Marah stood with her arm linked with Dustin's. She stared up at the large neon sign and gave him a questioning look.
"Okay- why are you guys doing this again?" she asked everyone. Hunter and Shane gave each other smirks.
"Because the ladies think they're hot," Shane said. He was greeted by a high five from Hunter causing everyone to laugh. Tori just shook her head.
"Marah, we're doing this so we'll always remember the bond we shared," she said sweetly.
"Awe! Tori's getting all sappy again!" Blake said in a mockingly sweet tone. Tori punched him in the arm with a huge smile on her face. He felt his knees turn to rubber as she stared at him with her brilliant blue eyes. Cam snapped everyone back to attention.
"Can we just do this? I really hate needles, so I'd like to get this done as soon as possible."
"Alright, alright, let's go." Shane said as they headed in to the tattoo parlor.
Three of them went at once- each with their own artist. Hunter and Cam watched as Shane flinched whenever the needle ran across his skin. He tried to play off the pain, but the guys saw right through it. In another area, Marah was awestruck by what was happening. Dustin's arm was covered in black ink, and the artist would periodically wipe it away to reveal the design. She smiled when she saw the design almost finished. Tori was the coolest out of all of them. She didn't even flinch. She glanced over at Blake who was sitting in a chair next to her.
"You're next you know," she said as hers was being colored in. He smiled weakly at her. He had a terrible fear of needles, but hadn't told anyone. When the wind rangers were finished, the thunders and the samurai were next. Cam and Hunter had no problem with theirs. Blake on the other and looked like he was going to pass out. Tori looked over and saw him starting to sweat. She moved closer and grabbed his right hand in hers. She gently began stroking it trying to calm him.
He looked up at her and immediately forgot about everything else. He loved her with all his heart- he had from the first moment he saw her. Even while under Lothor's influence, he still felt it for her. Now that he was destroyed, they had all the time in the world to spend together. The only problem now was telling her.
"You alright?" she asked sweetly. He sent back a weak smile and nodded his head. She loved feeling his hand in hers- it felt so right. She felt the same way about him that he did for her. She knew she'd have to tell him before it was too late.
Some time later, the six rangers and Marah were sitting on the beach admiring their new accessories. They had defeated Lothor about two weeks prior and returned their morphers, Blake and Hunter decided to stay in Blue Bay Harbor with their friends, and Marah had picked up right where she left off with Dustin. She sat in front of him on the beach. He had his head resting on her shoulder. Tori looked over at them and let out a deep sigh.
"Tor? You alright?" Blake asked her.
"Yea, I'm fine. Just thinking." 'Just thinking about how good it would feel to be that way with you,' she said in her head. She glanced around at her friends. They all had gotten the same type of tattoo- their ranger insignias in the respective colors. All of them in the same spot- the inside of their left forearms where their morphers had once been. She smiled as Shane, Cam and Hunter were fighting over something. She knew to cherish this moment. Shane would be leaving in a few weeks for training camp. He had been called by a skateboarding scout who had seen him at an expo, and was asked to go and train for the pros. Everyone was thrilled that he had been asked. He had been approached before, but was unable to go because of his ranger duties. Now he was free to do whatever he wanted.
She suddenly had the urge to cry. She remembered that Blake and Hunter had been approached by Factory Blue before. Did that meant hat they would be leaving too? Her mind cleared when she felt a hand on hers. She glanced up to see Blake looking at her. She blushed slightly causing her head to go down. Blake squeezed her hand a little tighter and motioned his head in the direction of the strip of sand. He began to get up when he heard his cell phone ring.
'Damn it!' he cursed. He reluctantly let go of her hand and answered the call. After a few minutes he hung up and gave her a sweet smile.
"Everything alright?" she asked.
"Yea, that was Roger Hannah. You know from Factory Blue? He wants to see me and Hunter like now." He said kind of disappointed. Hunter heard this and jumped to his feet.
"Sweet! What are we waiting for? Where is he?" hunter asked excitedly.
"Storm Chargers talking to Kelly." Hunter grabbed his arm and nearly dragged him off the beach. He gave one last look to Tori, who was very miffed by all this, and left with Hunter.


Tori sat alone in her apartment later that day. She grabbed her keyboard out of her closet and a small blue book from her bookshelf. She never told anyone about this. She began piano lessons before she was old enough to read words. Her father gave her the gift of surfing and her mother gave her music. Whether it was dancing, singing, or composing, Tori always had a knack for it. After her parents were killed in a car accident when she was 17, she put everything away.
Now she had a reason to begin again. A new inspiration. She smiled as she turned to a song she had written. She began writing it when she first met Blake, and over time, she had added on to it. She got a sinking feeling in her stomach as she thought of him leaving her. She had to do this. If she couldn't tell him directly how she felt, maybe her song could.
She sat down in front of the equipment she had borrowed from Cam. She knew she would be doing this at some point, but she didn't expect to do it so soon. If Blake signed with Factory Blue, he'd be gone for who knows how long. She hit the record button on the recorder and began to play softly. Soon she was singing with all her heart and soul. She stopped the recorder when the last note faded into the air. She had tears streaming down her face.


The next day Cam was sitting outside the academy's main building when Blake approached him.
"Hey, have you seen Tori around?" he asked.
"Yea, she said something about going to meditate in the forest," Cam said motioning to the woods behind the building. Blake streaked off in that direction and found her sitting under a large tree. She didn't appear to be meditating, but sleeping. He crept closer to her and saw that her eyes were closed lightly. She was indeed asleep.
He thought she looked like an angel sitting in the sunlight. It made what he had to do even more difficult. He and hunter had indeed signed to a development deal with Roger Hannah. It was great, but they had to leave in the morning. He gently sat next to her and brushed a piece of hair out of her eyes. She opened her eyes to see Blake next to her.
"Blake? What are you doing here?" she asked surprised. It was like he had stepped out of her dream. He stood up and helped her up.
"I, uh, ,I have to talk to you about something." He and Tori walked back towards the academy as they spoke. "Hunter and I signed with Roger Hannah," he said softly. Tori felt her eyes water. "We're leaving tomorrow morning for Boston. Then we're headed to Europe, Roger thinks we'll get better training overseas for the first couple of months," he said looking down at the ground.
Tori felt her heart breaking. She wanted to tell him not to go- that she loved him- but anger took over body.
"Tomorrow? You're leaving tomorrow? When the fuck were you going to tell us about this?! Or were you just going to run off without a trace again?!" she screamed at him.
The sudden change in her shocked him. He could do nothing but respond. "You know I thought you'd be happy for me! Jesus Tori Shane gets signed and you jump for joy, but when hunter and I do you act like it's the fucking plague! Don't you ever think about anybody else?!" he shouted. Tori's hand connected with his face.
"Do you?!" she screamed back. Blake was still stunned by the slap she had given him, She had punched him before, but that was sparring. This was different- Tori actually slapped him. Her eyes filled with tears. She saw the shocked look in his face and looked at her now trembling hand. She ran away in a streak of blue light.