Is this what it feels like? Oh, god, the pain... It hurts so bad. I'd cry out, but I can't even breath. Is this what it feels like? I'm sorry I ever wondered. I'm more then half dead already, and he's still going. I'd push him away, but I'm getting weaker every second. The worst part is that he doesn't even realize that he's killing me. I never thought that this would be how I'd die, never really thought about it at all, but if I had, I never have even considered this, of all deaths. To die at the hands of my lover, my soulmate, my reason for living. Ironic like Alanis, and I'd laugh, but it's not that funny. It isn't even Angelus. That I could handle. And he didn't even want to do it. I made him.

Goodbye, my love. Please don't blame yourself, and never forget me. And please avenge my death and hurt her like you hurt me.