Author: Jackiwi Pairings: Sam and Jack Disclaimer: Original story is mine; everything else is MGM, double secret and GEKKO's property. Note: Start of a new series. Not sure where it's going yet, but I have a couple of idea's. let me know what you think! Thanks!

~Chapter 1~
Bound and Broken

Carter and I stepped though the stargate thinking we were headed for a nice quiet planet inhabited by trees, trees and more trees. Oh, and a natural and rather large supply of triennium. A place untouched by man or beast, an oasis in a no mans land of warring system lords and monsters.

Our purpose for going there was to join Daniel and Teal'c, who went ahead of us. SG1 has been on a few tough missions lately, and when Carter and I returned from a week's downtime, which unfortunately had been spent for the most part, separately, (I did, however, manage to tare her away from her computer long enough to get her to come for a meal with the others and I), we were pleased to hear we would be going off world on a routine mission; to over see the mining of the triennium and to explore for any signs of life in the surrounding area. Your basic, everyday, yaddayadda excreta, you get the point!

Yep, that's what's supposed to have happened, but what do they say? "Best laid plans."

We stepped though the gate, and on the other side; a war zone. This is not the planet, it can't be. Thoughts are buzzing around my head in seconds, questions mostly, 'where am I? What the hell was that?' The bright yellow blast zoomed past me at about 100 miles an hour and collided with the stargate, which let out a defining cry of pain in the form of a loud explosion. That woke me up, I can tell ya! I grabbed Carters' arm and jumped, just as the flames licked the bottom of my boots.

The scene was something surreal. Women and children running and screaming, men shouting, guns firing, flames crackling as they ate at the wooden buildings. Ships flying only meters from the ground emit a loud humming and shooting noise as they slice though the thick smoke filled air. Over all the noise it was a miracle I heard Carter yelp as my full weight landed on her, forcing the air to leave her lungs. Looking down at her I see her eyes close as she fights to regain her breath. I roll off to make the task easier and give her arm a quick squeeze.

"Sorry! You ok?" I ask quickly.

"It's ok sir, you just winded me is all. I'll be fine in a few seconds." She breathed heavily.

"Good. Er. can you make that now?" I ask, raising my body to cover her face as another explosion impacts the earth yards from us, sending debris of dust and tufts of grass flying in all directions. "We should move." I say, surveying the area with darting eyes, struggling to see through the smoke and confusion, not to mention the fact that night was already setting in.

"Where to?" she asks in a more steady sounding voice this time.

My eyes find it. Hills, in the distance, about 5 miles away, not far but I pray far enough that there is no goa'uld out there.

"Over there," I point and she rolls on to her belly to see our destination. "If we can get to those trees, hopefully we can slip by unnoticed. No one seems too fussed by our arrival as it is, there too busy killing and being killed. Just wait for that Jaffa to leave and we'll make a run for it." She nods, but I can see the same doubt in her eyes that I feel in my mind. It's not going to be that easy, it never is. Then there's the guilt, we should be doing something to help these people, some of whom are now being loaded on to a ship by rings. Children, pregnant women in chains, men covered in cuts and burns, being torn from there wives and forced into another part of the ship, the whole thing looks so heartbreaking. But what can we do? There are two of us, totally out in the open and armed only with standard issue zats, grenades and P90's. There's no way we could change the way this battle is going, the end result seems already decided.

After a few more seconds a quiet, "sir?" rouses me and I looked over to ware the Jaffa had been standing. He's moved on. With one last check, I get up, helping carter to her feet, and staying as low as possible whilst keeping an eye out for attackers and a finger hovering over the trigger of my faithful weapon at all times, we run, faster and faster until it is a full out sprint. But then comes the part you just instinctively know to expect. One Jaffa yelled, and blasts followed, mirrored by my own bullet laced music and zat shots from Carter. We don't stop, not for anything, and we finally make it into the trees, losing the heavily armoured guards there. They may be able to out gun us, but they can't out run us.

