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'Guess I never told ya, Leonhart. My parents, I knew them. They were killed by SeeDs, and that was probably why I joined the SeeD, maybe, I don't know. Guess I just wanted revenge. Now-Squall-all ya guys-I don't have any time left in this world-and I-just want to-say-thanks to you guys-for all of the time-we had together.'

-Seifer Almasy, Requiem


Unknown Bar, Somewhere in Deling City

  Zell awoke to find himself bound to the wall, his body aching from the thunder attacks. The area he was held captive in looked more like a military installation rather than the bar it suggested by having a countertop and spirits for sale in better days. It was generally clean, and well-kept.

  "So, Mr. Dincht, you have awoken. I trust the lodgings are suitable?"

  Zell raised his line of sight, and saw General Adam Caraway, one of the Supreme Generals that ruled Galbadia. Ever since he had seen Squall, the stuck-up general had blamed the commander for his sister's actions, and the last time Zell saw him was when he had given him a Booya.

  "Caraway. What the frickin' hell d'you want?"

  While he spoke, his mind was busy, having realized that the ninjas had neglected to draw all of his magics from him. It was not long before Adam answered, his voice full of hatred. "Hand this poison to the Commander in his food, and we shall promise not to harm your family."

  What the fuck?

  Zell strained uselessly against the bonds that held him, putting on a show while his mind slid magic into the Elemental Defense Slots that having GFs gave him. In truth, however, he feared for his mother, and tried to draw Caraway's attention to him.

  "Get lost, ya big jerk. Touch my mom, and you're gonna pay big-time!"

  Adam sneered. He swept his arm around, and several dozen G-soldiers emerged. Zell noted that each of them bore the distinct insignia of a sword rising from ebony flames, and carried not just their Primary Sabres, but many other weapons as well. The helmets that adorned their skulls were highly advanced, with several Estharian techs mounted into the visors.

  "Mr. Dincht, I am certain you have noticed that you…are in no position whatsoever to make demands of me."

  Zell grit his teeth and focused, trying to bring several magic spells into being, but his mind was stunned from the aftershocks of the lightning and he could not focus properly. "No storm, no flames, are gonna stop me from taking you down, Caraway. I know you aren't even with the Galbadian military anymore, and I wonder what they would think if I told them of your current activities."

  "I fear them not. I fear no-one, not with the Sorceress at my side."

  Zell smirked slightly. "Then where is she now? Isn't she always by your side? She cares not for you, Caraway. Admit it; you're nothing but a deluded fool."

  "Never! She cares! She cares more than-more than you would EVER KNOW!" Raising his left arm, he slammed it forwards, muttering a spell under his breath. Zell closed his eyes and prayed. If this was a Firaga or a Thundaga, Caraway was finished. If not, his body would not be able to withstand another barrage of spells.

  As luck would have it, Caraway called upon ethereal plumes of fire from the magical realm and sent them rushing towards Zell, expecting it to devour him. Instead, the magics were absorbed into Zell's bruised body, instantly healing the battered form and granting unto him immense strength. Zell sneered at the shocked general, and using his newfound Fire power, tore himself free of the restraints that bound him so.


I'll be there by your side
In the land of twilight
In your dream I will go
Till we find the sunrise
You are lost in nightmare
Deep in blue illusion
One more kiss to wake you up
Come be mine, you are mine
I will be there seekin' for liminality
No destinations to see, I wander
In quiet places so dark as eternity
I'm crying calling your name
I'm searching for you
Dreaming in the land of twilight
We are in the land of twilight
Deep in blue eternity
Search for Liminality
-.hack//Liminality, See-Saw
Dormitory, Main Floor, B-Garden
  You shall not remember this encounter, as per our agreements.
  "Indeed. I wish to inquire though, that how will this benefit you?"
  I am you; as you are me. We cannot be separated without dying. In protecting you, I have my own existence. Farewell, until we meet again.
  Zanarkand slowly opened his eyes, and then gazed at the digital clock on his Garden console personal computer unit. Five-forty five in the morn. He grumbled, but was too excited to get back to sleep. Today was the day where he would get his first mission, and from there on, he was far too excited to even think about anything else, although anyone looking at his outer visage would not guess any part of his thoughts. His room was neat and tidy, with several books resting on his desk along with the PCUs that every SeeD cadet or SeeD had. Each PCU was capable of receiving mail, surfing the Network, playing select games, and communicating via AV links.
  He stood up and yawned leisurely, before heading to the small bathroom that came with his room. The water was warm and soothing, and he took off his glasses before laving his face with the relaxing water. His glasses were the only way he was able to see properly, having an extremely high short-sightedness level, and that came with several disadvantages as well.
  There was once, not too long ago when he was sparring, his glasses were knocked off, allowing his opponent to enter his defensive radius and strike him down. That incident burned determination into his heart everyday, and he vowed to never be taken off guard, even without his glasses. Slicking his centre-parted blue hair back with liberal amounts of hair gel, he wrapped a towel around his waist and stepped out of the shower.
  Reaching for the doorknob, he recoiled in sudden shock as someone tapped on it just before he touched the knob. 
  "(What the hell!?) Who's there!?"
  A timid voice replied to his question, one that he verified by looking through the eyehole of his door. "It's-it's me, Anzu."
  "(Now, what could bring her here at this ungodly hour?) Erm…what do you need?"
  "I guess I just-wanna talk to someone…please?"
  Zanarkand could not help but smile broadly as he opened the door and let her in. Once in however, she averted her eyes and blushed crimson. 
  "What are-!!!!!!!!"
  In his opening of the door, Zanarkand had forgotten to put his shirt on and stood before Anzu clad only in a towel around his waist. Anzu giggled slightly, and grinned at him. "It's alright, well, at least only the top half of your body is showing!" Zanarkand turned a rather interesting shade of red and turned to go back into the bathroom. A shocked gasp from Anzu however, brought him to a halt. It was only after a while that he realized he bore several dozen deep scars across his back, courtesy of his not-so-kind uncle.
  "I see you've noticed my childhood scars."
  Anzu walked over, horrified at the wounds. "Are they-did-who did that!?"
  Zanarkand smiled grimly. "My old uncle. He hated me real bad."
  Anzu timidly ran her finger down one of his scars. "Oh my Hyne….it's so awful…. I'm sorry for barging in all like that and-"
  Zanarkand cut her off by seating her on his bed, gently but firmly. "Anzu….you said that you wanted to chat? Well, spill the beans! I'm here!" said he, intentionally avoiding the subject of his wounds. It was painful, even now.
  "Okay…..I guess I just wanna say…well, I thought it'd be nice if I became a pilot!" 
  She came over at this hour just to say that???
  "Er, very nice here. Don't let me stand in your way!" said he, plastering on an exceedingly fake (yes, he knew it looked fake) smile on his face.
  Anzu apparently, did not.
  "Oh really!? Well, I thought I'd just share this with you, and well, do you think that I would make a good pilot!?"
  Oh my. Here we go…
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