*Scene: Lavishly decorated library with many, many books.*

Serious-Kyomi: *Is sitting behind a professional-looking desk complete with fancy computer* ^_^ Good day to you all, wonderful readers. I am Serious- Kyomi and I am going to be taking over for PurplePixie while she's.........on a little search. *smirk*

~*To PurplePixie*~

PurpleP: *is seen posting up many "LOST: FUNNY-KYOMI" posters* *looks into a dumpster* HEY! *pulls out more "LOST" posters from dumpster* I thought I told Serious-Kyomi to put these up!

~*Back to Serious-Kyomi*~

S-Kyomi: ^^ ANYway, I'll be filling in for the lil', crazy—ACK!! *gets tackled by a pink blob* What the—MIMIC!!

Mimic: ^o^ KONNICHIWA, KY—O.o *Pops back to normal form* Hey.........you're not Ky-chan.........

Masako: *walks in* Well, what'yah know. It's Serious-Kyomi. Hey, I thought Kyomi locked you up in a crate, chained you up, and—

S-Kyomi: . I ALREADY KNOW what happened!! Now shut up and go away. Can't you see that I'm trying to be serious, here?!!

Masako: ^_^ Well, if you're not going to be needing us or anything then—

Mimic: *teary-eyed* NO!! Mimi wanna STAY!!

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Masako: *shudders* *backs away*

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Mimic: *shuts up* *nods* -^^-

S-Kyomi: ^^ Alright then, ON WITH THE FANFIC! Hey, that is fun to say.........


This can't be.........

There's no way.........

Xellos sat on a branch of a tall tree just outside of a small village that he randomly teleported to. Gazing blankly up into the clear, blue night sky, he became lost in thought.

How could I have let this happen? How? This was never supposed to happen. Never.........

Frustrated, Xellos tore off a slender twig from a branch nearby and started snapping it into itty, bitty, bits. (Mimic: -.- Poor, poor, Mr. Unlucky Twig.........)

Impossible.........absolutely impossible.........

This has never happened before. Me. A mazoku. A mazoku in.........no. Nowhere in time has there been a record of this-this.........feeling among my race. Mazoku can't love. We can't even feel emotions.........can we?

The beast priest shook his head slightly, surprised at his own question.

"No. No, of course not. Mazoku feed on emotions, but we can't actually express any emotions, especially such a thing as love"......... Well, at least that was what the Logical Xellos thought. But deep down in the pit of his soul another voice questioned, "Then what is this that I feel? What is this thing that rips at my soul, and yet brings upon the most pleasant feelings that I've ever felt in all the years of my existence? What is this feeling that stops my heart, and yet makes it beat so much faster that it can become so unbearable? What is this feeling that I get whenever I'm around.........Filia?"

Xellos suddenly found himself wrapped in sorrow as Filia's name echoed in his mind and an overwhelming, empty feeling filled his heart. The pain grew even more as his logical sense kicked in and a well-known fact resurfaced.

Why am I even thinking about this anyway? Even if it is possible that I do love Filia, there's no way that we could ever be together. Mazoku and Ryuuzoku just don't mix. Who knows what trouble would be stirred up if such a couple were ever to be matched? Besides, Filia could never love me, the killer of her race, a mazoku.........

Emotions. Anger, desire, sorrow—all these emotions clouded his thoughts and added to the horrible pain and emptiness that began to spread inside him. Attempting to calm his nerves, the beast priest looked back up and focused on all the sparkling diamonds imbedded in the vast, dark blanket of sky above him. Steadily, he felt himself become more relaxed as he tried to ignore the pain and forget the thoughts that troubled him so.

Ah, yes. I could always count on the night to calm me. It's so lovely and peaceful.........in a non-nauseating type of way. Hmm, and the stars are so beautiful, too. Yeah, kind of like Filia's eyes.........


"Ow........." Xellos rubbed his sore head after it came in contact with the very solid ground. As he got up into a sitting position, his mood did a 180 degree turn and he went from surprise, sadness, and then anger.

"Urgh—WHY are you doing this to me?!!" Xellos angrily shouted to the open night sky as he furiously ruffled his hair and flopped back onto the ground in frustration. "L-SAMA, WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?!!"

"I'm cursed," Xellos sighed. "Of all the idiotic beings in this god- forsaken world, WHY did I have to fall in love with a DRAGON, the one thing that's impossible for me to love?! Why couldn't I love a snail? Snails are just as icky and useless as dragons. Why did I ever have to fall in love anyway?! I'm not supposed to be in love in the first place! Do I want to go through more pain than I already have to? Do I want to give myself more trouble? Do I want to have more things to worry about? NO. I already have Lina and her lackeys to watch, missions to run, Juu-Ou Sama to serve—*GaSp!*—Juu-Ou Sama!"

Xellos, being so deep in thought, didn't notice the slight tugging in the back of his mind that signaled his master's summoning. That is, he didn't notice it until now when the tugging got so insistent and intense that it gave his head a little pang of pain.

"Well, I guess I'll have to prepare myself for a long lecture on summonings again once I get home," Xellos sighed wearily.

He was just about to teleport away to his master, when the trickster noticed something a bit odd: the town he so "randomly" teleported to looked a lot like the town that a certain little dragon he knew lived in. In fact, if his vision was correct he could almost see a shop with the sign Maces and Vases, too.........O.O

"Coincidence," Xellos told himself. "It's not like I was aiming to teleport here. No, of course not. Coincidence, all coincidence."

And with that, the love-struck—(Xel: I'M NOT LOVE-STRUCK!)—um—mazoku teleported away.


S-Kyomi: And there you have it. That's the end of Chapter 2. That means that Chapter 3 will sooner or later follow. And that also means that YOU two have to go away and leave me in peace while I start brainstorming.

Masako: *raises an eyebrow* Our first actual day on the job as muses, and we're already being kicked out? ......... ......... *looks up at sky* Whoever you are up there, THANK YOU!

Mimic: -O.O- *teary-eyed again* N-nani?? B-But—MIMI DON'T WANT TO BE KICKED OUT!

S-Kyomi: Well, too bad.

Mimic: *looks like she's on the verge of tears again*

S-Kyomi: NO! Don't cry! Who knows what damage that'll do? You can stay, but don't bother me. =.= *mumbles* Geez, why did that insane authoress create such useless and annoying muses anyway.........?

Mimic: ^_^ Okay, Mimi won't bother Serious Ky-chan, but can Mimi ask a question?

S-Kyomi: *sigh* WHAT?

Mimic: What does this button do? *points to a button on the keyboard*

S-Kyomi: It's the Caps Lock button. Don't push it.


S-Kyomi: *annoyed* *clicks off caps lock* That's the Tab button. DON'T push it.

Mimic: Okay. And what does THIS button do? *points to a button on computer*

S-Kyomi: That's the Off button. Don't push---------------------

*Computer blacks out*