirking an eyebrow and frowning at their obviously uncomfortable and secretive tones.

"It's just... When we were leaving, we heard gunshots. Three of them... And we're betting, though praying otherwise, that at least one was aimed at Imuru. There's no telling what condition he's in right now." Ash said, looking back towards the fifth floor window through which Rein had just vanished in.

He looked back up to see Brock looking fearful and yet, serious like the responsible adult, before he turned and lifted the small communicator to his lips and stated, "I think I'm just going to call for that authorative back-up now..." And he walked away, looking dejected for once about having to talk to a girl. Then it hit Ash that Brock was probably less than willing to be in a relationship with a girl who he knew nothing about, let alone one who played him for a fool.

He turned back to Misty and gave her a look that clearly stated 'Oh, no...' when he saw tears beginning to trickle from her glowing blue-green eyes, "Misty... What's wrong? Everything's going to be fine, I promise you. After all, everything's gone right so far. I mean, we've gotten you back, Brock's possibly gotten a new, long-term love interest, and we're all positively healthy--"

"--Accept for the possibility of Imuru! Ash, don't you get it?! It's got nothing to do with my liking him, or your not liking him, or anyone's feelings for anybody else! This is about the fact that we just left a fully unprepared, non-violent teenager up there with a crazy, lunatic, armed man! Think of the odds! Imuru isn't likely to defend himself using aggressiveness, but we've all learned first-hand exactly what Gerou is capable of!" Both their faces paled at the thought of what could be awaiting the rescue team upstairs, "We could have done better leaving him standing straight in front of a bulls eye with a horde of Beedrill surrounding him, for all of the good it would do! We've pretty much secured his death!"

"But... But... Misty, we both know that he can take care of himself. He wouldn't have taken the blunt and let us go alone if he knew that he couldn't..."

"Or maybe he was hoping that he could trade our lives for his own! Ash, he's not the type to leap before looking, like you are! He probably thought everything through and knew exactly how dangerous it was going to be, alongside the fact that he could probably tell that... He might not make it against that-that... Well, you know..." Her hands were balled into trembling fists as she shook with realization.

"Myst..." The name calmed her down somewhat and Ash sighed in relief as he found himself brave enough to take her hands into his own and hold them there until she stopped her involuntary shaking, "Please, Misty... Imuru's smart enough to know that he was risking himself for you. He knew that it would be dangerous, of course! We all did. And do you see everyone here, besides him and Rein, safe and sound? They not ten, like we sometimes act, they're fully mature and capable of fending for themselves, obviously. What's to doubt that they won't come out of their, alive and well?" By the look in her eyes, he guessed that she did doubt it, "Well... At least alive."

"Please be right, Ash... After all, they've done everything in their power to prevent this all from happening..."

"Right; now let's get you some rest. The last thing you need is to break out because of stress." Ash smiled and led her to a tree not far away, making her a comfy cushion on his shoulder, "Just nap here until we get you back to the Manor. If anything happens between now and then, I'll be sure to let you know."

Misty nodded and found herself falling asleep almost instantly.

Soon after, Ash heard sirens and amplified voices in the distance.


God, if he was dead, he had no idea why it still felt like knives were searing through every part of his body while fire burned the tips of his fingers, toes, head, and every other edge of him. He felt like a piece of shattered glass that was being picked up and dumped into the trashcan, slowly, piece by piece. His stiff joints felt like they were rubber bands, pulled to their extreme length and unable to go any further.

"...Sir? Mister... Imuru Kimara?" A wheezy tone stated, while someone shook his arm lightly, making him squirm, "Sir, it's time to wake up and find out exactly what happened to you. And you have a visitor."

A visitor? How long had he been out? What was going on? Why did he feel like he had been walking on Death's road for longer than he should have?

Using his dry throat, licking his lips, he said, "How... Long..?"

"Only about six hours. It's about two in the morning. A young lady escorted you here about eight o'clock last night after finding you in a dreadful situation in an abandoned 1800's home up in the Dales. Your hamstrings in your right leg have suffered extreme damage and you've lost quite a bit of blood. It's a miracle how well you're likely to heal. There's no guarantee but the medication seems to be working wonders for you all ready. It's just extremely lucky that your lady friend found you so fast. Nevertheless, you can leave in two days if you keep up well enough."

"Can I... See her?" Imuru asked, not really aware of what was going on. His brain felt like it was made of lead and his vision swam slightly. He felt like he was on clouds six through nine all together.

"Well, of course. Now, where did she go..?" He muttered to himself as he left the room. Imuru waited there, half conscious, half deliriously sleeping. When he heard the squeak of his door opening again, he could barely open his eyes. He tried to move to catch sight of the red-head but her voice and musings made him stop.

