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In the evening, after her usual patrol, Jessie went to the function as soon as she could, dressed immaculately in formal wear, a creamy white satin flow dress that hugged her figure, flattering it even more at the elegantly tapered waistline.

Opening the door to the ballroom, heads turned as Jessie entered, a little apprehensive.

The richest citizens of Gotham were in their formal attire, and Jessie felt lost as she searched the crowd for a familiar face or her mother. She found herself wondering what part of her mind had consented to coming here. The ladies were dressed in their evening dresses, mostly dark blue, or black. But not exactly white. Jessie felt uncomfortably out of place. She went over to the juice table to get a drink, and once she had it, she raised it to her lips and sipped a little of it, feeling that there was something more she could do instead of standing here and looking like a total idiot.

She was about to look for her mother when a soft voice said, "Hey."

Whirling around, alarmed, she looked straight into the dark, soft eyes of a very good-looking guy, obviously not much older than her. His jet black hair fell almost into his eyes, she noticed, but he made no attempt to brush it back.

Shrugging slightly, she smiled. "Uh, hi."

"Nice party, huh?" he asked, a little offhandedly.

"Yeah," she said, meaning the opposite. "Very nice party."

He stuck out his hand, "I'm Terry."

She smiled faintly and took his hand. "Jessie."

Jessie was glad that she had at least someone to talk to. "So, why're you here?"

He shrugged. "I'm here on Bruce's behalf." he paused. "He can't make it today."

Jessie arched an eyebrow. "You mean, the Bruce Wayne?"

He nodded. "Yeah."

"Cool," she said sincerely.

"I've seen you around school, Jessie," he told her, feeling a little nervous.

Jessie was relaxed as she took another sip of her drink. "I know," she said calmly. "Terry McGinnis. Most popular guy in school." she chuckled softly. "I know."

He was pleasantly surprised. "Wow. News do get around fast."

"Yeah," Jessie agreed enthusiastically. "Especially if you kinda had something big happening to you. The student network really bonds, do they?"

Now it was his turn to chuckle. "You're so right."

"So," she started. "You kinda have these groupies, right?"

He looked innocent as he said, "Nope. I'm living groupie free."

Jessie looked up at him. "That's nice, especially knowing that almost all the girls in Hamilton High wants you," she said lightly.

He nodded, taking a drink for himself. "It gets really tiring."

"Hear, hear," she commented.

"I'm kinda glad I came here tonight," he said, looking directly at her.

"Me, too," she flirted. "Especially since today I didn't want to come."

"Why?" he asked, knowing full well her answer.

"Um..." she squirmed uncomfortably. "I kinda have something important to do." That wasn't far from the truth, she thought to herself.

Good one, Jessie, Terry thought. If he hadn't been patrolling last night, she would be dead by now, and he wouldn't know she'd been hiding something. Terry wanted to say something to her, but he couldn't. That would be really risking his identity, and that was definitely not a plus.

Noticing a balcony, she beckoned Terry to follow her as she headed for the balcony, where no one could see them.

"See?" she said, looking out, and breathing in the fresh night air. "This is what I call bliss."

Jessie looked so happy that Terry didn't want to disturb her. It was her first, and maybe only chance to forget about the cares and worries of the Slayer, and he watched as she climbed up onto the ledge and sat there, pulling her legs up with her, and putting her arms over her legs. Terry sat on the ledge, just watching her.

"You know," she said wistfully, the soft wind blowing at her hair, ruffling it just a little. Terry thought she looked really beautiful. He was about to say so when she opened her eyes and looked at him. "Have you ever, like, have a really big responsibility that you almost can't cope? And that you have to juggle everything of your life just to fit it?"

Terry nodded, understanding. "Yeah," he said softly. "I've been through that."

"Really?" her laugh sounded forced. "It's really difficult, isn't it?"

Terry nodded, sympathizing. "It's just-"

Suddenly, glass splintered and screams were heard in the room. Suddenly in action, Jessie sprang to her feet and charged inside, worried, and alert. Terry mouthed an excuse to go get help. Jessie didn't hear him, as she was appalled by the sight. A woman with bluish, almost alien skin was covered like those women in Baghdad or something, some country she couldn't name if her life depended on it. And the lady had a particularly dangerous sword with her.

"Whoa," she muttered, pushing back her hair. "That's taking girl power a little too far."

The woman was waving her sword about like a madwoman, and Jessie was busy looking for something to defeat that harmful looking sword. Remembering her sword fighting lessons with Trenton, she more or less knew how to handle one. Catching sight of a sword hanging on a wall, she jumped up with a superhuman leap and took down the sword with a flourish, unsheathing it.

Landing lightly on her feet, she called, "Hey, lady! Fight this!" Jessie flew at her, and she saw the particularly dangerous sword reaching out to hack her to ribbons. Thinking fast, she flipped back and stood a good distance away from her.

Flippantly, she stood her ground. "Who're you?" she asked, cocking her head.

The woman just glared at her, then moved to attack. Jessie didn't haul butt in time, so her dress hem was sliced cleanly. Glaring at swordlady, she grunted angrily as she back-flipped, "Ooh, you're not my friend."