Finally, the noise dies out. The gunfire stops and the ships fly away, leaving behind long trails of vapour and a bright burst of light as they leave the planets atmosphere. We hike on and eventually make it to the hills. I was right, or someone up there is watching out for, whatever, this place is deserted. In fact, the whole planet now seems deserted. Night is winning as the sun gives way to its long black fingers, and there is nothing we can do but set up camp and wait for the morning.

One tent is pitched in a place well hidden from the view of flying objects, and hopefully ground troops as well. Just as we finish setting up, the sky splits open and an angry rain plummets down to bite at our skin. We clamber into the tent and turn on a flashlight. I watch as Carter gets the same old green blanket she has had for years, out from her pack and begins to spread it out on the floor of the tent. Neither of us liked just having a drop sheet as protection from the hard and sometimes rocky ground below us.

"So, were do you think we are?" I ask casually, handing her a ration pack. She takes it and opens it with shaking hands.

"I really have no idea, we could be anywhere. I guess the computer must have misdialled." I nod, unable, for some reason, to take my eyes off her hands. Her skin has gone a pale white, with a purple tinge, and her fingers still shake. The remains of wounds, both from action and from burns and scrapes on this machine or that doohicky still mar her skin. Her nails are short and nicked, and one wears a nasty looking bruise.

"Sir?" I look up to see her head tilted to the side, her eyes trying to meet mine. I allow her the glance before turning to my own ration. Chicken and something.. God only knows what. Hell, it might not even been chicken; a lot of the stuff they give us tastes the same these days.

"The gate got hit; do think that's broken it? I mean, bad enough that it won't get us home in one peace?" I ask between bites.

"It's impossible to tell. I need to have a good look at it, maybe try dialling up to see if we can radio the SGC." She sighed and looked around her. "We have enough rations here to survive for a least a couple of days. I don't think we should risk going back until we're sure that's its safe."

"I agree. We'll stay here until morning and then we'll go on a scout. If it looks clear we'll check out the gate."

"And if it isn't clear, Sir?" She asks, taking a sip from her hip flask.

"If it isn't, well, I guess we'll cross that bridge if we come to it." I say with a false note of confidence in my voice.

"Don't you mean when?" I just roll my eyes and she backs down, "if is good."

We exchange smiles and the subject moves on to dinner.

"Are you liking this?" I dig though my cold mush and look at it with disgust.

"Not really, Sir." she does the same.

"Why don't we forget dinner and call it a night. I don't know about you but I'm kinda tired after that run." She looks up with that look, the 'well, you are getting on a bit' look! "Not that I couldn't have gone on longer, its just five miles is a long way at a full out run and up hill." Good save Jack, if I do say so myself.

"Yeah, I know what you mean." She nods and zips up the airtight food pack, putting it with her kit. She takes off her jacket and puts it at the head on the tent and then goes to remove her boots, but changes her mind, looking up at me with the question as to whether she should keep them on or take them off.

"We could have to run for it in the night, so I think it's best if we keep 'em on. Especially as we don't know the local wildlife!" she smiles and lies back, using her jacket it as a pillow. I dispose of my food, and pull the blanket out of my pack, which unusually I had actually brought with me this time. Normally I would rely on the others, but seeing as this time the others were already there, they had probably snapped up all the gear. I shake out the blanket a little, 'this could use a wash' I think to myself as a few leaves and the odd piece of dried mud cling to it here and there. We take half each and spread it out.

For a few moments its silent but for the sound of the still heavy rainfall on the tent making a loud, but not quite as thunderous noise as earlier. Our bodies lay side by side, as they have done on many occasions, but this time its different. For starters, we are alone. Thoughts enter my head of regulations and what people would say, and I dismissed them just as quickly as they come. Now isn't the time. The two of us are here and alone with no back up. If needs be, we will look after each other, by any means necessary. That's what you do in a team.

