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Holiday Havoc: Chapter 7

Sally was gone when he woke up again. Wufei pushed himself up slowly on the pillow. He felt heavy, clouded. That damn woman drugged him and left him. And damn it, he had to find a way to get to the bathroom. Of course, Wufei never was one for giving up. Stubbornness was one of his good qualities.

Bracing himself against the nightstand, Wufei slid slowly off the edge of the bed and cringed as he lowered his weight onto his feet. He felt a severe pull in his side, but he focused only on the bathroom door. He slowly removed his hands from the nightstand, confidant that he could stand. However, his side pulled again, and he nearly dropped back onto the bed. Gasping, he clutched the bed and continued to slide one hand along the edge of the bed as he hobbled toward his destination.

There came a point when the bed could no longer support Wufei on his journey. He used the corner to again try to straighten up. Taking deep breaths, he slowly centered himself before attempting to walk the next five feet to the bathroom door. "Gods," he groaned, leaning heavily against the wall after staggering three feet to it. The next two feet were simple enough. He simply continued putting his weight on the wall. Finally, he arrived at the bathroom.

Sally, in the meantime, was having fun with her partner's motorcycle. In other words, she was performing dangerous stunts in an attempt to lose a car that had not been more than ninety feet away from her for several blocks. She careened through a warehouse parking lot with that black car behind her. Swinging into a back alleyway, too small for a car that size to fit, Sally heard the screeching of the car's tires, the sound of opening doors, and the harsh tones of angry men with bad aim. She jerked the bike around a corner and sped up. She then took the second left she saw and somehow wound up in another warehouse parking lot. But she saw a main road, and her breathing returned to normal.

Although Sally was thoroughly lost, she managed to make it back to Wufei's apartment without any more visible stalkers. She pulled the groceries from where she had secured them on the motorcycle and walked up the stairs, thankful that there were no scratches on the bike. She was never sure how Wufei would react to little things like that.

She dropped the bags carelessly on the kitchen counter before going to check on Wufei, who she hoped was still sleeping. She didn't want to freak out at him again. She opened the door to the dark bedroom and flipped on the lights. "Fei?" she said, looking around the room. "Fei?" The bathroom door was open, but he wasn't there either. Sally's heart leaped momentarily into her throat. Perhaps the enemy had found this place while she was away. How could she let that happen?

Wufei's annoyed voice came from the only other room in the apartment, just across the hall from his bedroom. She hadn't gone into it out of respect for his privacy. "Where did you go, woman?" he asked her.

Sighing, Sally turned around and walked back into the little hallway. "Wufei Chang," she said.

"What? You're the one who left, woman." He was sitting cross-legged on a chair in front of a computer desk. The computer hummed gently. "Well?" He turned a little to look at her smugly.

Sally chuckled. "I told you where I was going earlier, and as I recall, you said okay. You told me where your money was and told me to get out. You don't remember?"

"Obviously not."

"Well, I bought food, in any case. What are you doing? Why aren't you resting?" Sally folded her arms.

"I'm waiting for communication with HQ. And I'm not resting because I already did that. It's not like I'm doing anything right now, anyway. Ah, well, it would figure that Maxwell is online." Wufei shook his head and responded to an instant message he just received.

"And just what does Maxwell have to say?" Sally finally decided to enter the room, and she took a seat on a small, black leather loveseat near the window.

"He says, 'Mom won't let me come home from school.' Here, come read for yourself." Wufei moved the chair over slightly, so Sally could stand beside him.

"'Man, I think she just doesn't want to pay for my flight home. But I'm already failing a couple classes, and it's too late to drop them. She says I should do my homework and not make the stupid professors mad. Kinda sucks, huh?'" Sally frowned. "So Lady Une wants us to lie low? For how long?"

Wufei shrugged and waited for another message from Duo. Sally read it. "'She says I should have my grades up in a couple of weeks, but I can't make any promises. The professors are pretty tough… Good thing I didn't go for the Ivy League schools, huh?'"

"'Mom's mailing me Cliff Notes to help me out… Like I'm gonna read them. Ha. Anyway, I'll chat with you after I finish this stupid report…"

Sally sighed again, relieved. "We get backup in a couple weeks, then. That clears that up. What do we do till then? Lie low… That sounds interesting. I wonder if Une actually has him writing a report."

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