"No. No, don't Imuru. It's better that you stay quiet and slow down. Don't risk worsening your condition." Rein's voice sounded slightly edgy, as though worried he'd hit a relapse of some sort. He couldn't help but force his tired muscles into a small smile at the girl's apparent worry over him.

"Everyone is... all right?" He gasped in a sudden spout of pain but it was over in little more than two seconds.

"Of course, thanks to you... Idiot." Rein grinned before leaning over him, placing her forehead on his shoulder, since he was laying on his side, "You don't even have a clue as to how worried I was... Especially when I found you laying like that... Covered in blood... And Gerou..." At this, Imuru made a possibly involuntary impulse and grasped her hand, looking into his eyes.

"Where... Is he?" He asked, making sure that they were staring into each other's eyes when she answered.

"Prison. It was obvious that you were making your moves in self-defense while his motives were more offensive so the authorities didn't even request questioning from you. Not that they could while you were in that situation anyway. But, it's okay because... Well, let's just say that he won't be expected out of jail until you're growing hair out of your ears. And that's only if he's approved for parole." She grinned at him and, as he began to remove his hand from hers, she strengthened her grip to hold him there.

"Then... Everyone is... Okay?" He asked, accepting her hand and resting his cheek against it.

"Besides a few scrapes and bruises, and some possibly light damage from whatever went on up on the roof of our manor, yea; Misty, Ash, and the rest of us made it out okay. Misty was real exhausted from everything though. She's asleep back at the estate now. They've decided to stay for a few more days, especially since they have to be a part of Gerou's conviction in court, play as witnesses. Not that there's doubt in anyone's mind that he'll be prosecuted."

"What about... Gerou's partner in... Crime? Did the cops... Ever... Catch him?" Imuru gasped out, huddling into a small ball on his bed. Rein's eyes flashed but she held in anything she might have been feeling.

"Well... No. They couldn't trace him without equipment, of course. But they've retrieved Gerou's cell phone from the building and have it in their possession. They plan to use it and whenever his partner makes his chance to call, they'll go after him then. Either way, everything's finally over." She sighed almost blissfully before getting up and removing her hand from his grasp, "...Well, you do need your sleep and I have to be getting along. We're still supposed to stay on schedule and there's plenty to do before we get to Willowburg." She finished, and began walking out the door and into the hallway before--

"Wai... Wait." Imuru stated and, upon being called back, Rein walked over to him and looked imploringly into his eyes, "I... I just wanted to say thanks and that... I'm sorry about... Everything. I know that... I owe you so much because... You tried to warn me about what he was... Doing before... But I didn't... Listen to you. And, for that... I can only say... That I hope you... Forgive me. And... Thank you. If it... Weren't for you, I'd... I'd be in... Much worse shape." His sight dropped to the fluffy white outing of his pillow.

"Um... Yea, of course. I-I'll always be there to support you Imuru, even if from the shadows. Uh, I... You're welcome. I-I have to be going now. After all, if you want to see Misty and the others off, you'll have to regain a lot of your strength, and you can't do that if you're busy conversing with me--"

"...Please, Rein... Forgive me... I know I hurt you... But..." He felt silly crying like he knew that he was. He just felt like he'd lied to himself so badly because of all that he'd done wrong, all the conviction he had used to push the girl away. And, after all of that, she still refused to let go, still refused to move on and away from him, "Imagine my surprise... That my last thoughts... Would have been of you... And no one else..?"

They were both crying now, they knew. But, somehow, it seemed to make them feel so much better. It was like clearing up the gray sky that had remained after a raging storm for the sun to reawaken.


It was early dawn and Ash sat thinking about the settling of dispute between him and Imuru. So what if they both liked the same girl? So what if she'd decided that Ash, with his cocky attitude and childish measurements, was not worth her time? So what if she'd fallen completely for the other guy, with his pretty-boy looks and gentlemanly ways?

They'd both settled for whatever Misty decided but Ash could only hope, though his ray of sunshine was thinning, that she'd choose him. But what teenage girl wouldn't go for the high life or the handsome men, riches, gold, and popularity that came along with it?

Basically, he wanted closure.

After all that had happened though: Gerou's unmasking as a con-man and his holding Misty hostage, the fact that Imuru had never intended to set anyone up but had taken such an interest in his friend that he'd joined with Ash to play the hero, the fact that Rein had been acting as a snoop through the whole stay in town because she was suspicious of the man that claimed to care for Imuru very much... The entire thing seemed so much in Imuru's favor. And it was all overwhelming. It took all of his will just to keep everything in check.

