There are times when he can go hours without thinking about the boy. It's not all the hard, really. Well, *it* it, but not thinking about him. As long as he submerges himself in his work, and makes sure to avoid leaving his office, there isn't much of a problem.

It isn't as if he is like the men who take advantage of children. He acknowledges that it is wrong, and it isn't as if he would ever act on it. And every time he catches himself thinking such thoughts, he swears to himself that it will be the last time. It's just that it never is.

And sometimes in the back of his mind, Rupert Giles knows that the moment he sees the boy, or something that is a reminder of him, his mind will once again go to places it never should.

Ant to tell the truth, while it disturbs him greatly, it doesn't upset him as much as it should.