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Emma could hear Shalimar's voice as she talks softly to her "I can hear you Shal...oh I can hear you, help me please Shalimar baby help me" Emma wanted nothing more then to be bale to be with Shalimar, at home somewhere safe and quiet, and light she wanted light. After a while Shalimar's voice fads away and Emma is left alone.

"Why did she have to go? God I miss Shalimar so much" Emma said to herself. "Why did they take me? Why couldn't I stop them? Why the hell am I stuck here!" She keeps asking herself. "Shalimar...I miss you so much" Emma cried as she slid to the floor of her mind. "Shalimar misses me...I miss her...she needs me...I need her...but oh god how can I tell her?" Emma cried to herself as she fell asleep again.

"Has anything changed?" both Brennan and Jesse asked walking in the lab. Shalimar wiped her tears from her face and dried her eyes, "no...I don't think so" she said. "She looks...she looks so peaceful but I know she's not...she's got to be in so much pain" Shalimar felt tears running down her face again. "Shal, lets go out for a while...why don't you go take a nap? You look tired" Jesse said to the crying feral. "No, no I'm ok, I'm not tired, and I'm just...worried" she said.

"Shalimar go have a nap, if anything changes we'll call you go" Brennan told her "No I'm staying...I have to stay I have to be with her" she said through her tears "Shalimar you need to sleep, you need to eat...your a feral not a god damn machine" Jesse said to her. "NO I have to stay" she said as both of them took her arms and pulled her up "No. please no" her voice raw and sore from the crying she did all night, as well as her eyes red and puffy.

"Shalimar, you need to. Sorry" Jesse said as he gave her an injection "You haven't slept or eaten in over a week and if you don't soon, your going to end up on the table beside her" Jesse said as he gave the out cold feral to Brennan. They gave her a sedative so she would sleep, they knew that she would kill them but they had too, or she would end up killing herself while waiting for Emma to wake up. "God Emma better wake up, or we won't have an empath or a feral on our side" Brennan said walking away to put Shalimar to her bed "Ya...I hope they both get better soon" Jesse said walking back into the lab.

Later that night around 10:00pm Shalimar rolled over to find she wasn't with Emma in the lab, she was in her bed. She looked at the clock, she's been sleeping all day but when did she come to bed? She goes over things and remembers Brennan and Jesse then nothing. "They put me to sleep! I'll kill them" she said in a sleepy voice as she flashed sleepy and lonely feral eyes.

She was going to get up and go out to them but changed her mind, she felt to tired and rolled back over to sleep some more. "Emma's going to be mad" she through as she fell back into a world of dreams. Brennan closed the door and walked to Jesse in the lab. "She fell back asleep, she might not be up till morning if were lucky" he said to his friend.

"It's been a week, shouldn't she wake up?" Jesse asked no one really "She should but I don't know why she isn't" Brennan said. "Maybe we should scan her again" Jesse said with a shrug. "Alright" Brennan said, after they scanned her they found her brain actives very high, she was thinking, or talking because is was always this high when she's talking.

"You thinking that she may be talking to some other Empath or something cause look" Brennan asked pointing to the scan "maybe, or maybe she's gonna wake up…you know we have no idea what that means" Jesse said. "Ya true but we can always think happy things, i.e. Emma waking up" Brennan said as he turned to walk out of the lab "you want something to eat?" Jesse nodded "sure, whatever you have" he nodded and left the lab.

Emma through about Shalimar and there relationship, and she was shocked "I'm in love with Shalimar… I mean were best friends, I always through she was like an older sister to me…but…god I love her" she smiled as an image of Shalimar came to her. "Emma, come wake up now, so Shalimar doesn't kill us when she wakes up. Because I know when she sees your eyes she'll forget about me and Brennan so please wake UP EM!" she heard him loud and clear. "Jesse, oh god Jesse I'm here, I'm right here!" she said getting up off the 'floor' and looking up into the dark endless 'sky' about her. "I'm here Jesse, and I'm trying to wake up, I'm trying" she said before the darkness dissappered.

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