Sodapop's POV

I woke up and knew immediately that something was wrong. I just knew in the back of my mind. I guess you could call it a big brother's intuition. My fear was confirmed when I looked on the side of the bed that Ponyboy slept on. He was tossing and turning, and then he screamed bloody murder.

"Pony, come on wake up. It's only a dream." I said as I tried to shake him awake. He only yelled that he couldn't be sick and nothing was wrong with him, and he wanted to get out of here and go home. What was he dreaming about? Just then, he sat up.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

I noticed how pale he looked, and he had circles under his eyes as if he had not slept in days.

"I'm ok, but I feel really sick." He answered.

"Is that what you were dreaming about? Being sick?"

"Yeah, I was in a hospital. The same one Johnny died in. The strange thing is I have not been feeling good lately. I've been really tired and lightheaded."

"Maybe you should just go back to sleep now."

He closed his eyes and was back to sleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. I threw my arm around him; pulling him close and hoping no more nightmares would come.

Ponyboy's POV

I heard the alarm clock go off. It was 7:00, so I got out of bed and got in the shower. Soda was already up and in the kitchen along with Steve, Darry, and Two-Bit. I came into the kitchen after my shower and ate some chocolate cake. Darry asked me about the nightmare I had the night before. I told him it was no big deal, and he shouldn't worry about me. I had only dreamed about being in a hospital and sick. That was all I could remember, but what had made me so scared that I screamed? Something really awful must have happened.


Later that day, I could hardly think straight at school. I felt like a Mustang full of Socs had run over me. I felt lightheaded and I ached all over. Plus, I had all these bruises everywhere. Where the heck did those come from? After school got out, I did not have track practice, so I started to walk home. Suddenly, when I was only about a block away from my house, the world went to spinning. Then, everything went black as I passed out.

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