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Shalimar and Tara sat in the coffee shop drinking there coffee and talking about things from, mutant X to the world or gossip that they heard about. "So Shalimar can you ask Adam if he can get us that new info for the database?" Tara asked Shalimar as they headed out to Tara's car. "Yes and I'll send it to you by Friday, that good?" Shalimar asked. "Yes, it'll all work out, thank-you and thank-you for coming" Tara said to Shalimar said as Brennan pulled up. "Your welcome Tara, anything you need" Shalimar said as she got in the car beside Brennan and Tara got in her car and headed to the safe house.

"So did you get what you needed Brennan?" she asked him "Yes I did, did you two have a nice talk?" Brennan asked as they headed down the street. "Yes, and I told her I'll send her the new info for the database by Friday" the feral told him. "Oh ok so I guess it worked out with Adam and them," Brennan said laughing "yes I guess it did" Shalimar said laughing as well. When Brennan and Shalimar got home, Shalimar went to the Lab only to see Jesse had fallen asleep beside Emma's prone body, and Adam was not in the lab. "I wonder how he's holding up," Shalimar whispered to Brennan as they stood at the door.

"He looked so hurt. I don't even know how to explain it" Brennan said "Ya and when the bullets land in her shoulder...oh god Brennan" Shalimar said as she walked away from the door. Brennan followed the sad feral into her room and sat with her on her bed. She curled up into a cat like slumber, head on Brennan's arms, while he rubbed her hair and back softly. Brennan curled up beside her on her bed, and he too fell asleep sometime after his feral friend.

5 Days Later

It's been 5 days since they found Emma, and she looked like she was going to wake up on the third day but fell unconscious again and hasn't done anything again. Emma lay there in the lab, she was in a state of a comatose person, but her mind was working and she was thinking. Emma started to think of all that happened.

Was this her very painful and sad, sad ending. Did her friends even bother to look for her to try and help her? Would her friends even know she was gone? Would they even care? Of course they would care about her, they were her friends. She had died once before but that was because of Caleb Mathius.

He was the vampire that had to feed on the life force of others to live. He had killed her, her heart stopped, her breathing, she had died. She couldn't have died this time, she just couldn't of. How would Shalimar deal with this, she sure as hell didn't take it will with the whole Caleb thing.

She had been following Emma around after that for 3 days; she asked why Shalimar told her it was because she didn't want to lose her. She couldn't lose her, not again, not for real, but Emma could feel something else from Shalimar, she just didn't know what it was.

She had took Shalimar to sit by the pond later that day to tell her that she would never lose her again and she would always be here. They had cried, talked and spent the whole night doing that then fell asleep around 5:30am.

When Jesse and Brennan woke them they both still had tears on their faces. They never did tell them what they spent that night talking about but they did tell them it was important, and that they felt better.

Shalimar had been there when Tyler had died, and she helped her. They were always there for each other if anything bad happened to them or if they were crying or in pain, the other one was there to help them through it. If one was in trouble when fighting the other was there to help save that person. But when she needed help to fight him back this time she wasn't there to help her, she was alone.

How could she think of all this, she shouldn't but she had to, it was the only thing she could think of. It's not like there was anything else she could think of, everything else was gone. She was gone, her life was gone, her friends, her home, everything, everything was gone.

Shalimar and Jesse Sitting By the Pond

Shalimar sat by the pond "you know this is her favorite spot" she said "yes I know it is" Jesse said back blankly back to the feral. Both Shalimar and Jesse were sitting there thinking, talking, and she let him cry, she let him grieve. For it was his turn to cry and let it out. It has been real dull around Sanctuary ever since Emma had been found; they were all just scared that they would really lose her.

No killing someone or shocking her heart for her to come back, she would be dead. Jesse had come out of the lab when Shalimar walked out of her room early this morning. "Shal, I really want her back, I couldn't help her get through all that excruciating pain all that torture. God Shal how could I have been so dumb as to not know when I never felt her anymore that something happened to her" Jesse almost cried it all out there and then.
'Good, let him grieve, you have, Brennan he has, but Jesse he's but holding strong...god let him be' the feral told herself as she walked with him to the pond to sit.

The pond was the calmest place in Sanctuary, that's why Emma loves it so much. It lets her be free of all the emotions hitting her all day everyday. "You know when we found out about her and you had told me it wasn't true, but I could see it in the way you did things, you love her" Jesse said to his friend Shalimar. "Ya I do" Shalimar said as she looked at Jesse "are you guys ok with us, I mean?" she asked him. "Of course we are, no offence it's a little strange but hey what the hell can be stranger then us?" he said with a laugh that with bitter.

"I know it hurts Jess, but she wake up she'll be fine," said the feral in a tone that he was sure he didn't like. "I want to hurt them, I don't know who they are and I don't care, I want to hurt them... kill them" he said.
"Brennan and me are in the same boat, so your going to have to wait in line," Shalimar told him as she and he got up to move. They walked to the kitchen, Brennan came up to them and they all sat at the table eating a sandwich and talking. "So do you guys want to go out tonight?" Shalimar asked trying to lift the mood. "Do you think we should?" Brennan asked

"Yes, nothing's going to happen...so we can go anyway Adam can call us right?" Jesse said knowing what Shalimar was doing. "Oh ok Shal, we can go out," Brennan said as Shalimar got up to go get ready and the guys kept talking for a while longer. Shalimar walked to the lab to talk with Adam and tell him and to be with Emma for a while.
Emma and her never really got anywhere with there relationship because as soon as they started it, it was put on hold because Emma was gone. She walked in the lab "Adam were going out for a while ok?" she asks as she walks up to Emma. "All right Shalimar and I'll call if you're all needed," he said as he went over to her.

"Why hasn't she woken up yet? I mean she should wake up!" Shalimar was scared about her, they all were "She'll wake up on her own time Shal don't worry," he told her.
"Go out and have some fun, and don't worry I'll call. Now go," he told her leading her out of the lab "Ok bye" she called as she walked to her room "bye" he said to her as she walked away. It took Shalimar 1 hour to get ready because every time she would pull out something that Emma would borrow or she borrow from Emma and give back three days later, she would remember things and cry.

"She's going to be ok Shal, just get ready and go out with the guys and have fun, be with Emma when you get back" she told herself as she walked to the kitchen. Both Brennan and Jesse were sitting there, jeans and a shirt taking. "So are you ready to go Shal?" they asked as they seen the feral "Ya I am let's go" she said.
They all walked out to the car, and Shalimar didn't feel like driving so she got in the back, the guys in the front. She sat looking out the window again thinking. She hadn't even relies how much time she spent looking out the window because before she knew it the guys called and told her they were here. She got out of the car and walked with them into the bar for some fun for the night.

"Well that was fun really it was" Shalimar said as they walked into Sanctuary from the car. "Ya it was fun" both guys said. "I'm going to bed see you guys in the morning," Brennan said as he walked away to his room Jesse went to his room soon after. "Good night Shal, see you in the morning" Jesse said walking away from the feral "Good night Jesse" she said walking to her room to change. After she changed she walked out to the lab "Adam, your falling asleep go to bed" she told him walking in. "Oh hi Shalimar, did you guys have fun?" he asked "Ya it was fun now Adam go lay down, your dead tired" she said.

"Ok, ok I'm going "he said walking out of the lab."Oh Emma, my Emma your getting better Adam said a few more days and you'll be ok again" Shalimar said to best friend as she took a seat beside her.

Shalimar had been talking to Emma for a few hours after Adam left and she fell asleep beside her best friend, her lover.

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