I turn on my side and face her, her eyes are closed and her skin pale, with a slight blue tinge to her lips. I suddenly realise that that need may have come sooner rather than later. Reaching out my hand I place it lightly on her cheek, then forehead. Her skin is ice cold. She turns to face me as my touch startles her. Her eyes lack the shine they had only hours ago. I touch her neck and feel for her pulse. It's slow. A sign that her body is too cold to generate energy and her heart is slowing down to conserve it. A bit like when animals hibernate, I guess.

I sigh, "Why didn't you tell me you were this cold?" She just keeps looking at me. "Come here." I reach over and pull her towards me. She lays her head on my chest the places her arms round my waist. I hold her closer and wrap the blanket tightly around us both, rubbing her back to try and get her blood moving to her fingertips and toes. The last thing she needs is frostbite. I reach down between us and switch off the light, and we eventually fall asleep.


Morning comes and make us all too aware of its presence with its blindly bright sunlit rays, which spread across the horizon of scattered trees, open grass lands and hills, and of course the village, lying silently at the bottom of a hollow, smoke still gently rising from its tortured buildings. Only a silhouette of the stargate could be seen, deep in the shadows of the near by forest, the one that we had only just made it too and then had (luckily) managed to lose the Jaffa in.

The nights heavy rain left the ground soggy under foot, and not the easiest to walk on when you're trying to get down hills with out falling on your arse and looking like the village idiot, walking round the rest of the day with a nice round muddy stain on your pants! Thankfully, it doesn't come to pass (although there were a few near misses!) and we both make it safely down the hill and into the edge of the forest, hiding ourselves in a concealed spot, where we can assess whether or not its safe to go on to the gate.

The village is like a ghost town. Not a person in sight, only the remnants of their lives that had suddenly been not only turn outside down by shaken about too. Fallen baskets of laundry, tools, wooden objects such as pots, plates and bowls are left scattered, fruit and vegetables gone AWOL, and half fallen buildings lay in the ashes of there own destruction, litter the area.

"What d'ya think?" I ask Sam, who is now looking more colourful and not quite so pale.

"I think it's safe. Although I ."

".Can't help but get the feeling it's too quiet?" I finish as she nods her agreement. I sigh and tap the barrel of my gun with my fingertips, wondering if it's worth the risk. It could be a trap. Then again, it might not be. And the sooner we get the gate working, the sooner we can get home and complain about those god-awful ration packs.

"Well, I guess there's only one way to find out. We'll take it slow and keep hidden for as long as possible. Keep your eyes open for any movement, I don't care how small." I spout out the orders, most of it common sense stuff, and we move out, travailing though the forest back to back to insure no one can sneak up on us.

Minutes later we're at the gate. A hot, burning metal kind of smell fills the air around us. The gate took a nasty hit yesterday, and the wound still bleeds, like liquid molten from a volcano, on the right hand side about half way down. The chevron located in this general area is totally screwed, and I don't need a degree in astrophysics to see that! What I don't know is whether a certain blonde genius I know can fix it.

"Well?" I ask.

"Well what, sir?" she replies, eyebrows raisin in an expectant way.

"Can you fix it?" I tilt my head towards the gate.

"Are you kidding?" she asks with a laugh. "There's no way. I wouldn't know where to start, the chevrons are incredibly complex, and even if I did, I don't have any equipment here." She looks at me with that 'don't make silly suggestions' look and I throw back the 'at least give it a go. Macgyver something' look. She rolls her eyes and walks over to the damaged area.

"What do you want me to do? I can't fix this, not without more equipment, which we can't get without the gate. I think we've just gotta face it sir; we're stuck here until somebody finds us. You never know, maybe the Tok'ra will send a ship." I shudder inwardly. The Tok'ra, you gotta love 'em. Or not! I look around, it's not Kansas, but I guess its home for now. At least there's plenty of food we can gather up, and there's the means to make bread, although the mill sitting under a pile of rubble could do with a bit of restoration. I get an eerie feeling of daja vou. I've done this before, been stuck on a planet less advanced than us with no way to get home. But this time at least I'm with someone from home, someone who means a lot to me. I can honestly say I'm glad I'm with Sam; the whole ordeal doesn't seem so bad when she's around. Nothing seems quite so bad when she's near.

