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Pony's POV- about 2 years later...

I'm seventeen years old now, a senior in high school, so it has been a little over two years since I

was diagnosed with leukemia. I went to the hospital to get the last of my chemo yesterday. The

whole gang came with me. I was still sick afterwards, but it made me feel better to know that

would be the last time. I also had one last bone marrow aspiration and a spinal tap to make sure

everything was completely clear. Of course, I still have to go once a month for bloodwork, but

I'll take that over chemo. The essay I wrote for English came out great. I read it in front of the

class, and people who had teased or stared at me before suddenly seemed to understand better.

Some even apologized to me, and that included two of the socs who had teased me in the

cafeteria the first day I went back to school. They just hadn't realized what I went through.

Many of my classmates were surprised that I had found good things about having cancer. The

best thing was how much closer I am to my brothers and my friends. We can talk about anything

and get through anything together. I also realized how important it is to enjoy life no matter what

happens. You never know when things might change.

Darry's POV

We are all so happy that Pony is finally through with treatment. The past two years have been

full of sleepless nights and sickness for him. Even so, the doctors have said how remarkable it is

that he is still alive. They were serious when we were told that most kids don't survive this,

especially the ones that have the amount of cancer cells actually increase during treatment, like

Pony did. What's even rarer is how he went into remission when he hadn't had chemo in days.

It's like one minute, his blast count was sky high, then the next it was zero. The doctors said they

had never seen that happen. Well, Pony never was a typical teenager. He definitely is not a

typical leukemia patient either. Wait until he reaches the five year remission mark and is

proclaimed cured. That's still years from now, but I know he'll make it. My little brother beat

cancer for a reason, and he's already someone special. He'll grow up and live a healthy life, free

from cancer. Soda, Twobit, Steve, and I couldn't be more proud of him. I'm sure Dally and

Johnny and our parents are just as proud.

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