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After the girl, Kagome, had left Yusuke suddenly remembered the reason he had come.

"Oh yeah, we're supposed to meet the toddler, has something urgent to tell up."

Kurama looked at his friend surprised. "Why didn't you tell us before?"

"Well, I got a little distracted!"

"No matter, we best be going."


Kurama lifted his hand and brought it down quickly revealing a portal. Yusuke jumped in without a second though. Kurama looked back at his friend.

"Hiei, that girlI know."

In lightning speed Hiei leapt through the portal. Kurama frowned. There was something about Kagome. Her power, there was something familiar about it but he couldn't pace it. This beautiful vixen fascinated him. With that he followed his friends through the portal.


Kagome lay in her bed staring at the ceiling. Inu-Yasha had said something was coming and she could feel it. There was something wrong. A dark foreboding sensation just barely reaching her. She'd go back tomorrow and try to figure out what the hell was going on. It probably had to do with the jewel's disappearance. He had been right, though she hated to admit that, it could mean a lot of danger. She hated it. She thought she was done with going to the Feudal Era. And now there were these two demons.


Hiei's eyes opened as he heard someone shout something in the back of his mind. For a second his cold expression collapsed for a moment replaced with confusion, which soon returned to normal. What was that? He looked around the room. Yusuke, Kurama, Kuwabara, Boton and himself stood in the room of Koenma. They were waiting for the toddler. After a few minutes, the great doors leading into the room opened. Koenma followed by a group of ogres entered. The ruler looked tired as if he hadn't gotten any sleep last night. There were dark circles under his eyes and he slouched as he proceeded in. Collapsing at his desk he lifted his hand as a sign to excuse the ogres which left instantly closing the huge doors behind them.

"So what the hell is this about toddler?"

Koenma looked up from his desk, glaring daggers at Yusuke.

"Really Yusuke, I'm in no mood for this. We have big trouble."

"Yeah? What is it?"

"Please sir, I would like to know as well, you've spent the whole day and night running around like a crazy person." Boton chirped in.

"Someone is messing with time."

"Eh? Waddya mean?" Kuwabara said stupidly.

"Baka, he means someone is traveling through time and doing things they damn well shouldn't."

"So what are the details?" Kurama asked.

"500 years ago, there was the a jewel called the Shikon No Tama. This jewel held great power. It was in the care of a miko named Kikyou. Now this all occurred before the division of the human and demon world. Boton and Kurama, you are the only two old enough to remember that. At any rate, the priestess fell in love with a hanyou named Inu-Yasha, ring any bells? His father, and later his brother, were lord of the western lands."

"YesSesshomaru was it. I only have bits of my life then, but I do remember him." He chuckled. "He would be hard to forget. I had a few run-ins with him. It was a love-hate relationship you could say."

The side of Hiei's lip curled. "So what did you steal?"

Kurama looked over at his friend and laughed. "I really can't remember."

"While this is all interesting, we're getting off track."

"Oh, yes," Kurama continued with his memories. "well all I know was that Sesshomaru hated two things, Inu-Yasha and human, butthere was something. Damn I can't remember"

"Huh? What?"

"Something happened, something very strange. I remember my shock when I learned of it, but that is all I can remember about it. He was killed in battle, though."

Koenma coughed bringing the attention back to him. "Back to the story! Well, Inu-Yasha was going to use the jewel to become human for Kikyou, but they were tricked into betraying each other by a demon Naraku. Kikyou died and Inu-Yasha was prisoned to a tree. 50 years went by and Naraku caused pain and suffering while trying to find the jewel which was lost after Kikyou's death. Now back to present time, well actually a few years ago. A girl, only 15 at the time, was transported back in time. Even though time travel is forbidden, it was vital she did so to bring peace to the chaotic past to ensure a bright future. The girl was actually the reincarnation of the priestess. She awoke Inu-Yasha who recognized her as Kikyou and wanted her dead. But they were interrupted by a centipede demon who torn into the girl's flesh revealing the Shikon jewel within her. After defeating the centipede demon, the girl's arrow accidentally shattered the jewel into shards spread throughout the land. The two went, Inu-Yasha and the girl, went on a quest to find them, meanwhile having a monk, demon slayer and fox demon join them. The also found that Naraku was behind Inu-Yasha's past. And in a twist of events, Kikyou was raised to life, determined to kill Inu-Yasha, who was still in love with her." Koenma took a deep breath. "Anyways, up until a while ago, the story read that after completing the jewel, they defeated Naraku. Using the jewel they wished (1) Inu-Yasha to be human, (2) for all the damage the jewel had done or caused to be undone and (3) for there to be a human world and a demon world, so peace would always remain at least to some extent. But sometime ago, I am not sure exactly when, but the story changed. According to records, Inu-Yasha chose Kikyou over the girl, leaving her heartbroken. She then fell in love with none other than Sesshomaru. He was killed in battle with Naraku. The supposed final battle, but after that the girl, Naraku and the jewel just disappear from the records. But since they never made the wish"

"The human world and the demon world are still one!" Kurama cried out.