... And though he still had doubts (But very few) about Imuru's general interest in Misty staying with him, Ash couldn't help but admit that if they were to get together, then they'd most likely be very happy. And he wanted only that for her.

He was going to head back inside, to think where there was more light, not to mention air conditioning, but Misty came clambering out just in time to hold him back. She yawned and stretched, not being able to do much the night before after falling asleep against that tree stump... And Ash's shoulder.

He didn't speak, didn't move, didn't give her decent regard or eye contact... It was almost as if she weren't even there.

And to think, I never thought that I'd be this nervous talking to a girl! He seethed mentally.

She didn't seem to have much to say either, just pushed him lightly into his seat and sat next to him. She looked unsure how to tell him the truth, like she knew something but didn't know if it was appropriate for conversation. He didn't want to leave her hanging on rusty hinges so he thought up something on his own.

Let's see... 'Waterflower, stay here if you like! It's not as though I care or anything!' Yeah, that'll go over well after all that's happened. 'Hey Mist, guess you know now, I love you so I'm forbidding your stay here!' Well-If my motive was for her to think of me as a desperate moron then I've got everything under control... Ugghhh--Why is everything so much harder when you think of a girl in a different way than before?! This is just like in the movies! 'Well, today's the day to leave, right? Do you have any idea where we'll be heading next?' Yeah, that should be a subtle enough way of asking her if she's going or not--!

" So--Uh--Misty... Today's the day to leave, right? Do you have any idea where we'll be heading next?" He asked her out loud and, thinking about it, it seemed a lot stupider now. Of course she wouldn't want to go--

" No, I thought you and Brock would've figured that out all ready. But, as soon as you've got it all figured out, I'm ready." She smiled at him.

" But--Does that mean--?!"

" Ash, if you thought I'd let you go about without Your Misty tagging behind, whining continuously about things like her bike or where the next town is, you must be mistaken... But, I guess that if you want me to stay..." Misty looked up at him.

" --NO--! I-I mean-uh-It's up to you..." He murmured, shrugging his shoulders.

" Yeah... I guess that it is, isn't it..?" And she smuggled some laughter at the horrifying look on his face. He was obivously against the whole idea anyhow. Unsure, now, of what to say, she began with, "Anyway, thanks..."

" For what..?"

" After all you've done for me Ash... I don't know why it took me so long to realize it. I just... I thought that we'd gone over this before? My decision hasn't changed. I still want to keep going with you. I could never stand to be in one place for a long time, anyways. It would drive me crazy. That's my choice, okay? Isn't that good enough for you? Besides, I couldn't think of you any better than I do now. Maybe you're not so much a dunce as I thought, eh?" She smirked.

"Yeah, well, Tomboy... I guess that it's about time you realized exactly what this future Pokemon Master is capable of. I mean, it's obvious that last night's situation was too much for the hard-headed Queen of Mean to get out of herself..." Ash shrugged and winced as he felt a hand closing in on him, "But-But, I mean, you, sure! We all know that Misty can defend herself--! Heh, heh..."

" Yeah, well, keep it that way. Anyway, like I said, thanks..." There seemed to be no more to be said. She looked down over the edge of the bedroom balcony, waiting for him to say something.

He guessed that he should. She was coming with him, going to continue walking every week, and cheering herself hoarse for him... But that didn't mean that pit-stops weren't going to be made so that she could contact her-eh herm!-boyfriend. He might as well let her know how he felt about the whole matter.

" Ok, Misty. Let's get straight down to it... I know how you feel about Imuru. You know how I feel about you. I'm letting you know that just cause I like you--in that way--doesn't mean that you should feel badly about dating other guys."

" I agree."

" I mean, cause you, as a girl, should be free to date whomever you want so if it's Imuru then it's Imuru. If it's Rudy then it's Rudy."

" I agree."

" And perhaps, even though I don't normally drop to these standards, I'll learn something from them and then, when it's my turn, I'll finally do something right."

" I agree."

" And if you really want to stop back here so that you can visit your boyfriend then there's no way I can stop you. And if you intend to travel with me then please stop when we get to town so that you can call your man from there. Just so you know..."

" I agree..."

" And it'd be nice if you stopped saying you 'agree' constantly."

" ...But I don't think that it will be necessary."

" Huh? Aren't you going to say something besides that?" And he gave her a look that clearly stated that her comment wasn't very informative.

" Well, sure. Why not?" And she leaned down to kiss him on the cheek.

" Uh--What the heck was that for?!"

" I figure that we've got just enough time for a stroll up the Safari lookout before we leave for the hospital to visit Imuru with Rein and Jasmine." She smiled.

