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Shaoran x Tomoyo


~~~~~Chapter 28: Strawberry Tree~~~~~

Shaoran's POV


"Hello! May I help you, dear?"


An older woman, probably in her late 50's, is sitting primly behind the counter in the jewelry store. She seems nice enough... thank God, I was afraid it would be some nasty old lady or some useless guy that didn't care at all about his job. I'm lucky. Maybe this woman can help me. Maybe this won't be as bad as I thought...


"Uh... yeah. I'm looking to buy an engagement ring..."

"Ah, I see. They're over here, if you'd like to look for a bit before choosing..."



...I take it back.

Hundreds of rings that all look basically... the same. Wow. This is going to be fun. Riight.

How the hell am I supposed to pick one if I can't tell the difference?

And they've all got prongs, but no stones... a stone's supposed to go in there, right? It'd look funny without one...

What kind of stone goes into an engagement ring, anyway?


"You look confused... want me to explain something, dear?"

"Yeah, uh, is there any difference between them? Besides the type of metal, I mean."

"Well, there are subtle variences in style... This one over here is a six-prong solitaire setting, while this one is a four-prong..."


I sweatdrop.

They look exactly the same... does this woman honestly believe there's a difference?


"And... they're different *how*?"

"A four-prong shows off more of the stone, but the six-prong is more secure."

"Ah, right. What's that one over there?"

"Oh! That's a Cathedral solitaire setting. The band is slightly wider than it is in the other settings..."

"I like that one... So, um, what stones go into engagement rings?"

"Oh, my, you don't even know that? Why, diamonds, of course! You really *are* devoted, aren't you... That's awfully sweet. Your girlfriend is lucky to have you."

"Yeah, well... it's really the other way around. I'm lucky to have *her*..."

"Aww! You really are in love, aren't you? I remember when my husband proposed to me..."


Gah, please don't tell me she's going to give me the history of her life... I just want to find a ring and get out of here, already! I still haven't thought of a way to propose, or what exactly to say to Mother... and I really want to spend some time with Tomoyo before the weekend's over. I don't think I can go a whole week without seeing her pretty face for more than a few minutes at a time... and she works so damn hard, she's almost never home on weekdays!

I wonder how she'd react if I went to visit her at work? No... she'd probably get mad at me. She takes her work way too seriously, if you ask me.


"...and I was crying, because I was just so happy... but my husband was so worried I'd refuse! I hope you don't feel that way, too, dear... no girl could say 'no' to a boy as handsome as you!"

"Uh... thanks?"


Good timing! I started paying attention just as she was finishing her boring story...

Although I *do* feel that way. I *am* worried... She obviously hasn't met Tomoyo. If she had, well... she wouldn't be so confident in me, either. There are girls, and then there's Tomoyo. It's kinda like the difference between weeds and roses. Not even worth comparing.


"So, which metal would you like to have this set in? Yellow gold? White gold? Platinum?"

"White gold, please."


Yes, white gold would look great on my Tomoyo... not that anything could look bad, but it compliments her coloring so much more than yellow gold would... and platinum just sounds wrong for an engagement ring, at least to me. Makes me think of chemistry class. And hard-core weaponry. Platinum, plutonium, same difference.


"My, my, you seemed to decide that quickly! I take it you've done some thinking about this beforehand?"

"No, I just know my girlfriend... I think it would look great on her, especially with her pale skin and lavender hair..."

"She sounds beautiful. And you look so cute with that dreamy look on your face...!"

"W-what?! I'm *not* cute... and I was just stating a fact..."

"Haha, all right, dear. Sorry."


Damnit, stupid woman making me blush like that... being in love with Tomoyo's making me soft. 'Dreamy' look on my face? What the hell?


"So, what kind of stone do you want set in it? Emerald cut? Round? Princess? Radiant?"

"Well... I know what round looks like, but that's about it, so..."

"Oh! Sorry, I forgot... you're new at this. Round, is, well, round; an emerald cut stone is rectangular with rectangular facets; princess cut is square with pointed corners, and radiant is square with trimmed corners."


"Here, hon, look at these."


Okay. That makes it easier... at least I can see what she's talking about, now.

That one... it stands out. I bet Tomoyo'd like it... at least I hope so, anyway.


"How about... this one?"

"Oh, the radiant cut? That's a very nice stone, especially in the setting you've picked. You've got good taste, dear! I'm sure it will look wonderful on her."

"Yeah, I know it will... everything does. I just hope she likes it."


Like I said, anything and everything looks good on Tomoyo... I'm really not concerned about that at all.

I just... how the hell am I supposed to propose!? What the hell can I say, do, to make her want to marry *me*?

I absolutely *hate* when I don't know what to do... it makes me feel weak.

But, doesn't everything about Tomoyo in general make me feel weak?

It does. In a good way, but it still does. Just thinking about her, I feel like a teenage boy with a crush again. Even though we're going out, I feel insecure, like she'll reject me.

Is this what love is?

Damn, I hope she'll marry me...

'Cause I don't know what I'd do without her.

Wandering out of the store, I check my watch; 1:27. I've still got some time to kill before I'm supposed to meet Tomoyo and Sakura. Hn. *Now* what am I supposed to do? Maybe I just ought to go home for a while... this is all so emotionally draining. Maybe I'll sleep for a few hours or something.

I've got too much on my mind...




~~~~~strawberry trees represent esteemed love (dont ask me why, i've no idea)

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