Of course, I'm not supposed to think that way. I have to remain focused and detached. I have to be able to keep a clear head and make decisions, even if it means the loss of my team members life, and that's why the regs are there. They know if you care about someone, you may put them first and make stupid mistakes, go out on a limb for them, freeze up or give in to torture if you see them being hurt. It makes you weak and therefore gives your enemy an advantage. I understand that, believe me, I really do, but understanding it doesn't mean you have to like it. I mean, what the hell makes the military think that you can control or chose who you fall in love with? And what makes them think they have the right to punish that love? I rub my hand over my face and re-adjust my hat. 'Crap' I think to myself, 'I guess if things can't be different, I just have to get on with it. We both do' I admit sadly.

"All right, it looks like this is home, so let's make the best of it. What do you say we look round for a house that isn't quite so.burnt, and move in? I know it'll be weird, but I'm sick of that tent already, plus, this is more practical."

"Yes, sir. We'll need to find a fresh water source; from the look of things, the well's been destroyed. And maybe some tools wouldn't go a miss; we can repair some of this stuff and use it." She says while she walks away from the gate and towards me.

"Ok, you get on the tools; I'll look for a place to stay. Meet you back here at," I look at my watch, "it's 0930 now, and we'll say 1100 hours. Then we can go find the water together, we could have to walk miles and I don't want us separated for too long, I still can't be sure we're alone."

"Sir." she nods and starts to walk towards what looks like it was a blacksmith of some kind.

"Keep radio contact." I call after her.

"Ok." She calls back over her shoulder and disappears into the shed/hut, moving pieces of fallen debris, careful not to make the damage worse and risk the building collapsing in on her. I turn and begin my search for home.


The houses in the immediate area are too dangerous to even consider, with timber beams falling from the roofs now and then and the thatch completely burnt to ruins on most. One more night like the last and the house that was nearest the gate would be a pile of wood and nothing more. So I take my search a bit further, in hope that the goa'uld have left some accommodation for us. After walking about a mile I finally find it. A small thatched house like the rest, but at least a quarter of a mile away from the focal point of the village. It is hidden by a few pine-like trees, but exposed enough to still get the morning sun in the cloth-covered windows. The rooms are small but liveable, and already contain the basic's; a stove, a bed (only the one I notice) a table in which I assume is a the kitchen, complete with a pan catching the water runoff, dripping steadily though a whole in the ceiling. "Aw, that can be fixed," I mumble to myself, looking up assess the damage and catching a raindrop right in the eye!

As I make my way outside again, my watch bleeps at me angrily. 10:45, time to start back to meet Carter. I take a quick look at the garden (a small patch of land containing a few of the local vegetables) and head back to the main square. Five minutes into my journey and my radio crackles into life.

"Sir?" Carter's voice (well, that's obvious!)

"Carter? How's it going?" I ask in a casual way.

"Not bad Sir, I think I've got everything we'll need to get by. At least for now. Where are you?"

"I'm about 10 minutes from your position, north-east. Good news, I've found us a place to stay. It could use a bit of a tidy and a few repairs, but its in better condition than everything else round here."

"That's good. Umm, sir." the radio dies out. I try to re-establish contact but it's no good. It could just be the signal but I decide not to take any chances and break into a sprint back to where I'd left her. That building was on its last legs, it was stupid, STUPID of me to leave her to go in their alone. It seems to take weeks to reach her (although it was only five minutes in reality) and sure enough, I could see from a distance the building had come down. 'Please let her be ok, please let her be ok' I repeat to myself as I near the rubble.

"Carter? Carter?" I shout, reaching out to pull some of the rubble away.

"Sir." Her tiny voice comes from somewhere beneath me. I step back and dig though the wreckage to find her, covered in dust and soot, a tickle of blood running down the side of her head and her body pinned down by a large timber beam.

