They are all dead, every last one of them. All because of me. I could just sit here and watch that *thing* pretend to be me.

The first one was Fred. A simple bullet in the brain by one of IT's followers. She didn't even realize what happened.

The second was Gunn. I guess love really does come through for some people. The moment Fred was shot, he was able to see her true face. Literaly. That night he went after her, after ME, with a battleax. But she somehow knew, and was waiting for him. She grined and then implaed the blunt end of the whepon in his heart.

Wesley was next because he dared question IT's plan of attack on a nest on vampires. For it, she tore him limb from limb, in the true meaning of the phrase.

Angel was forth, and she just draged him out side into the open sunlight in a fit of paranoia. By that time, Connor had come to his sences and managed to convince Lorn to read 'Cordelia' again, but the two of them wern't strong enough, and the CREATURES she had control over killed them bloodily. Now there is no one to stop her, and all I can do is watch.