By Ryouga's best friend

AN- If I have never mentioned it before, I am a fan of just about ANYTHING done by Rumiko Takahashi. So I decided to finally write an Inuyasha Fic. I've seen many of the episodes so I have an idea of how the characters act and such… but it is still my first Inuyasha fic so any comments we'll be welcomed. Though Flames will be ignored and used to heat the water to reverse my Jusenkyo curse. If you can't tell me in a nice way I don't want to hear it. This is a story that came to me while reading other authors fan fiction and I decided to give it a shot. It's in 3rd person is from mostly Shippo's POV. Please enjoy it!

Disclaimer- Inuyasha belongs solely to Rumiko Takahashi, who I bow and pray to everyday *ignores strange looks received by readers* Though I do own the plot of this particular story and the orphan, so there.




It was another beautiful day in the countryside. The sky was bright blue without a cloud in sight, the crops of nearby farms stretched far into the distance signaling a prosperous town lay ahead. Birds swooped and dived in a playful chase before returning to their home in an old, but healthy oak. But all that went unnoticed by a small, and very bored, fox demon.

Shippo sat atop a large impossibly overstuffed yellow backpack feeling boredom drain the life out of him. It really wasn't draining his life, but to a young and healthy fox boredom might as well be deadly. Mischief was his boon and bane. He never felt happier than when he was 'playing' with his companions. Though it usually lead to many bumps and scoldings. Of course that would later, but for now, it was starting to be very tempting idea. He began to observe his friends for the best 'Playmate'.

The teenager from the future Kagome rode her 'Bicycle' machine with her backpack sitting behind her. She was the nicest, most kindest person ever as far as Shippo was concerned. She and Inuyasha had saved him from the thunder brothers, who had killed his parents. Ever since than she has treated him just like family, a mixture of son/little brother. And as much fun he had teasing her he never wanted to 'play' when he was really bored. If Kagome started hating him, he wouldn't know what to do.

Next on his mental checklist was the demon exterminator Sango. Though as she traveled in her bright colored kimono you would know her profession… save the gigantic boomerang strapped to her back. She was nice too, but she could really scary when she was angry. Although she had never been angry at him, it was usually directed at carefree monk who strode by her side. Shippo could never tell if she liked him or hated him… she could act so weird. She was a possibility.

His gaze than fell upon the monk at her side, Miroku. He was great, but not as great as Kagome. He was always calm and carefree, he was smart too. Though the others always got angry at him and called him a 'Pervert' or 'Lecher'… Shippo knew that those were bad, but didn't know what they meant. Whenever he asked they'd just turn red and say "we'll tell you when your older". Nonetheless Miroku was usually a good sport at the fox's little tricks which made him a good choice.

The last on his list was half-demon Inuyasha. He was always grumpy for some reason or another and would constantly pick on the 'innocent' little fox demon. Though even in his meanness he would protect Shippo and the others from danger. He seemed to like Kagome, but they always fought so it was hard to tell. Grown-ups were so strange. Despite the danger of messing with the half-demon he was Shippo's favorite 'playmate'. The young fox's mind began to devise a plot to relief his boredom , a not-so-innocent smile crept to his lips.

* * * * *

The group began to set up camp in the small clearing next to the road, the sun sitting just above the horizon. Sango was cleaning and polishing her various weapons and tools, Kagome was digging through her pack for any odds and ends needed for dinner, Miroku was meditating under a nearby tree, and Inuyasha had went out for firewood. Shippo waited anxiously for a chance to put his plan into action, unfortunately patience was a virtue that the fox had very little of. "What's taking Inuyasha so long?" The girl from the future wondered aloud. Trying not to sound too eager Shippo jumped to his feet.

"I'll go get him Kagome," he shouted before sprinting toward the forest. She watched him with a small smile before returning to her bag. She slowly counted down until…

"SHIPPO!" Inuyasha's voice rang clear despite the distance. The child's faint laughter was followed by several crashes amongst wailing and crying, and as suddenly as it started it stopped. An irate Inuyasha walked out of the forest, a load of firewood under one arm and a thoroughly beaten Shippo under the other. The half-demon's face was covered with doodles and the word 'Stupid' was written across his forehead. He was trying his best to look dignified despite it. Kagome was hard pressed not to giggle at the scene, but Miroku and Sango didn't bother to hide their mirth collapsing into hearty laughter. He dropped the fox unceremoniously next to Kagome and set the wood for a cooking fire. Kagome dampened a handkerchief in the water and wrung out the excess water.

"Si- I mean be still for a moment," she instructed when he finished setting the wood. She slowly scrubbed the doodles from his face. Despite the grimace he placed on his face he was enjoy this extra bit of attention… not that he'd admit that to anyone.

"Well isn't that sweet," Miroku said with a small smile. "Young love is certainly something isn't it Lady Sango." The exterminator nodded with the same small smile. The pair turned beet red and scooted away from each other.

"Th-that should take care of it," Kagome stuttered going back to dinner.

"Yeah thanks," he muttered back.

* * * * *

After a nice dinner of instant Ramen they all settled around the fire for the night. The recently conscious Shippo curled up on Kagome's lap as she studied her Math 'Spell book'. He was sucking on a 'lollypop' that she had given him after dinner, it was hard and crunchy like a brittle rock, but it tasted like cherry. The future is so amazing, all the things Kagome keeps bringing are so useful… and tasty "Kagome?"

"Yes Shippo," she said with a smile from behind her book.

"Could I go to the future with you next time?" He asked staring into the fire, "I've never gotten to go." Kagome thought for a moment, she had considered bringing him before but unlike Inuyasha the fox would have a harder time passing for a human. She closed her book and looked down at him, he was always so sad when she had to go back even for an hour or so. Why not? she shrugged mentally.

"Okay," He jumped up to look her in the face, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

"Really?!" he said with a toothy grin and wagging tail.

"Really really," she replied patting him on the head. "As soon as we get this shard we can go back for a few days." At that Shippo was ecstatic, he could only imagine what they'd do in the wondrous land of the future.

"Will I meet your family?"

"Yes, My mom will absolutely adore you," she stated tweaking the little fox's cheek. "Sota too… Grandpa is a little strange around demons but he won't be so bad." He yawned a bit still looking into her eyes.

"What can we do in the future?"

"Theirs all kinds of things to do. We have lots of games at our house you can play with mom or Sota. And after school I can bring you to the playground," she said as the sleep fox listened with half closed eyes.


"You'd love it Shippo. It's a place full of little structures and tunnels for children to play on. There are big slides and swings… it's a lot of fun."

"I *Yawn* can't wait…" He managed to get out before finally succumbing to a peaceful sleep. Kagome set him next to her sleeping bag and kissed him on the forehead.

"Sleep tight Shippo."

"Feh, bought time the brat dozed off," Inuyasha grumbled from his tree branch vigil. "Ain't no one able to sleep with his racquet."

"SIT," without time to gasp he plummeted to the ground and made friends with the dirt. Kagome smiled sweetly at the half demon's embedded body. "Good night Inuyasha." After teaching the dirt some new and colorful dialogue he grumbled 'goodnight' and retook his post in the tree. "Good night Miroku, Good night Sango."

"Good Night Kagome" they chorused.

"Sweet dreams Lady Sango," he said with friendly squeeze.

"Eep!…" a loud *THWACK* resonated through the clearing. "Pervert," she muttered with red cheeks.