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Your Azure Eyes

Chapter 1: To See

"Okay, Love, turn your head this way. That's it…" The dark haired man spoke softly as he took the woman's chin gently in his hand and changed the angle at which she held her head. "Wonderful," he breathed. A smile came to his face as he took out a comb and began to brush the silky strands of raven hair in front of the woman's face. Once this task was completed, he stepped back, admiring her with a contented sigh.

            "Perfect," He praised, gazing over her perfect form. She stood in front of an ocean back round, modeling an expensive red bikini, which had been painstakingly made and fitted just for her.

            Kamiya Kaoru sighed slightly as the man; her photographer stepped back to his camera and began rapidly taking pictures. The two strings on each side of the two-piece irritated her skin terribly, and the top part was too small, causing her bust to bulge out the top. But as always, Kaoru held her tongue. It wasn't as if she'd ever have to wear the awful thing again. And besides, this was The Look.

            Kaoru knew well the ways of the world. Just as doctors must keep themselves up to date on the latest medical information, fashion models had to stay in touch with the all-powerful "Look." If you weren't 'in' then you were out. Of course… she also knew that her job was hardly comparable to that of a doctor's. People's lives were not at stake if she wore the wrong outfit… though sometimes she wondered if some of her fans wouldn't just keel over and die, they were so addicted.

            "Okay then, done!" Ramone called from behind the camera. Kaoru smiled at him as she brushed the strands of hair out of her face and placed them behind her ear. The photographer walked up to her, placing a loving (yet platonic) kiss on her cheek.

            "You're doing wonderful! These pictures are going into Vicky's summer magazine next month," He smiled even wider at her, "They paid you nearly double of what they did last year. Just show's how much your career has taken off!"

            "Yeah… It's like they strapped her to a rocket," A gruff voice came from the breakfast table.

            "Sano!" Kaoru let out a gleeful squeal and ran over to the table where the tall man with spiky, brown hair leaned. Sanosuke smiled as he pulled the toothpick out of his mouth.

            "So, Missy. How'd the shoot go?" He handed Kaoru a robe that had been on a hanger in the corner. The young woman smiled gratefully up at him as she tossed it on.

            "Fine, as usual…" She sighed, as though bored with the matter, "Let's go get some lunch. How about it?"

            "As long as it's on you," He ruffled her hair with one of his large hands, causing her to giggle. Kaoru asked him to wait while she got changed in her dressing room, and then trotted off.


            "Boy, if I've told you once, I've told you twice. Do not, under any circumstances, let anyone in here while you're developing those pictures unless you're positive they're done!" An angry voice could be heard from all the way outside of the little photo shop.

            "Yes Sir, sorry Sir," The boy answered, closing the door to the dark room with a slight bow. Once the door was closed, he cursed himself rather loudly, sinking into the short stool by the table. He gazed across the closet sized room, staring at himself in the mirror. His bright, red hair was barely distinguishable by the base light in the room, but the dark bags under his eyes were clearly noticeable. Himura Kenshin cursed himself yet again, turning away from the mirror.

            Three years of his life he had devoted to Merryman's Photo Shop, and all three years he had spent slaving over his boss's work in the dark room. But he continued to diligently wait for some sort of promotion, or his big break that had been promised to him after leaving college. It was ridiculous, if not rather sad.

            After placing the undeveloped pictures into the solution in the trays, Kenshin picked up a magazine that he had snatched from the waiting room. It was Teen People. Kenshin rolled his eyes, but turned on his book light and opened the magazine all the same.

            His eyes widened as they set sight on something that he had never even dreamed of before. Smack in the middle of the page sat the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen. Cheesy as that sounded, even in his own mind, it was still the truth.

            She had long, black hair that fell in front of her face in silky strands. Her eyes… Her eyes were the most alluring part about her. They were lively and vivid, with the brightest shade of blue he had ever seen. They seemed to capture his very soul, making it nearly impossible to breath, let alone move.

            Turning the page slowly, his wide eyes were met by more pictures. It was strange though… in every single one, the woman's face was hidden. Everything except her eyes was out of view.