" But wouldn't that be considered a--?"

" --Wow, you catch on quick. What's the matter, am I not allowed? And after all of that maturity-promising talk about dating what guy I want, too..."

" Uh--No, no--! I'm not complaining but... Misty, what happened to the good life? I'd thought that you'd want to be with Imuru since he's rich and famous and treats you 'right' and all that?"

" Ash, have you ever known me for wanting a life filled with money and riches and a one home placement like that? Admit it, I'd never want to just check in... Besides, I've gotten so used to you and Brock, I don't think that I could ever give you two up."

" Uh--Yeah, I suppose..."

" Anyway..." She bent down to his face, "Are you coming or not?"

She kneeled over completely and set another quick kiss to his cheek before standing straight and heading out. Smiling Ash looked after her, placing a hand to his cheek, then stood up himself and ran after her, bumping into many things along the way.


"Well, um, I guess that this is goodbye." Imuru and Rein stood, almost confronted, in front of Ash, Misty, and Brock, "Thanks for all of your help and everything. And for staying to listen to the verdict. I suppose that it was worth it, to know that we're home free." Imuru grinned embarrassedly, his hand gripping the back of his neck.

Rein stood forward and held her hand out to Ash, who shook it appreciatively. There was an exchange of friendly smiles before they turned back to the others and listened to them converse. Friendly terms had been established ever since everything had been sorted out and, since the next couple of minutes were reserved for their salutations, they were mingling a bit in their new positive relationships.

"We really do owe a lot to you, you know?" Imuru stated as he limped lightly over to Ash and took his hand. Both had chilled out upon the return of everyone's health and the compromise of Ash and Misty's get together.

"Likewise, I'm sure. I mean, I never would have come to realize anything if it weren't for your trying to--" He was broken off when Imuru whipped his stiff hand away and forced him to look into his eyes, "Um... Yeeeaaaaah?"

"Swear to me..." He began, "Swear to me that you'll never treat her wrong. Because if I get word that she's not happy, no matter where you are, you can count on me finding and repaying you for your lack of consideration. So I must personally insist that you hang onto her and make sure that she enjoys herself."

"You can count on it. I'd never be able to live with myself for too long if I upset her." They grinned at one another again as conversation turned over to Misty and Rein, who were finally making decent discussion after the entire ordeal. Needless to say, it was more of a staring and stammering contest than anything else.

"So, you come from a well-known family?" Rein asked, "And you're a Pokemon trainer with somewhat of a reputation? What types do you train? And how many siblings?" It was a very last minute inquiry but it was being held in the 'have to know' basis.

"I come from the Waterflower gym leader family of Cerulean, I have a definite reputation going for me (and not a SOMEWHAT well known one...), I center on Water types, and I have three older sisters. You?" Misty asked, just as curious.

"I come from a place on the edge of Goldenrod, I'm well-known, of course, though not many know that I like to train Pokemon because, though we center our works on them, there's nothing in the credits ever saying that they belong to us. I like to train psychic and/or mysteriously regal types and I have no other siblings."

"Do you wanna trade lives for awhile?" Misty asked with a light smile, looking almost hopeful at the prospect of having no annoyingly fashionable sisters to look forward to and obviously hoping for a certain answer from her new friend.

"I don't think so. But if I ever get bored of it, I'll give you a call."

"I really hope that you do. It would be nice to talk to another girl sometimes while on the road, considering what I have to work with." They shared a laugh and then, as the town clock struck noon, groaned, noticing that the trio had to move on and continue traveling onward.

"C'mon Myst, we can't keep the Pokemon League waiting any longer! After all, where would the Elite trainers be without their highest contender there to show them out of the stadium! Let's hit the road!" Ash yelled, his 'I'm the best and no one can tell me otherwise' attitude jumping back into action, though the whole group should have known that it wouldn't have been out for long.

"Yeah, yeah... Let's hurry up. I just got used to sleeping in a bed again and if we don't get a move on, I might never be able to let it go." Misty stared yearningly at the manor.

"Ain't gonna happen, Myst. You're stuck traveling with me until I pay you back for that bike of yours, remember?" It was after that stupid, STUPID comment that Misty made her move.

Taking the incentive, she took his hand, pulled him forward, and kissed him full on the lips which was, if nothing else, NOT her style. Ash didn't seem to mind, though, as he leaned into it and ignored everyone around them so that they were completely lost in the moment. The others turned their heads to give them the best of the privacy they deserved.

Then Misty knelt her head away from his lips, smiled, and stood back, staring into Ash's dazed expression, "We're even."

