Title: "Unwell" Author: Cindy (Angelic Devil 7985) Disclaimer: I own nothing. This is all stemming off the brilliance of the WB!

Scene 1: Haley's Room

Haley slowly closed the door to her room. It was just him and her now, in her house alone. She turned to face Nathan. She walked over to her bed and sat down. She brought her hand up to his cheek.

"I just want to be with you Haley. To hold you, to know everything will be alright as long as I have you in my arms."

Haley's heart melted. In this moment, this instant he had her heart.

She looked deep into his eyes for a moment before smiling and crawling to the top of her bed. She unfolded the covers and beckoned him toward her.

Nathan's face lit up. He slipped off his jacket and his shoes and laid down on Haley's bed facing her.

Haley climbed into her bed and molded herself against him. Nathan pulled the covers up around them before wrapping his arms around Haley, enjoying the feel of her body against his. Nathan breathed in the sweet scent of her hair. Around her, things seemed so clear and right. He needed her in his life in every way possible.

Haley closed her eyes. She brought her one hand to rest on top of his, which was draped across her. This was a moment she wanted to remember for a long time to come. Earlier today they had argued and Haley had thought that was it. Nathan had realized this wasn't for him, and Haley made herself believe this wasn't what she wanted either.

But then as she watched him out there on the court, scoring basket after basket and then watching him collapse right there on the court. She had met his eyes just seconds before he fell. Her mind raced. The paramedics were rushed to the school and Nathan was rushed to the hospital. She thought she might lose him and in that instant she let herself reveal all the things she really felt and wanted to say to him.

And then he appeared here, in her doorway looking for her.

She could do nothing but comfort him. His eyes reflected the pain and confliction he felt. The admission that his dad and the team being too much pressure than he could handle. Haley sighed. She once wanted to hate him. Then she wanted to like him. And now.well she didn't want to get into that right now.

Nathan kissed the back of Haley's head and nuzzled himself against her. After moments of serene silence, Nathan drifted off to sleep, as did Haley.