            Kenshin tipped the stool back in thought. Hadn't he heard of a model like that? Yes, yes he had. It had been on the news about a week ago. A young model was taking the world by storm, but, mysteriously, she never showed her face. Her name was… he looked down at the article. "Kamiya Kaoru…" Kenshin breathed.

            "Kenshin!" The familiar voice raged outside the door, causing Kenshin to jump and almost fall off of the stool, "Are those pictures done yet? Let me see them!"

            Kenshin's mind came back to him, and he quickly shoved the magazine into a corner. "Sir! You said not to let anyone in until I was sure that they were done!" He called back.

            "Well are they?" The man asked, clearly annoyed.

            "I'm not sure!"

            Kenshin heard the man grunt angrily as he banged the door once more out of anger.  "Go home, Kenshin, and I don't want to see your sorry face here ever again!"

            Kenshin sighed and began to gather his things. It didn't take long, as he didn't have much. A few pictures he had taken recently, his diploma that was proudly tacked up in the shadowy corner were all tucked under his arm. Quickly, he dashed out of the dark room, and then out of that hellhole forever. The little bell above the door jangled cheerfully as he closed the door behind him.

            Turning quickly, ready to high tail it for home, Kenshin ran smack into something, or rather… someone.


            "Where should we go, Sano?" Kaoru asked as she finished pinning up the entirety of her hair on top of her head. The two then made their way for the studio door, Kaoru grabbing a hat and long coat from the rack.

            "I dunno," Sano shrugged, "Wherever you want to go, as long as there's lots of food."

            Kaoru giggled lightheartedly as she pulled a pair of sunglasses from the pocket of her black coat and put them on. "I know a good café by this little old fashioned photo shop. How about there?"

            Sano smiled and shrugged again, pulling a toothpick out of his pocket and placing it in his mouth. A thoughtful look came over his face as he gnawed on the splinter of wood.

            "You know, Missy, I was thinking," He began as they turned the corner. But he never finished, as a man smacked right into Kaoru. Sano was on guard instantly, ready to rip apart whatever crazed fan had some how recognized her. It didn't happen often… but when it did, Sano, bodyguard to Miss Kamiya Kaoru, was ready for it.

            Kaoru put out her hands to stop the full impact of the sidewalk from hitting her face. The landing was rough, and she braced herself for the weight of the other person to land on her, but it never came.


            Kenshin felt himself falling. Using his quick reflexes, he maneuvered so as not to land on top of the person whom he had run into, but rather next to them. His photos rained down after him, floating through the air before landing gently onto the sidewalk.

            As he lay there for a moment, collecting his thoughts, he became aware of a large shadow looming over him. Quickly, Kenshin sprang up, only to find himself face to… er, chest with a huge, unhappy looking man.

            "I, uh…hi." He stuttered. Turning around, he looked at the person he had run into. It was a woman. She sat up slowly, as if in a daze, casting a glance at him for only a second.

            "I'm really sorry, Miss," Kenshin began apologizing. He bent down, picking up a pair of sunglasses that he assumed to be the woman's. "Here you go," He handed them to her with a smile before holding out his hand to help her up.

            The woman took the offer, smiling now too. "That's alright," She said, placing the sunglasses in her pocket. She watched as Kenshin bent to pick up the mess of papers on the sidewalk. "Oh, let me help you with that," She said softly, bending down as well.

            Picking up the closest paper to her, Kaoru was about to hand it to the man, but stopped. It was a photo… one of an old woman sitting by a window in a library. She had the saddest, most lonely look on her face… Kaoru felt drawn to the picture somehow as she stared at it.

            Slowly, Kaoru reached to grab another one at the same time that Kenshin went for the last photo. Their hands met. Kenshin looked up at the woman with a faint blush on his cheeks. Kaoru stared for a moment, finally noticing the man's strange, red hair and his wide, purple eyes. He was quite handsome. She found that she could not will her hand to move from his.

            Kenshin could not shake the feeling that there was something familiar about this woman. He had seen her before… Those vivid blue eyes.

            And then it hit him.

            "Kamiya Kaoru…" He breathed for the second time that day. Only this time, those beautifully azure eyes where not in a magazine; they blinked at him in amazement.


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