"A... Are you sure? I-I mean, I think that only paid for about an eigth of the original price tag. Maybe we should have another, just so we get a bit closer to the final--" He was interrupted with Misty placing her fingers over his lips and holding them shut.

"Don't get ahead of yourself, Ashy Boy."

"Ahhh... Are you sure?" He asked, his arms folded and his eyes closed. Brock seemed to have ignored the entire... Er... 'conversation' and was currently overlooking a piece of paper in his hands.

It seemed to be a letter of some sort, doodled all over with curly feminine handwriting. There was a phone number, an email, and an address among the name Jasmine Daniels. Brock seemed totally transfixed and didn't notice the others telling him that it was time to go until Ash came over and grabbed the page from his hand.

"You go Brocko! Looks like things are working out pretty well for you overall!" Ash quirked an eyebrow and grinned at the sight of the small hearts that played a border. Brock blushed and nodded, "So, what is going on with you two?"

"Well, nothing but a long distance relationship for right now. We've promised to make it work and so I've gotten her information and she's gotten mine, and I hope to make it back in time for fall after the League Games and stay with her for awhile."

"So... You're still coming with us?"

"Of course; I couldn't leave you before you went on to the championships. That's why I decided we'd better get each others information now so that I can come back later. She can't leave with her job being what it is, so I decided that I'd tie up the relationship." Brock sighed, then smirked, "Besides, like you said, I've been trying to set the two of you up forever; I can't very well leave you now, just when things seem to be getting so good." He patted Ash on the back, who had turned completely scarlet, and turned to shake the two actors hands, just as his younger companions had.

"Oh, yeah..." Imuru stated, and held up about ten crinkled one hundred dollar bills, "This is payment for your troubles. I know that I don't owe it to you..." He interrupted her before Misty could object, "...But, you know, just in case. I want you to have it, seeing as I have plenty." Their eyes lingered on one another as she turned away, stuffing the money into her wallet and waltzing back towards Ash and Brock who were all ready on their way.

"Great, Myst! Now you can treat your dearest boyfriend to lunch." Ash stated with a hungry grin.

"Please tell me, Ash, that I'm more important to you than your stomach..." Misty groaned as they went along their way.

"Well, sure... You know; on some accounts." The red-head bopped him on the head and stalked off. Ash followed after her, his pleas for forgiveness very loud and evident to those around him.

They hadn't noticed Brock, staggering behind them. They turned around and saw him still staring almost blankly and unbelievably at the piece of paper clutched in his hand.

"Um... You know, Brock... It's not really that fascinating."

"Maybe not to you, it isn't... But do you two know what this means?" He asked them. They both shook their heads, not entirely positive what answer he would expect from him, "This means... That Brock Slate, womanizing gym leader of Pewter City, finally has a girlfriend! Isn't life just wonderful?!" He seemed to have forgotten what the two of them had just gone through a few nights before.

Entirely on cloud nine, he rushed down the road, seemingly forgetting them behind.

"Brock--! Wait up!" Misty began, but he was way ahead of her.

"Hurry, guys! The sooner we get to Indigo Village, the sooner we reach a pay phone!" His shouts of things like 'woo who!' were becoming more distant as was the cloud of dust left in his wake.

"... The sooner he can have sex talk over the phone line with Jasmine..." Ash stated dumbly, hardly even aware of the words he was saying.

"Please, don't encourage him." Misty replied, and grabbed his hand, both jogging after Brock with grins plastered on their faces, happy about whatever would lay ahead of them.


Looking at another gray sky, the two actors turned their backs on the trio and headed inside, both knowing that another rainy day would be clearing up eventually.

Imuru had had a rough time through the entire recovery. Fortunately Rein helped him through it and they both continued working. He couldn't ever truly forget Misty or her friends, Ash and Brock, but he was willing to try and get over her. In turn, Rein become the important part of his life he'd lost when she'd left him behind that one and only time, and the two of them were never really separated again. In time, he grew to love her, much to her again, much to her delight, and the bond between them never wavered again.

Being as undoubtedly romantic, suspenseful, and adventurous as this entire story was, it was left unfinished because, though many might not think it, a script can never truly be perfected. So here we end it, leaving our heroes and our new friends and acquaintances and, yes, even enemies to discover their own futures rather than have them be written in context.

And now, we who believe and have placed faith in the roles of these characters, bid you farewell for wherever your imaginations may take you, and wherever your river of thought may run. And we thank you for paying attention to our story and following the many twists and turns of our trails through this experience with the following: Ash, Misty, Brock, Imuru, Rein, Jasmine, Gerou, and all of those in between.




The End


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