Percell stood, leaning against the outside of the squad's hootch when a helicopter full of newbie's came in. All of them scurried off, but soon were met by Sergeant Anderson. All stood at attention except one man who held his hate as the helicopter flew off and then began wandering around.
Danny walked over to the newbie and asked, "You lost?"
The newbie whirled around and said, "Yeah, I'm looking for.Colonel Brewster's office." The newbie removed his hat and long, blonde hair fell out around her shoulders and down her back.
Percell stopped in his tracks and mouth wide exclaimed, "You're. You're a.women!"
The newbie looked down, then looked at Danny, "By Damn, I am! I'm Beth, you are?"
Danny chuckled, extended his hand, and said, "I'm corporal Daniel Percell, people call me Percell. I'll show you to Brewster's office.
Beth shook his hand and followed him to Colonel Brewster's office."
Percell handed Beth her bag and smiled at her. "Thanks." She walked into the office and set her bag down by the door, then stood in front of the officer's desk. "Reporter Beth Black, reporting, sir."
Colonel Brewster turned and his jaw dropped. "Welcome, I guess I didn't realize that you were a woman."
"That seems to be the majority of the knowledge around this place. A Corporal Percell felt the same way when he found out that I had long hair, and boobs." Colonel Brewster laughed. "Sir, where is my hootch? I really need some rest and a long hot shower.
"Sure, our base is very packed, so you will be staying with Lieutenant Goldman's squad. You will be staying with all men, it's the best I could do. The men will be on strict discipline. They know to keep hands off." Colonel Brewster stopped at a hootch, "This is your place. Good Luck." Beth stood outside the hootch, looking at the building. Beth stood outside and listened. "Did you hear? We gotta share the hootch with a reporter." Ruiz complained. "Yeah, Ru, we've been here forever, we shouldn't have to share with a damn reporter." Taylor remarked. Outside Beth whispered, " I can't believe I'm going to be living with a group of men." Slowly she reached for the handle and pulled it open. Beth stepped inside the hootch and four pairs of eyes looked at her. "Heloo, I'm..."
"Beth." Percell finished as he got up and walked toward her. "Why are ya here?"
"Oh, God, why is he here and why am I stuck in the same hootch as him, Damn." Beth though to herself.
"I'm going to be staying here, because there isn't any room left anywhere else. Where can I sleep?"
Taylor sat up on his bed and mumbeld, "Over there." He pointed to a bunk across the room from Percell's.
Beth walked over to the bed and threw herself upon it. The pillowcase smelled and the blanket reeked. Beth rolled off onto the floor. "Girl, you ain't very smart for being a reporter." Ruiz quipped and Taylor frowned. She glared at him.
"Shut up, buddy. This bed reeks, don't you gusy do laundry around this joint?"
Taylor laughed and looked at her. "That's the bed we use if one of us gets sick.
Beth wrinkled her nose and began tearing the bed apart. "Well fine then, you lazy asses. I'm going to go wash my bedding."
Arms full, Beth walked out the door and almost plowed into a soldier, but kept going. She walked a few yards and was tripped. "What the hell?" She screamed as she fell hard to the ground. Four soldiers stood laughing.