PurplePixie: ^_^ Heyo, minna-san! Today I have-*background suddenly goes dark and lightening appears* Eh?! *turns around and sees someone that resembles herself only a bit...different* O.O *gasp!* Eck! It's you!

Serious-Kyomi: Yes, it's me.

PurpleP: Wait a minute-how could you possibly be here?!! I locked you up in a crate, chained you, and-!

S-Kyomi: =_= I KnOw! But I'm BACK! *insert screams and scary lightening scene here* And I'm here for...revenge.

PurpleP: ^^; *nervous chuckle* Oh? And how exactly are you going to get revenge?

S-Kyomi: Oh, wouldn't you like to know? I bet you would. Well, *evil cackle* I'M GOING TO TAKE OVER THE FANFIC! BWAHAHAHA!!

~*A min. or so later...*~

PurpleP: *gagged and tied to a chair* =_=

S-Kyomi: ^_^ Alrighty, now that THAT is settled, on with the serious-fied fanfic!

PurpleP: *muffled wails*


Humans are such strange creatures.

A mysterious figure loomed among the chapel and watched as a couple was wedded. After the priest gave the word, the young blonde kissed his new, fiery-haired wife. The crowd of guests all cheered and clapped with joy for the newly-weds, who stood beaming brightly.

A slight frown crossed the unnamed viewer's face as the pair were congratulated by the princess and her husband, a blue-skinned man.

With the frown still in place, the watcher disappeared within a second.

Joy, happiness, love-Why? Why do humans celebrate such horrid emotions?

Reappearing above the world, Xellos Metallium looked down upon the land as his thoughts clustered in his mind.

Humans are strange indeed.

Why do they celebrate such emotions and happiness? Why? Do they really believe that love is all that great? That it could defend them from the cold, heartless-ness of the world? Fools...they do believe that such emotions as 'love' could protect them from harm, from pain, from suffering.

Such silly creatures, humans are. They spend their whole lives striving to find such a feeling called 'love'. They long for such trifle things such as a warm embrace, a welcoming heart, or just someone special to talk to, to share secrets. They think of these as barriers, barriers that keep away the sadness and depression in the world.

The beast priest chuckled softly at the thought.

Such foolish humans! They seek help and comfort from the one emotion that could cause their downfall! Love-Bah!

Love is a weakness.

Love binds one's heart to another with an unbreakable chain, one that is impossible to avoid, to ignore, to escape. It causes dependence. It makes one long and depend on another to an extent where they cannot live without the other. Yes, these feelings would probably feel just dandy, but how would one feel if one is thrown aside by their love? Betrayed for another? Oh, all the pain that would arise then when they watch their love run off with someone else...but no. Humans all deny such an action. They all believe that love is an everlasting chain of emotions that can withhold any damage or storm throughout eternity...

There are always loopholes.

Sure, maybe this emotion, 'love', can too make humans happy, but the question is 'for how long?' Is love really that everlasting? No. Nothing is. This so called 'unbreakable chain' would one day be broken. Even the most loving of all couples in the world would one day fall apart, and that is with the help of death. Ah! What wonderful emotions are stirred up when a pair experiences death, reverse back to just being one! Oh, and the after- thoughts are the killers. The longing, the sorrow, the suffering, the pain of losing a loved one-it would all rush up in waves and overwhelm our little human until it reaches a stage where it's just unbearable.

Love is a silent killer.

Disappearing once more, Xellos teleported into his own little pocket dimension in the astral plane, his home.

I just don't understand them! Why do they risk such pain? Why do humans throw away their lives into the depths of despair just to feel the warmth and comfort of such an emotion that would one day disappear anyway? Why do they desire to bring such pain upon themselves? Do they enjoy the feel of their hearts being torn away? Do they WANT to suffer? Why? Blind fools! Don't they see the traps that lay ahead of them in the plains of love and care?

Walking to a particularly dark corner of his 'home', the mazoku priest made a slight gesture with his hand. Shimmering, a large mirror appeared before him. But this wasn't just any mirror. Oh no, this mirror was special. It was a mirror that allowed Xellos to look all and anywhere around the world to observe these strange beings called 'humans'. But no matter how much he tried, he just couldn't figure out why they do what they do. Humans are so unpredictable at times...

Taking a step toward the delicate glasswork, Xellos lightly touched it. A strange ripple spread across the glass and to the frame of the mirror, and soon an image formed: a young lady and her love.

Xellos silently hissed in sudden anger.

Foolish humans and their foolish thoughts and foolish emotions...

With another tap of his hand, the picture changed to one of a young woman, whom was weeping as she sadly watched a man walk away with another woman in his arm.

Another tap. A picture of a man embracing his child. Another tap. A casket. Another tap. A man weeping near a large tree. Another tap. Laughing children. Another tap. A mother mourning the lost of her child. Another tap. A young couple holding each other under a night sky. Another tap. A woman bidding farewell. Another tap, and another, and another...

Yes, what foolish errors humans make. I've observed them over the many years, and they keep making the same mistakes over and over. They have not learned, or don't want to. But I have. Beastmaster always said that love was a weak and useless emotion. She used to tell me about the endings that would follow these attempts at love. Let's just say that they were never happy ones. Throughout the years I've learned ways to avoid such emotions, to protect myself from this weakness. I've learned that simple things like annoying others could get them angered and keep away from me. No contact would mean no weakening emotions. And keeping secrets to myself would allow me to distance myself from others. I can remain strong, safe. I have improved my ways of protection to keep myself from getting caught in the tangled web of woe and emotions that humans fall for so easily. I'm safe.

Tap. An empty swing. Tap. A lady out shopping in a store. Tap. A robbery. Tap! A moon-lit dance. Tap! Butterflies. Tap! A crow. Tap! A boy sitting next to a window. Tap! The beast priest began tapping the glass faster and faster, so that the pictures flashed to a different scene every second. Faster and faster and faster.

Tap! Tap! Tap!


Tap! Tap! Tap!

But I have been able to protect myself for over a thousand years. And now I, Xellos Metallium, general and priest of Lord Beastmaster Zelas Metallium-

Suddenly, Xellos's tapping ceased. He felt his heart stop as he stared into a picture: a golden haired woman sat in an armchair and smiled as she read from a large book to a small aqua-haired boy whom giggled from time to time. A woman with a smile as pure and bright as gold...Filia. Xellos's eyes widened and his heart (or something he considered close to it ^^;) ached with sudden realization.

...have finally been caught.


S-Kyomi: ^_^ And there you have it! BWAHAHA! Mission successful!

PurpleP: ^^; *still tied to a chair* OoOkay...well, you got your revenge. Can you untie me now?

S-Kyomi: ^__^ Oh, suUure. But only after I do this. *lifts up Kyomi-Kyomi my the chair*


S-Kyomi: ^^ This! *throws Kyomi-Kyomi into the ocean*

PurpleP: Oo Eck! *SPLASH!*

S-Kyomi: ^___^ Ah, that felt nice. Okay, that's all for now. You could review if you wish, but frankly I don't care. No reviews means an unhappy Kyomi, and that would just further my revenge!

*grumbling and muffled wailing is heard in the far underwater depths of the ocean*

S-Kyomi: ^_____^ Ah, revenge is sweet. Welp, ja ne! *waves* *walks out*