"It's ok Sam, I'm gonna get you out. Just hold on, ok?" I have to keep her awake and talking; I know enough first aid to know that. I try time and again to lift the beam, but it will not budge. Finally I get a long strong piece of wood and use it as a leaver. Sam manages to crawl out of her own accord, thank God! But then collapsed on the floor beside me, gasping for air and barely holding on to consciousness.

"Sam, your ok, just take a few deep, steady breaths, slowly." She tries to comply but I can see the pain on her face. I've had enough broken ribs in my time to know the signs, and hers look broken, I'm as sure as I can be of it. "I'm sorry, this is my fault. I shouldn't have let you go in there alone."

"Its. ok, not your. fault." She breathes heavily. I go back and retrieve her kit, and dig out the first aid box. Taking out the bandages, antiseptic wipes and a morphine shot, I set to work. Morphine is the first thing administered, and whilst talking about everything and nothing to keep her awake, I gently lean her against a tree whilst I pulled back her top and wrap her tender and already bruised ribs as tight as her deep sighs of pain will let me. When the worst is done I clean the wound on her head and stick butterfly stitches over it to insure it stays closed long enough to heal. All I want to do right now is get her the hell out of here and back to the infirmary where Janet can look after her and give her the best meds. I hate seeing her in pain, and I hate knowing that I can only give her minimal treatment. She needs better, she deserves better than I can offer. Perhaps in more ways than one.

I carry her back to the house, (or should I say hut?) I'd found and lay her on the bed. I don't need her to tell me the agony she feels, I can see it in her eyes and I know from experience. But her eyes, they say it all, so much so I can't bear to look in to them, I can't see her go through that knowing that there is nothing more I can do but be there for her.

"Sir." she lets out an aching groan as I turn to our packs to find the blankets folded neatly within them. I take one out, shake it off and place it over her, careful of her injuries.

"Shh, try to get some sleep. That morphine should be kicking in any minute now." I sit on the side of her bed and run my fingers over her forehead and though her hair to brush out little bits of debris and ash, watching as her eyes close gently, leaving an un-punctured landscape across her face, of pale, almost ghostly white skin and dark shadowy circles where bright blue eyes should be shining. I will my hand to repeat its rout once more, feeling her feverishly hot skin beneath it and seeing the slight blue tinge around her lips for the first time.

From her peaceful rest she suddenly lets out a shudder and her skin rises with goose pimples. An obviously painful gasp chokes and her eyes open as she fights to regain control over the hurt. As always, trying to be the strong solider. Her hand takes mine in a vice like grip as I try to reassure her and calm her down.

"Stay with me, don't leave me.please." She begs though clenched teeth and shallow breaths.

"Hey, its ok. I promise I'm not gonna leave you. I promise Sam. You're gonna be ok." Her eyes are on me holding me like a rabbit caught in the headlights. She moves over towards the wall, as much as it hurts her, and signals for me to lie down next to her. I do so, laying on my side, facing her, and pulling up the blanket closer around her. My head moves closer to hers instinctively, my arm wraps itself over her abdomen and I whisper, "Sam, please try to rest, it'll do you good." She nods and again closes her eyes, never once letting go of the hand she'd grabbed hold of moments before.

I must have fallen asleep myself, because when I wake up the sun has moved around to take up its resting position on the horizon. Checking that she is still breathing and still asleep I very carefully get up and help myself to another ration pack, before leaving a radio pressed in her hand and leaving to find a water supply. If we were going to survive, that is one thing we have to have.


Water is something that is not usually that hard to find, and today is no different, I am very pleased to say. I followed the direction of last nights rain, and bingo! A stream. I take out the containers I had packed in my kit before leaving and fill each one to the top. The water looks clear enough and it's fast moving, but you can never be too sure. I get some dry wood from the trees nearby and walk home, slightly more weighed down than I had expected.

