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Chapter 01

"The infusion should sit in the double boiler for two weeks before—"

The Potions lecture was rudely interrupted by a loud wailing cry emanating from just outside the classroom door.

The class of seventh years began murmuring and sniggering at the disruption to their lesson.  Needless to say, the interruption to the highly feared Potions Master's lecture was not only a welcome reprieve, but a highly entertaining one as well.  Pity the creature that had unwittingly angered the Professor, who was striding, eyes narrowed, face flushed, to fling wide the offending classroom door.

"Stop that infernal crying!" he barked into the dark corridor, to the quiet titters of his students.

The noise was silenced for a second, only to change its tune –

"SEVVUUUSS!" was the new cry, followed by what looked like a House Elf that bolted towards the dour Professor and clung onto his dark teaching robes.  The force with which the creature ran into Snape caused him to stagger backwards into the classroom, revealing the creature to be a small girl with a head full of the sweetest blonde curls, who seemed to be borrowing herself into the Potions Master.

"SEVVUUUSSSS!" she continued wailing, "I'm SOOOORRRY!  I shouldn't have touched the golden thingy!  Then I got lost. And…and…and then it was all dark.  And I woke up and I can't find anybody.  And I walked and walked and… and…I can't find Daddy and Mummy!!!" she cried.  "And I was scared!  And I cried!  Sevvus!  I don't know how to go home!  I said 'snackybox' but it won't open and I want my Mummy!!!" she sniffled into the Potions Master's robes.

The class of seventh years were stunned silent at the sight of the small child behaving so familiarly with their taciturn Professor.  The idea that the young child held no fear for the most feared teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was nothing short of amazing.

The silence was replaced with stifled sniggers, however, as the child seemed to be climbing up the Professor's robes in an attempt to get Snape to carry her – which he did, to prevent his robes from tearing from the weight of the clinging child.

"I walked to Mummy's classroom but the door won't open.  Then I cried and you opened the door!" she explained, as she flung her short arms around the speechless Professor's neck.  "Oh Sevvus!  I'm sorry for being naughty!  I'll never touch your thingies again!  I want to go home now, please!"

The seventh years began murmuring in earnest, punctuated with giggles at the sight of their Professor accosted by the child, who looked to be about four or five years old.  Those seated in the back row strained forward to see what would happen next.

"Little girl," the Professor sneered with his most intimidating voice, leaning as far away from the girl as possible whilst still carrying her, "I've never seen you before in my entire life.  Is this someone's idea of a joke?  Who are you?  Who set you up to this?"

The girl paused in her rapid-fire explanation.  Her mouth trembled and turned down.  And opened to an explosively loud inconsolable cry.

Frustrated, Snape turned his glare to the increased hum of his class, with a few red-faced pupils trying their best to hold in their mirth.  The Potions Master eyes alighted on the amused smirk of the Head Boy and he sneered, "Mr. Malfoy, take this child to the Infirmary to have Madam Pomfrey examine her."

Malfoy's eyes widened at Snape's orders.  "Yes sir," he replied, reluctantly walking over to take the sobbing child from his Professor.

The child turned to look at the other person approaching them and suddenly stopped crying.  Her face brightened a little with recognition as she declared, "DADDY!!!"