Koenma nodded in dismay.

"But we were just there. There weren't more demons than usual." Yusuke yelled.

Koenma sighed. "Changing time is a strange thing, it takes a while for the effect to set. Not much time mind you. The barrier is getting weaker and weaker. By the looks of it, I'd say we have till the next full moons, about 14 days."

"Damn and why couldn't you have told us sooner?" Hiei said.

"We didn't know till last night. We had been picking up on some strange activity. Slowly the records have been changing, the past has been changing. What you need to find out is what caused this or who caused it and how do we reverse it."

"Oh, thaaaats a lot to go on!"

"Do you know if the girl returned to this time?"

"I would guess so. She would be a miko. If you find one it would probably her seeing the line has become thinner and thinner."

Kurama and Hiei both looked at each other thinking the same things even without telepathy.

"Of course, you'd have to have her attack you to see if she had miko energy." He said thoughtfully.

"Do you at least have a name?"

"HmmI believe it was Kagome" He said lifting various papers on his desk. "but that is all the information we have on her and there are hundreds of Kagome's in Japan alone. She does resemble this woman." He said lifting a picture of a beautiful woman with long black hair. "This is Kikyou."

"Hey, that kinda looks like Kagome"

Everybody turned to Kuwabara sweatdropping.

"Idiot, he just said that!" Yusuke yelled.

"Hey, loser, I wasn't asking some dumb question. I meant I know a girl who looks like that! Jeez, I'm not that much of an idiot."

'Yes, you are.' Went through all of their minds.

"Wait, you know her?" Kurama asked.

"Yeah, Kagome Higurashi, she goes to our school, Yusuke, or at least when she shows up. She's rarely there. I'm telling you she's a babe. I haven't seen her for a couple weeks, though."

"What do you mean when she doesn't show up?" Kurama asked.

"Well, she gets sick a lot. It all started a couple years ago, before I ever heard of her. Supposedly a fall down a well on their shrine triggered all these weird diseases."

"What else do you know about her?"

"She lives at the Higurashi Shrine on Sakura Way. Her favorite food is ramen; she buys it a lot. She lived with her grandfather, mother and younger brother. Her favorite color is yellow. She has a C average in her classes, though she is intelligent, but the teachers go easy on her since she is always sick. She used to have a jerk boyfriend who mistreated her. Summer is her favorite time of the year. And she's great at archery. If you wanna know what her class schedule is I can give it to you, I also might have a picture with me." He said rummaging through his pocket.

"Shit, Kuwabara, how the hell do you know so much about her? I though you loved Yukina?"

"I do! Ahhmy sweet Yukina"

"Then why the hell do you know so much about this girl?!"

"She's in all my classes, and lab partners. We both hate science so talk all the way through it. Here it is!" He pulled out a picture of her in a sunflower garden smiling.

"Damn she's hot, looks kinda familiar, though. But where do suppose you got that?"

"Hey, we take photography together."

Hiei shook his head; "Your incredible idiocy is giving me a headache"

"You wanna make something of it? I'll take you anytime!"

Hiei looked up at him and the picture. She was beautifulfor a human that was. He and Kurama had both known it was her when Koenma had mentioned the name Kagome, but thought against saying anything.

"God Kuwabara that sounds so wrong" Yusuke muttered. "Oh hey," something clicking in Yusuke's head. "That's that half-naked girl I met in your room, right, Kurama?"

All eyes turned to him.

"Kurama, you sly dog, you!" Boton nudged.

"Really Yusuke do you have to be so vulgar? She had almost drowned and was soaking wet. If we left her in those cloths she might have frozen to death."

"What did you do to Kagome?!" Kuwabara demanded.

"Nothing except try to save her!" Kurama objected.

Hiei was smirking at Kurama's obvious attempt to show he had done it purely out of being a Good Samaritan. Kurama was a gentleman, but nonetheless he was a manBut then again so was he and if he wasn't so repulsed by humans, he might have admitted at least to himself that seeing her in her underwear did send a stab of excitement rushing through his veins.

"But of course that would have been futile if Hiei hadn't been there." Kurama sighed. "Well, we have a lead, why don't we pay her a visit"

"I'm sure you'd love too wouldn't you"Koenma said smirking.

Rolling his eyes, he opened the portal to the human world.


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