Day gives way to night as I light a fire in the hearth, which is located in the centre of the main room, complete with its own chimney and stove. Once I'm satisfied that the fire is good, I place a container of water on the stove and set my watch to make sure that it boils for at least five minutes.

Deciding its time to check in on Carter I head for the bedroom and open the door wide enough to look inside with out disturbing her, but I find her already awake and sitting up.

"Hey, what do you think your doing? You should be resting!" I tell her off

"You sound like Janet!" She smiles.

"It hurts me that you would say that! Besides, I don't think white's my colour!" a board smile spread across my face as I see that some of the pain has obviously abandoned her body. Maybe her ribs aren't broken after all?

"How are you feeling" I enquire with a more serious note.

"Actually, I think either that morphine is really kicking in, or I'm just bruised and in shock." She rubs her ribs, sighing. "Either way, I think I'm gonna be sore for a while!"

I nod sadly, "take it easy Carter, and don't make me have to make that an order. I've got things covered here for the time being, and I'll have some water for you in about two minutes, I can mix you up some coffee if you like. I never leave home with out coffee!"

"That's tempting sir, but I think I'll pass. Thanks anyway, I just don't think I can face it right now."

"Sure. Give it twenty minutes and I reckon the water will be cold enough to drink by itself. I'll bring you some when it ready. In the mean time, REST!" Hand gestures get her to roll her eyes and lay down again, returning to the wood and rough sheets for a bed.

Three hours later and we've eaten, drunk and are now once again sharing the same bed. I offered to sleep on the floor, but she made jokes about my back, and to be honest, the floor.not that inviting! The night passes, as do the days that follow. The days turn into weeks, the weeks into months, and soon four months have passed us by. Carter's ribs healed nicely, whether they were actually broken I don't know. We harvested the crops in the land in front of our abode, going by our best guess of when it looked ready and we built a channel to bring the water to us. Things actually were turning out quit well. Sam and I began to lose hope of being found by the thirteenth week of being IMA and came to accept it, although it was hard for both of us. Now we live a quiet life, fishing, farming and doing whatever else we need to do to be self-sufficient.

It has become second nature to us now; going to bed together, getting up with the sun, looking after each other, loosing the formalities of sir and major. We don't cross that line, just in case one day, they do come for us. For now I am content just that she lies in my arms every night. I forgot how good it feels to have someone to wake up too, something to wake up for.

She walks in to the house, which has had a few.modern touches added to it, slightly chilled from the fresh auterm breeze starting to move in. the winds can be bitter when they roll in off of the hills or even the distant mountains which are tipped with snow.

"Jack, I think we need to search further a field. We need to find somewhere more insulated, or we're not going to survive the winter. The crop is only enough to last us two, maybe three months, and its going to be at least four before we can start thinking about replanting. Plus, we have no animals to get any kind wool to make extra blankets from. I really don't know what the locals did. Maybe the goa'uld brought them everything they needed." She sits at the table opposite me and helps herself to some water.

"Ok, we'll pack up some gear and head out in the morning. Maybe there's something here, another village maybe, which can help us?" I stare down at my own wooden mug of water, wishing it was a nice cold bear, before putting it in the sink that I calved and Sam engineered a water supply for and head for bed.

"I'm going to bed, if we're gonna do this, we're gonna need enough sleep to ensure we can get out early and have maximum hours of daylight." She nods her agreement. "Are you coming?"

"Yeah, I'll be right there." She smiles.

I head for the bedroom and sit on the bed, take my boots and pants off and get in. These days it's too cold to sleep in bear feet and I always have slept in a t-shirt. We managed to find a few spare ones lying around and tailored them to our sizes. Sam joins me minutes later carrying a candle carefully in her hands. She places it on the bedside table we had made together (its trickier than it looks you know!) and sheds the appropriate clothing, leaving her dressed to match my own attire, before climbing into bed and wrapping herself in my arms. I breathe in her scent, which is still amazing even after four months on a planet with no showergel or shampoo. She leans over and blows out the candle, whispering a sweet goodnight before we both drift off into a comfortable sleep.