Hitting her square in the stomach, the woman stumbled back, crashing against the wall.

Wary, Slayer and the woman faced off, taking in information of each other. As the lady took a death blow at her, a black bat-shaped boomerang thingy flashed across the room and knocked the sword off. Turning, she saw that it was her Bat-guy from last night.

"Hi," she told him, as she did a cartwheel, and noticed that the crowd was still screaming. Catching sight of the obvious blocking the entryway and making snacks of people, she tossed over her shoulder, "It's all for you."

"Thanks!" he said, a little sarcastically, inwardly marveling how she could even fight in such a tight dress.

Jessie launched herself into the air with a somersault, and drove both her feet into a vamp's chest, driving him down. "And stay down, sucker," she muttered as she ducked down and staked him.

The door was locked fast. Turning to the panels, she broke them with a swift kick in her heels, thank you very much, and the door slid open. The people were flooding out like a hooverdam, and Jessie held on to the doors to make sure she didn't get caught in the crowd.

The other two vamps rushed at her, moving to trap her between them, and Jessie smiled. That hadn't worked the last times their kind had tried it. It so wasn't going to work now, either. They started in towards her. Jessie dropped to her hands and swept her legs around under her body in a Jackie Chan move. Hey, she watched old movies too, no surprise there. In fact, she'd got some of her moves from there, too.

Then, she took out one of the vamps in a rockin' roundhouse punch, sending him flying towards a punch table, all the glasses tinkling to the floor. The other one was looming over her, and Jessie did a backwards handspring and brought both her heels up to his face. He grabbed his nose and eyes, and didn't even look as she staked him. The first one had gotten up, now, and without hesitating, she drove the stake straight through him. He stared at the stake in disbelief, then, screamed as he turned into dust at her feet.

Turning her attention to the big fight, she watched as she saw Batman flipping back, a very narrow escape from being sliced and diced by her lethal sword.

Then, the lady attacked with a roundhouse-cum karate chop. Batman jumped away deftly, doing a handspring which looked flawless. Getting back to his feet, he looked at her seriously, while circling her like a tiger.

"Curare, don't you ever give up?" he asked, eyes narrowed. He rolled away just as her sword came down on him. "I'll bet the Council is after your ass right now." he attacked back with a hard punch. The woman stumbled back a few feet, but recovered again.

Just as soon as Jessie thought she was about to attack him again, Curare whirled around and disappeared.

"Cool," Jessie said distractedly as he looked at her. Then, she remembered someone, and asked, "Have you seen Terry?" she asked. "He went to ask for help." Jessie paused, in thought. "I think."

"Yeah," he answered. "He's back at home. How's your friend?"

Jessie shrugged, "She's good. I mean, she'll be out in a few days." All of a sudden, she felt guilty as she thought about Kaledra. Her smile turned into a sad grimace. "No breaking out for me, I guess."

Batman felt sorry for her. This was one girl where she was stuck, and he meant stuck, being the Slayer, or something. She didn't deserve all that, didn't ask for it, but still, the world had thrown her the gauntlet, and she picked it up with her head held high. It was what he could say to a few people he knew. Example, Bruce Wayne. He'd been protecting his city, Gotham, for many years, and now, he was helping him fight crime. But who knows how long Jessie would live? Ten? One? None? For all he knew, she may die tonight. But that was the world, isn't it? Life was unfair. Is unfair.

Jessie looked at him oddly, and he snapped out of reverie. "You were saying?" he asked politely.

"Who's Sword Lady?" she asked flippantly.

"She's an assassin," he replied. "Failed in killing her target. Now she's back for revenge."

There was a pause. "Oh. Revenge for who?"

His answer was plain as he said, "Me."

Now, it was a shocked silence. "You? What did you do?" she asked.

"Foiled her attempts." He answered.

"Ooh. And she works with vampires." She glanced at him. "I saw 'em, and I staked 'em."

"Why?" he asked, puzzled. It was more like answering himself.

"Maybe she's been changed." She said simply. "Vamps do the weirdest things." She wrinkled her nose. "And their taste in clothes sucks."

Batman had to fight not to chuckle as she said that. The Slayer, Jessie, was not only the Chosen One, but a girl, living apparently, in the now. He could see the gears working in her head as she told him, "Her skin is pale."

Just then, Bruce came over on his com-link. "We don't have time for conversation, McGinnis." He said crisply. Batman fought not to let his mild annoyance show when he answered.

"She's the Slayer." He replied. "She helped me."

This time, there was a shocked pause on the other end. "What's her name?" he asked.

"Jessica Chase."

"Then she must be the granddaughter of Jessie," he said, almost too softly for Terry to hear.

"What?" he asked, surprised.

"Nothing," Bruce regained his firmness after a few seconds of being caught off guard.

"Look," Batman said to Jessie in a soft tone. "I'll…see you around, okay? I've kinda gotta go."

Jessie smiled slightly and replied, "Bye. I've kinda got something to do, too."

Then, Batman pressed something gently into her palm, his gloved hands warm in hers. "Like I said, see you around."

With that, he took off.

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