Dawn used to doodle little snails on all her notebook pages, and the teachers would get mad and call her mom, but Dawn didn't care. She was seven and it didn't matter because she thought her snails were cute and she liked them.

Then one day she left the school binder on the kitchen table, Buffy reda it and told her that snails were really slugs and they left a slimey green poision whenever they moved.

From then one, Dawn never drew another snail.


When Dawn was eight, she saw her dad kissing a woman who wasn't her mom and asked him about it. He got mad and hit hir repeatidly, until she was coughing up blood and crying so hard she couldn't breath.

Afterwards, he told her that he was sorry, and kissed her forhead, took her for ice-cream, and made her promise never to tell anyone about the lady or what he did to her.

Dawn never told a soul.


The day before she turned ten, her mother came into her room, abd told her to get some things together, because she was taking Dawn on a trip. 'Where?' Dawn asked. 'To my mothers' she told her daughter.

When her bag was packed, she when down stairs and sees her sister ready to go. 'Where's dad?' she asked, but didn't get an answer, just a snort from the blonde.

Then her mother's scream ripped through the house a moment later, and the next thing the girl knew, her mother was crumpled at the bottom of the stairs, not moving, and their dad was standing there. Dawn screamed and Buffy called the hospital.

Dawn never forgot the image of her mother laying there, unconscious.


Dawn sometimes wonders if these things really happened, or if the monks just had a sick sence of humor.

Ha, ha, funny. A fake girl that wasn't around, but still had memories that made her sick.