- The 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' episodes are animated by NAS/ Studio Gallop. Copyright Toei Entertainment. Tokyo TV and Warner Brothers 4 Kids own distribution rights in Japan and USA respectively. Kazuki Takahashi asserts the moral right as the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh!

-'I'll Follow Aibou' was adapted from the song 'I Will Follow Him' off the album 'Collectables' by Little Peggy March

- 'The Real Slim Shadi' was adapted from the song, 'Real Slim Shady' off the album The Marshall Mathers LP (2000) by Eminem.

- 'I Will Love Again' was adopted from the song 'I Will Love Again', off Lara Fabian's English debut album.

- 'Entrapping Me' was adopted from the song 'Lemon Tree', off the album 'Dish Of The Day' by Garden Fools.

- 'I Wanna Duel With Somebody' was adopted from the Whitney Huston classic, 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody'.

A/N: So far, I've only got five tracks up, but since I'm still in the midst of compiling the 'album', I'm open to suggestions. Email me the songs you want me to spoof, and/or who you want it spoofed by and I'll try to make it happen.