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Holiday Havoc

Chapter One

Sally Po sighed and glanced at her partner. Wufei didn't look tired, and she doubted he was, but he was certainly annoyed more than usual. They'd been on a plane for three hours, and had a two-hour layover in Chicago. As it turned out, their next plane had been overbooked, and they had been bumped off. Now here they were, hours later, still at the airport. It wouldn't have been so bad - a ridiculous amount of babies was on that flight - if the next open flight to Houston wasn't until the next day. Damn Holiday Season.

It was January 2nd, AC 199, and it was their first mission of the year. Their first mission of the year, and they were behind schedule. Not that Lady Une would mind - she could understand this - but the two of them minded. Sally looked at Wufei again, realizing for the first time how much her 19-year-old partner had changed.

He was sitting low in his chair, with his dark eyes fiery with anger focused on a spot on the floor. His arms were crossed defensively over his chest. His legs were stretched out over his duffel bag, and his ankles were crossed. Sally realized, almost with shock, that he had refrained from telling off the ticket people, and instead, was fuming quietly. Wow, she was impressed.

"Hey Wufei," she said quietly. When he didn't reply, she continued, "Do you think we should get a hotel for the night?"

"No." he said sharply, glaring at the carpet. "It's 11 p.m. The next plane leaves at 4 a.m. It would be a waist of money, woman. You can sleep here if you want." He had a point.

Sally sank lower in her chair and leaned her head back. Sleep sounded good. She felt Wufei reach across her and move her duffel bag to the floor between their legs instead of the seat next to her. He was always so careful.

"What do you mean we'll have to take another flight with a layover!" Wufei was saying, raising his voice a little. Sally opened her eyes. Oh no. Wufei was losing his temper.

"Fei?" she said sleepily, trying to get his attention away from the poor man at the check-in. He ignored her.

"We've been here since eight o'clock," Wufei growled, "because our damn flight was overbooked, and you're telling me that we have to take a flight to somewhere else to even GET a flight to where we're going!"

Noticing Wufei's clenched fists, Sally Po sat up and raised her voice. "Wufei," she said.

"Woman," he growled, "get your stuff. We're taking a flight to St. Louis." He yanked his duffel bag off the floor and stormed off. Sally followed.

"What do we do when we get there?" she asked.

"St. Louis has a flight open for Sacramento. I booked it," he told her. "Then we'll drive the rest of the way."

'Oh no,' Sally groaned inwardly. 'Hurricane Wufei is at it again . . .'

"I hate the Holidays," mumbled Wufei.

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