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ThisBitWritten@19th November, 2003.

Please enjoy.


~Forgive me, Mother..~

He breathed in, a shaky uncertain, terrified breath, as his eyes focused on that stately figure on the parade vehicle.


He lifted the gun, placing it on the clock as he took a casual aim, trying to loosen his shoulders somewhat as he breathed out in a whisper.

"Just a signal.."

Another breath, another whisper, this time a little more sure, even if he didn't feel sure himself.

"Just a signal, Kinneas, just a signal.."

Maybe if he repeated it often enough, he'd start believing it himself..

He stilled his body, as he had been taught, as years of training told him to do.

One last breath and his eyes became intent on that face, twisted with power that wasn't her own.

Yet still so very familiar.

Exhaling slowly until half of his lungs were empty, he paused.

For one moment, it was as if time stood still.

And then he pulled the trigger.

And closed his eyes.

~For I have sinned..~